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Over the previous year, there has actually been a great deal of attention on the lower-cost DJI RC and, recently, the brand-new DJI RC2, both with 5.5 ″ incorporated screens.

DJI RC Pro Review (Everything You Need to Know)

Now, with the release of the Mavic 3 Pro, there has actually been a restored interest in the two-year-old DJI RC Pro, presently, the very best remote controller you can utilize with the expert powerhouse.

In this post, we’ll be doing a restored deep dive into the expert grade DJI RC Pro’s:

  • Price
  • Build quality
  • Size and Weight
  • Sustained Screen Brightness, along with
  • Various Features of the RC

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Benefits of the DJI RC Pro

The expensive RC Pro is the follower to the ever-popular, albeit similarly costly, DJI Smart Controller.

As with the initial wise controller, the RC Pro caters more to innovative drone pilots and commercial operators (professionals).

Integrated Screen

The original DJI Smart Controller improved the Android-based, 5.5 ″ incorporated screen, as seen in the subsequent 3 variations of wise controllers:

  • DJI RC Pro
  • DJI RC
  • DJI RC 2

The RC Pro continues the 5.5 ″ style, nevertheless, unlike the DJI RC and DJI RC 2, the RC Pro take advantage of a greater output screen, with an ongoing 1000-nit brightness.

” MORE: Best Drone Controllers


As seen when taking a look at the RC Pro, the screen is developed into the all-in-one gadget.

Because of this, it is not essential to fly with a different mobile phone or electronic gadget.

The DJI Fly app is currently packed onto the remote controller, together with a complete web web browser and other apps. All that requires to be done is indication into DJI Fly with your present DJI login or produce a brand-new one.

Since a cellular phone is not needed to fly with the RC Pro, getting the Mavic 3 Pro up in the air and flying takes visibly less time than it would to go through the actions of taking out a cellular phone, connecting the cable televisions, switching on the RC, and after that opening the DJI Fly app.

With the DJI RC Pro, the procedure is just turning on the Mavic 3 Pro and RC Pro and flying. Quick and good.

Another significant benefit is that since the RC Pro is an all-in-one, self-contained controller, there are no longer cable televisions to keep in mind to bring, suggesting one less thing to trigger possible problems when flying. Cable televisions get or break lost.

The RC Pro has actually none needed for flight.

” MORE: Does DJI Smart Controller Work with Mini 3 Pro (Explained)


Noticeably this Cost/Pricing area does not fall under the umbrella of the Benefits of the DJI RC Pro and with excellent factor.

The DJI RC Pro is a really expensive financial investment. At near to $1100.00 the RC Pro is for major enthusiasts and drone experts.

This rates puts the RC Pro around $800.00 more than its brother or sister rival, the DJI RC.

It needs to be acknowledged though that quality comes at a cost and the RC Pro definitely requires a high cost for what it provides, as we’ll be going over soon.

DJI RC Pro – 1000-Nit display

High-bright screen, effective efficiency, effective control, impressive audio, and video efficiency.

Buy from Amazon

We make a commission if you purchase, at no extra expense to you.

09/24/2023 05:21 pm GMT

” MORE: Is the DJI RC Controller Worth it?


As a long time user and fan of the Phantom 4 Pro series, the DJI RC Pro is similar to the Phantom 4 Pro’s Plus controller because the Plus controller was a strong tool and the RC Pro for the Mavic 3, Air 2S, and Mini 3 Pro is no various in develop quality, although smaller sized and in a different way formed.

The develop quality of the RC Pro is first-class. When in hand it is strong, with quality elements.

There are presently no other DJI remote controllers, for the specific level of drones the RC Pro supports, with this develop quality.

You ‘d need to go to the Enterprise variations for much better.

The RC Pro can be compared to getting a costly DSLR or mirrorless video camera and instantly feeling the time, believed, and effort took into developing it, instead of getting a low-cost easy point-and-shoot video camera.

All of the buttons have a conclusive and strong “click” to them, making sure the picked input is secured. The exact same opts for the flight mode switch.

The aluminum dials along the top of the remote controller are similarly quality-made and fluid.

The develop quality even travels through to the extraordinary spring-loaded flight sticks, which are a pleasure to fly with.

There isn’t much to be stated about the shape of the RC Pro, as it follows the exact same rectangle-shaped style visual of the previous Smart Controller, which has actually considering that been replicated by the smaller sized DJI RC and DJI RC 2.

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The weight of the DJI RC Pro is 680g, whereas the lightest DJI Smart Controller, the DJI RC is 390g. The more recent DJI RC 2 is 420g.

The DJI RC Pro actually weighs more than the beloved DJI Air 2S, about 85g more with the Air two weighing in at 595g. When loaded in either a travel bag or a photography knapsack,

The weight of the DJI RC Pro can certainly be felt.

As I take a trip with the Air 3, DJI RC 2, Mavic 3 Pro, and RC Pro all at once, the weight absolutely builds up.

Although simply a rectangular shape, the controller beings in hand well and is really a little more comfy than the more recent DJI RCs because it is rather bigger in size, offering it a more steady feel.” MORE: DJI Air 3 vs. Air 2S vs. Mini 3 Pro: Which One is Right for You?


Outside of the size and weight of the RC Pro, another notable element of the all-in-one remote controller is the big incorporated screen. While the 5.5-inch screen is smaller sized than a basic non-max iPhone screen, it does have a greater continual brightness

The 5.5 ″ screen has a continual 1000-nits of brightness. There are numerous who may feel that there are cellular phone out there that are much brighter, nevertheless, the secret here is continual.

While those cellphone screens may at first be brighter, after extended usage, the screen will dim, like with the iPhone.

So much so, in reality, they end up being rather unusable in intense, summerlike conditions. bright Central Florida As somebody who routinely shoots lakefront locations for customers, in the

sun, none of the Apple or Android mobile phones I have actually utilized had the ability to use intense adequate screens for continual shoots. They all get too hot, dim, and even closed down.

The RC Pro, on the other hand (together with DJI’s RC and RC 2), never ever as soon as dimmed, even at complete brightness, in intense, damp, and hot conditions.

The 1000-nit screen carried out very well.

Outside of the brightness of the screen, the screen is FHD, and the images streamed to it are clear and fluid, performing at a gorgeous 1080p 60fps.” MORE: DJI Mavic 3 vs. DJI Mini 3 Pro (Which One is Right for You?)

DJI FlyAndroid version of the DJI Fly app As discussed prior, the DJI RC Pro runs a preloaded,

DJI Fly app Because the RC Pro is really an Android-based wise gadget (simply with the addition of control sticks and external antennas), the

looks and works precisely like the variations one would be utilized to utilizing with their Android or iOS gadget.

As with those variations of the DJI Fly app, the RC Pro has the ability to upgrade the firmware on the remote controller along with initiate firmware updates on the drone and batteries linked to it.

Installable Apps (and How to Do It)installable apps The DJI RC Pro, being an all-in-one flight option, take advantage of a much-loved function:

This is something fans of the DJI RC and DI RC 2 are losing out on. LAANC approval While it is certainly good to be able to head out flying with simply a drone and remote controller, if requiring to demand on-the-fly

, or examine regional weather with apps such as ALOFT, B4UFLY, or UAV Forecast, one would typically require to take out a mobile phone.

With the capability to utilize downloaded apps that fill out, one would just require to have their RC Pro connected to (sharing information with) their mobile phone and after that gain access to the apps through the RC Pro for the live information.DJI RC Pro is able to install most apps In addition to simply accessing drone-related apps, the

that can be accessed from the Android Store, consisting of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Installing 3rd Party Apps (Step-by-Step Guide)

There are numerous approaches that can be utilized to set up 3rd celebration apps on the DJI RC Pro, the majority of which are lengthy and relatively complicated.

We’ll concentrate on one that may be a little much easier to follow than others.

This technique utilizes Google Play address links and an APK Downloader. Step 1: While linked to either WiFi or your phone’s hotspot, go to the primary house screen

dji rc pro controller

when in DJI Fly), by all at once presing and pushing the back button up on the 5d button.

Step 2: Open Firefox Step 3: Type Google Play in the Firefox search bar. tap on it and it will open the Google Play Store when you discover it (likewise revealed as Step 4: Once in the Google Play shop page, tap the Search icon


in the upper right and look for the app you ‘d like. In our case, we will be searching for the UAV Forecast app. Type UAV Forecast


(or the name of the app you are searching for), scroll down to it, and struck the Return

secret. Press the one you ‘d like with your finger. Step 5:

Step5 1.png

You need to see the UAV Forecast app set up screen. We will not install it from here. Rather, on the bottom of the screen you’ll see the URL (link address). Press and hold the URL. You need to see COPY.

Press COPY. Now the link is copied.

Step 6

We will utilize a various app to download UAV Forecast. Step 6: Open a brand-new Firefox web browser window by tapping the 1


(or another number in a box) at the bottom right of the screen. Step 7: Tap the + (plus). This will open a brand-new window. Step 8:


Type “ apk downloader[Latest]” for the search URL (link) and struck return. You’ll see different choices.


Choose the one that states APK Downloader Download Directly|(Evozi Official) Step 8: At the Generate Download Link choice, Paste your conserved link from prior into the URL location (by holding and tapping the location and picking Paste


) and press Generate Download Link


Step 9: Scroll down and press Click here to download (app name) now Step 10:

Step 10

If asked, permit Firefox to gain access to images and media. Press Download


Step 11: The download will continue, and after that total. Press Open


Step 12:


Firefox (for the very first time opening a downloaded app), will notify you the RC Pro is not permitted to set up unidentified apps … Press Settings

Step13b 1

Step 13: Select the slider to Allow from this source.


Go back to Install unidentified apps Step 14: Press Install


Step 15: The App will set up. Select Open to see the app.


To find your app for use after setup, from any screen press the Back button and press up on the 5d buttonDJI Mini 3 / Mini 3 Pro: How to Connect/Pair RC (Video)

As soon as at the

house screen right swipe

  • ” MORE:
  • Compatibility
  • Thankfully, thinking about the premium cost of the DJI RC Pro, it works with many designs of flagship and advanced DJI drones:
  • Mavic 3
  • Mavic 3 Cine

Mavic 3 Classic

Mavic 3 Pro

Mavic 3 Cine Air TwoDJI Air 3 vs. Mavic 3 (Here’s my Choice)

Mini 3 Pro

As seen just recently, with the release of the Air 3, there are brand-new DJI drones utilizing a various video transmission system.

Time will inform if DJI permits the more recent design of drones to use the DJI RC Pro, or if they will launch yet another high-end RC for the more recent lines of drones.Mini 3 Pro” MORE:

OcuSync 3.0+

As of the writing of this post, DJI has actually presented an upgraded variation of the OcuSync innovation, OcuSync 4.0.

The 3 suitable lines of drones that presently deal with the DJI RC Pro (Mavic 3, Airs Two, and ), all use the OcuSync 3.0+ video transmission system.DJI OcuSync 3.0 (Explained For Beginners)

OcuSync 3.0+ can send video approximately an optimal variety of 7.45 miles (12km).

The transmission signal supports 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequency bands which, even in 2023, offers reputable and really strong anti-interference.SD card storage These numbers indicate that, whether flying a Mavic 3, Air 2S, or Mini 3 Pro, the signal is more powerful and cleaner, making it possible for one to fly in metropolitan locations or locations with high disturbance, such as in a downtown setting or extremely inhabited neighborhoods, with self-confidence.


Storage Options

The DJI RC Pro has internal storage and The internal storage is 32GB, while an SD card of the advised size of 512GB can be utilized.

Why does the DJI RC Pro enable 2 different storage choices?

The very first factor is that the internal storage shops 11GB of files necessary for running the remote controller and is required for the DJI Fly app, with 21GB left over for user-defined material.Best SD Cards for DJI Mavic 3 (Classic / Pro / Cine)

The 2nd factor

is that both the internal and SD card storage choices can be utilized for keeping screenshots and screen recordings, which are excellent for those who utilize this material for making drone-related tutorials.

Additionally, other files and material can be saved on the SD cards, which be utilized for 3rd celebration apps.


Battery The DJI RC Pro has a 5000 mAh battery enabling it to run for 3 hours, on the optimum brightness setting. DJI RC 2 Review (Everything You Need to Know)

The RC Pro is not the longest-running wise controller in the DJI lineup, as the DJI RC is the longer-lasting of the RC Pro and RC 2, with a time of 4 hours.

To charge the internal battery, it’ll take roughly 1.5 hours for a totally diminished battery, utilizing a 15v quick battery charger.

The remote controller utilizes a basic USB-C connection.” MORE:



Charging the DJI RC Pro is done by the following:

Step 1: Insert the USB-C end of the consisted of USB-C cable television into the USB-C port in the center of the RC Pro (in between the SD card slot and the Mini HDMI port.How Long to Charge DJI Mini 3 / Mini 3 Pro Controller (Explained)

Step 2:

Plug the basic USB end into a 65 or 100-watt PD battery charger.

The LED indication lights on the face of the remote controller will blink and stream to indicate charging.” MORE: DJI Fly screen main-screen, tap the Connection Guide button on the DJI Fly app


Pairing To Pair the DJI RC Pro to another airplane (besides the one it was available in a combination with, in this circumstances, the Mini 3 Pro):


STEP 1: Turn on the DJI RC Pro. After it has actually booted, and at the primary screen. Step 2: Select your suitable airplane For our functions, the Mini 3 Pro. Step 3: There will more than likely be a mistake message stating “ Firmware variation irregular

Step3a 1

Update firmware prior to usage”. Choose



The firmware will upgrade, after which there will be a message mentioning the airplane might require to be relinked. Tap Okay Step 4:


Power on the airplane (after eliminating the gimbal cover and unfolding the arms). Step 5: After looking for the Mini 3 Pro for a couple of seconds and stopping working to find it, you’ll exist with a message in blue mentioning “ Unable to link to airplane

Step Pair

“? Tap this message. Step 7:

You will then exist with a pairing choice. connect to any of the DJI drones Press Pair and the RC Pro will enter into pairing mode.

Step 8: Immediately press and hold the power button on the Mini 3 Pro for 4 seconds. It will make a single loud one-beep sound, after which it will link.DJI Mini 3 Pro Not Pairing / Not Connecting (Why & How To Fix It)

Follow these exact same actions to

supported by the RC Pro .” MORE:


  • As the controller for DJI’s flagship and advanced drones, we’ll take a look at all of the buttons, switches, and dials on the remote controller, along with the functions they carry out, which is a
    • lot
  • The face of the DJI RC
  • Pro
  • Return to Home button (RTH)
  • When pushed and held, the drone will immediately go back to the area marked as house in the DJI Fly app. RTH choices can be changed.
  • Power Button (press then long-press-hold to switch on)
    • Flight Pause Button
    • 5D (directional) Control Knob
    • Back Button
    • Confirmation/C3 Custom Button
    • Can be tailored as follows:.
    • Recenter/Tilt Down Gimbal
    • Follow/FPV
    • Auxiliary Lights
  • Cruise Control
    • AE Lock On/Off
    • Increase EV
    • Decrease EV
    • Camera Settings
    • C3 Button + Right Dial
    • Zoom In/Out
  • Adjust Focal LengthSport mode Adjust EV
    • Adjust Aperture Adjust Shutter Speed
    • Adjust ISO Cine, Normal, and
    • switch Cine

— sluggish smooth flight with moistened controls. Customized for getting cinematic shots Normal DJI Mini 2 SE Controller (All You Need to Know)

— right out of package, basic control speed Sport

Mavic3RCProBack 2
  • — permits linked airplane to fly at their optimum speeds. This mode switches off all obstacle-avoidance
    • ” MORE:
      • The back of the DJI RC
      • Pro
      • C1 and C2 buttons. Can be tailored as follows:
      • C1 Button
      • Recenter/Tilt Gimbal Down
      • Follow/FPV
      • Auxilliary Lights
      • Cruise Control
      • AE Lock On/Off
    • Increase EV
      • Decrease EV
      • Camera Settings
      • Switch Cameras
      • Plan Waypoint Flight
      • C2 Button
      • Recenter/Tilt Gimbal Down
      • Follow/FPV
      • Auxilliary Lights
      • Cruise Control
      • AE Lock On/Off
  • Increase EV
  • Decrease EV
  • Camera Settings

Switch Camera Plan Waypoint FlightHow Do I Update DJI RC Pro? (Step-by-Step Guide)

2 Slots to save the detachable control sticks

  • 2 recessed installing holes Vent
    • ” MORE:
      • The top of the DJI RC Pro
      • 2 scroll wheels/dials
      • Left dial
      • Right Wheel/Dial. Can be tailored as follows:
  • Zoom In/Out
  • Adjust Focal Length
  • Adjust EV
  • Adjust Shutter Speed
  • Adjust ISO Video record button
    • Photo shutter button 2 internal/integrated antennas
    • 2 bunny ear adjustable antennas LED Indicator Lights
    • (Installed on the leading however can be plainly seen from the Front).
      4 green LED:
    • 75%– 100% battery life 3 green LED:
  • 50%– 75% battery life
    • 2 green LED: 25%– 50% battery life
    • 1 green LED: 0%– 25% battery life
    • LED Status Indicator Light Blinking Modes Blinks blue:
    • Linking with Aircraft Blinks yellow:
  • Low battery caution
    • Blinks cyan: Control sticks not focused
    • Blinks red: Smart Controller temperature too high/aircraft battery level low
    • LED Status Indicator Light Solid Modes Solid red:

Aircraft not linked Solid green: Are DJI Controllers Interchangeable? (What You Need to Know)

Aircraft linked

Solid yellow:

  • Firmware upgrade stopped working
    • ” MORE:
    • Button/Dial Modifiers
    • Additionally, there are modifiers or button and dial mixes that carry out particular functions also and can be altered:
    • C1 Button + Right Dial
  • Zoom In/Out
    • Adjust Focal Length
    • Adjust EV
    • Adjust Shutter Speed
    • Adjust ISO
    • C2 Button + Right Dial
  • Zoom In/Out Adjust Focal Length
  • Adjust EV Adjust Shutter Speed
  • Adjust ISO Back Button + 5D Up–
  • Home Back Button + 5D Down–
  • Shortcut Setting Back Button + 5D Left–
  • Recent Back Button + Record–
  • Screen Record Back Button + Shutter–

Screenshot Back Button + Left Dial Wheel– Can You Fly DJI Drones Without a Controller? (Explained)

Screen Brightness Back Button + Right Dial–

  • Sound Volume
    • ” MORE:
  • The bottom of the DJI RC
  • Pro
  • SD Card Slot Can accept SD cards approximately 512GB

Mini HDMI port — can link a field screen for sharing the primary screen DJI Mini 3 Pro – How to Change Controller Settings (Explained)

USB-C Port

Mounting Holespart 107 certified drone operator— for lanyard clasps, and so on


Is the DJI RC Pro Better Than The DJI RC and DJI RC 2?drones for business purposes Looking at the DJI RC Pro from the perspective of a

running a multi-drone company, the RC Pro is much better than any of the remote controllers out there, except DJI’s business particular controllers.

But, taking a look at this objectively, various individuals will see the DJI RC Pro in a different way.

For the casual hobbyiest that flies perhaps a couple of times a month, the DJI RC Pro may not be interesting them with such a high price.

Conversley, those who fly routinely, or those who count on their

, the RC Pro might be the very best choice out there.

From a strictly function viewpoint the DJI RC pro is certainly much better than both the DJI RC and RC 2.

The RC Pro is 300-nits brighter than either controller.

This indicates that where the limit of presence for the RC and RC 2 in intense conditions may be in concern, there is no contest with the RC Pro presence, as it is plainly seen in all of the conditions I personally have actually put it through in Florida, without a matte screen protector or hood.

Then, there’s the capability to set up and utilize 3rd celebration applications. While the procedure to set up these apps is an involved and relatively long one, as soon as it is done a couple of times, it gets a lot easier. With the 3rd celebration apps, the RC Pro can lastly be an all-in-one option when flying, able to gain access to and utilize the drone-related apps a number of us have actually concerned rely. DJI Avata Controller Options

Additionally, in this concerns, the controller can be utilized to binge media or whatever somebody may wish to do on it, comparable to any Android or iOS wise gadget.

The included buttons likewise include a fair bit of versatility, specifically when utilized in combination with each other in integrate series. Once utilizing this, it is tough to return to “routine” controllers that do not have as much personalization and versatility choices.” MORE:

Disadvantages of the DJI RC Pro

There is one glaring downside to the RC Pro. That would RC-N1 controller cost

DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC)

Yes, the DJI RC Pro is well developed and similarly beneficial tool.

  • However, its high pricetag might keep some at bay.
  • When on a restricted budget plan, one may decide to contribute to their fleet and purchase a brand-new drone rather of buying a DJI RC Pro.
  • A brand-new Mini 3 Pro or perhaps a basic standalone Air 3 with
  • and 1 battery can be acquired at the cost of a brand-new RC Pro.

Buy from Amazon

Foldable and light-weight Camera Drone

4K/60fps Video

DJI Air 3 (RC-N2)

  • 48MP Photo
  • 34-min Flight Time
  • Tri-Directional Obstacle Sensing, Integrated RC and screen
  • We make a commission if you purchase, at no extra expense to you.

Buy from Amazon

09/25/2023 02:16 am GMT

Tele & & Wide-Angle Dual Primary Cameras

46-Min Max Flight Time

Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing

48MP Photos, 4K/60fps HDR, approximately 20Km Video TransmissionDJI Air 3 We make a commission if you purchase, at no extra expense to you.

09/25/2023 12:36 am GMT
Another downside to purchasing an RC Pro, which is no fault of its own, is its being restricted to the Mavic 3 line, Mini 3 Pro and Air 2S. DJI Mini 3 Not Pairing/Connecting (Why and How to Fix It)

As discussed previously, there is no sign or tip that DJI will include in reverse compatibility to the RC Pro.

However, if in the future the RC Pro deals with the

or freshly launched drone lines, restricted compatibility would be a moot point.

” MORE: DJI Air 3 Beginners Guide (Step-by-Step Guide)

Is the DJI RC Pro Worth It?(*) Absolutely, without a doubt, specifically for those either searching for a pro-level controller for company functions or those who are really major about flying their DJI drones.(*) The large quantity of functions on the RC Pro, paired with it’s ergonomics and exact control make it a major competitor for those with the budget plan to obtain one, even being 2 years of ages.(*)” MORE: (*) (*)


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