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Last year, DJI altered the video game concerning Mini drones when they launched the DJI Mini 3 Pro.

DJI Mini 4 Pro vs. Air 2s.jpg

They took the majority of the functions users wanted they had in Mini drones, such as challenge avoidance and ActiveTrack, and fit them in a Mini drone while keeping it under 250 grams.

A year later on, DJI has actually shown they have more techniques up their sleeve by launching the DJI Mini 4 Pro, a sub-250-gram drone with a lot more functions.

When the Mini 3 Pro was launched, I was torn in between getting it or the Air two. I compared them here and discussedwhy I chose the Air 2S in this article

But now that we have the Mini 4 Pro, will I make the very same choice? In between the Mini 4 Pro and Air 2S, which is much better?

  • Suppose you’re searching for the greatest video and photo quality and do not mind by hand doing some flight modes. The Air two is a great alternative given that it just has four-way challenge avoidance.
  • If you value mobility and are searching for a light drone with lots of functions, the Mini 4 Pro is the very best

Read on to discover how these drones compare to each other and which I ‘d pick.

DJI Air 2S introduction

The DJI Air two takes aerial imaging to the next level. It’s customized for experts and lovers who require top-tier content quality.

DJI RC and Air 2S 1.jpg

Whether you’re a filmmaker, professional photographer, or drone lover, this drone raises the bar for image and video capture.

Its crucial selling points consist of:

  • Professional-grade imaging with a 1-inch CMOS sensing unit
  • Stunning 5.4 K video resolution
  • 20 MP stills for remarkable image quality
  • Four-way challenge avoidance for security
  • Advanced imaging functions and zoom abilities

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DJI Mini 4 Pro introduction

The DJI Mini 4 Pro is a game-changer in the world of Mini drones, providing remarkable functions in a compact plan.

DJI Mini 4 Pro drone folded.jpg

Designed for novices, tourists, vloggers, and material developers, it sticks out as a sub-250-gram drone, guaranteeing a problem-free flying experience.

Its noteworthy functions consist of:

  • Lightweight
  • 360-degree challenge avoidance
  • Vertical shooting mode
  • Impressive video camera choices
  • Night Shots mode for boosted night photography
  • Extended flight time

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Quick decision

Before we enter the nitty-gritty part of our evaluation, let’s summarize who these drones are best for.

  • For novices: If you’re a beginner or focus on mobility, ease of usage, and light-weight style, the Mini 4 Pro is an appropriate option. Its stability, maneuverability, and easy to use functions make it an outstanding alternative for beginner pilots.
  • For aerial photography and videography experts: If you’re an expert or a lover looking for the greatest video and photo quality, the Air two is the favored option. Its bigger sensing unit, greater resolution, and advanced imaging abilities guarantee exceptional efficiency in recording sensational aerial material.
  • For flexibility and moderate wind conditions: If you require a drone that stabilizes efficiency and mobility, the Air two provides dexterity, good stability in moderate winds, and a wide variety of functions, making it a flexible alternative for different applications.

Key separating info

As we will see, both drones are preferably equivalent in some elements, though they vary based upon their target audience and when they were launched.

Let’s take a look at what distinguishes them:

DJI Mini 4 Pro

  • This drone is the leading option for users who focus on mobility and ease of usage and are searching for a drone that doesn’t require FAA registration in areas like the USA due to its sub-250-gram weight.
  • It’s best for novices, enthusiasts, tourists, vloggers, material developers, and anybody looking for a light-weight buddy for different activities.
  • The Mini 4 Pro’s 360-degree challenge avoidance provides a level of safety unrivaled in the Mini drone classification.

DJI Air Two

  • On the other hand, the Air two accommodates those who require professional-grade aerial photography and videography.
  • If you’re a lover or an expert looking for the greatest quality material, the Air two, with its bigger 1-inch CMOS sensing unit and remarkable 5.4 K video resolution, is the exceptional option.
  • Its efficiency in low-light conditions and advanced imaging functions make it perfect for recording sensational visuals.

Introducing the items

Before we compare them, let’s present these items and their highlights.

DJI Air Two

Released in 2021, the Air 2S came as a replacement for the Mavic Air 2. It’s a drone I have actually owned for 9 months and one I have actually pertained to enjoy.


Below are the highlights that affected my choice to pick it over the Mini 3 Pro.

DJI Air 2S Fly More Combo

Drone with 3-Axis Gimbal Camera, 5.4 K Video, 1-Inch CMOS Sensor, 4 Directions of Obstacle Sensing, 31-Min Flight Time, Max 7.5-Mile Video Transmission, MasterShots, Gray

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10/20/2023 11:41 am GMT

DJI Mini 4 Pro

The Mini 4 Pro is the latest release from DJI and an upgrade to the Mini drones. Below are the highlights that make it stand apart.

DJI Mini 4 Pro camera.jpg

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DJI Mini 4 Pro vs. Air two– The contrast

Next, let’s evaluate how these drones carry out in different elements.


Winner: Tie

DJI Mini 4 Pro vs Air 2S side by side unfolded.jpg

The Air 2 S and Mini 4 Pro function DJI’s folding style, which you will discover in their newest drones.

One distinction in how they unfold is that with the Mini 4 Pro, you begin by unfolding the rear arms, while with the Air two, you begin with the lower arms.

DJI likewise made a couple of modifications to the gimbal cover and protected the props for storage. Unlike the Air two, where the cover just reviews the video camera, the Mini 4 Pro’s cover is bigger and covers even the front sensing units.

For much better defense when keeping your drone, DJI has actually included a strap that holds the arms and the props in location.

Have you ever attempted to load your drone, and the props got stuck in the bag or snapped? This reliable however basic gadget assists avoid that.

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Winner: DJI Mini 4 Pro

DJI Mini 4 Pro vs Air 2S side by side from top.jpg

Regarding weight, the Mini 4 Pro wins since it fulfills many people’s requirements.

As discussed previously, it weighs less than 250 grams, accommodating those who require a drone and do not wish to get their drone signed up.

It likewise interest tourists, vloggers, material developers, professional athletes, and other users who choose having a little and light drone that they can carry anywhere as they take part in their activities.

However, the Air two is not that heavy.

Weighing 595 grams, bringing it to your outside activities is possible. The weight increases when you include the batteries and other devices.

If you desire the bigger sensing unit and 5.4 K shooting ability and would not mind the weight, then the Air two is an excellent option.

If your activities do not include bring the drone, you can pick in between the 2 based upon other functions.

Besides mobility, weight does have other ramifications. If it crashes, a much heavier drone like the Air Two holds up against winds much better however is likewise quickly harmed.

On the other hand, a lighter drone like the Mini 4 Pro will not run well in strong winds, however in case of a crash, the lower weight decreases the effect.

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Price and accessibility

Winner: DJI Mini 4 Pro

DJI Mini 4 Pro vs Air 2S side by side on the side.jpg

The Mini 4 Pro comes at the very same cost as the Mini 3 Pro: $759 for the drone, the DJI RC-N2 controller, and one battery.

The Mini 4 Pro with the DJI RC 2 controller and integrated screen expenses $959.

DJI has 2 Fly More Combos for the Mini 4 Pro; one consists of 3 34-minute batteries and expenses $1,099, and one consists of 3 45-minute batteries and expenses $1,159.

On the other hand, the Air 2S’s fundamental plan consists of one battery, which costs $999, while the Fly More Combo consists of 3 batteries, a handbag, ND filters, and a charging center, which costs $1,299.

As you can see, you get more by choosing the Mini 4 Pro, however the $300 or two distinction is one to ignore if you seem like the Air 2S has the functions you’ll require.

Both drones are offered from DJI’s site and other eCommerce platforms.

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Photo and video recording

Winner: DJI Air Two

DJI Mini 4 Pro vs Air 2S side by side camera.jpg

Both these drones have a lot to use when it concerns image and video recording.

Below are their distinctions and resemblances.




The primary distinctions in between the 2 cams are the sensing unit size, optimum video resolution, and still photo resolution.

The Air two masters image quality and resolution, making it better for expert photographyand videography

Meanwhile, the Mini 4 Pro provides special functions such as vertical shooting, night shooting, extended flight time, and 360-degree challenge avoidance, making it an enticing option for those who focus on these abilities and worth its light-weight style.

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Winner: DJI Mini 4 Pro

One thing about DJI is that they are constantly attempting to enhance their drones in different elements. And among these elements is the variety.

The Air two features the OcuSync 3.0, a substantial enhancement at the time of its release, providing a variety of as much as 7.5 miles.

Having flown the DJI Air 2S for a very long time now, I can confirm that the connection is fairly steady, though if there is excessive disturbance, the live feed separate a bit, and in some cases you lose the connection completely.

But this has actually just occurred to me a couple of times, and in locations with less disturbance, I might send out the drone as much as 4 kilometers away.

The Mini 4 Pro features the latest OcuSync 4.0, which we initially saw in the Air 3.

This brand-new system assures a variety of as much as 12 miles and features more better antennas and much better anti-interference innovations compared to older drones like the Air 2S so that it would carry out much better in short-range and long flights.

Besides, despite the fact that you might attempt to fly the drone for 12 miles, it most likely would not make it due to the battery life.

This user attempted to check the drone’s optimum variety and might fly it as much as 4 miles before the connection began separating, and he likewise got a notice to RTH due to low battery levels.

Bear in mind that he was utilizing the 45-minute battery.

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Winner: Tie

DJI Mini 4 Pro with DJI RC 2 closeup.jpg

Both drones utilize comparable controllers, however the variations vary. The Air two features the DJI RC-N1, a controller suitable with the previous Air, Mavic, and Mini drones.

DJI later on made it suitable with the DJI RC, which initially included the Mini 3 Pro that includes an integrated screen, getting rid of the requirement to utilize a smart device.

Both controllers are comfy in your hands, to state the least. The RC-N1 is an affordable alternative and a great option for individuals who do not mind streaming the drone’s live feed utilizing their smart devices.

But if you wish to get your drone in the air as quick as possible and do not desire any background apps running as you utilize your drone, the DJI RC is a great alternative.

The Mini 4 Pro now features the RC-N2, an updated variation of the RC-N1, and the DJI RC 2, an updated variation of the DJI RC.

The more recent controllers feel the very same in your hands as the older ones, however as discussed previously, they have more antennas and are constructed to deal with the DJI O4 system.

There are likewise some not-so-subtle and subtle style distinctions, particularly in between the DJI RC and DJI RC 2.

Besides the additional antennas, DJI appears to have actually changed metal gimbal dials with plastic ones.

They likewise included an additional vent at the back, expanded the range in between the screws, removed the additional USB-C charging port, and got rid of the protective cover over the SD card and USB-C ports.

If you had a lanyard for the DJI RC, you would need to customize its accessory or get a brand-new one to utilize with the DJI RC 2. The DJI RC 2 is likewise 30 grams much heavier, however that distinction does not alter how you feel about both controllers.

However, the screen size, brightness, show quality, and FPS equal, other than that the DJI RC features a cold temperature level screen compared to the warm temperature level screen in the DJI RC.

One distinction you will feel, particularly if you have actually utilized the initial DJI RC, is the faster load speed. Some users grumbled that the DJI RC in some cases took too long to begin or experienced a lag when changing in between cams.

But the DJI RC 2 is much faster, and there’s no lag, thanks to the updated CPU and GPU. These more recent

unless DJI chooses to alter that in a future upgrade.

Intelligent Flight Modes Winner:

DJI Mini 4 Pro with DJI RC 2

DJI Mini 4 ProIntelligent Flight Modes While both featured a thorough list of

, the primary distinctions originate from the truth that the Air two is 2 years older.

As an outcome, it features previous variations of Intelligent Flight Modes.

For circumstances, DJI just recently launched ActiveTrack 5.0 and ActiveTrack 360 with the Mini 4 Pro.

This permits you to follow the drone in more instructions than the Air two, which just permits you to follow the topic in 3 instructions.

Spotlight, Point of Interest, and so on, are likewise updated to the most recent variations. Paired with the 360-degree challenge avoidance, you have more choices to be innovative compared to the Air two.” MORE: DJI Waypoints (Explained for Beginners)

Flight functions and efficiency

Let’s take a look at how these drones compare based upon their flight functions and efficiency.

  • Stability and wind resistance DJI Mini 4 Pro–
  • Due to its light-weight style, the Mini 4 Pro might have a hard time in strong winds. While it’s extremely portable, it’s less steady in negative climate condition. DJI Air 2S–

The Air two, being somewhat much heavier, tends to be more steady in windy conditions. It can manage moderate winds much better however is still prone to strong gusts.

  • Agility and maneuverability DJI Mini 4 Pro–
  • The Mini 4 Pro is active and provides exceptional maneuverability. It can carry out nimble motions and fast turns, making it appropriate for recording vibrant shots. DJI Air 2S–

The Air two likewise offers dexterity and maneuverability, permitting innovative aerial motions. While it’s not as light-weight as the Mini 4 Pro, it stays responsive and nimble.” MORE: Drone Safety Features (All You Need to Know)

  • Ease of usage DJI Mini 4 Pro–newcomers to drone piloting The Mini 4 Pro is appropriate and beginner-friendly for all experience levels. Its steady and light-weight flight qualities make it simple to manage and a great option for
  • . DJI Air 2S–

The Air two is likewise easy to use, with functions like challenge avoidance and smart flight modes that help with uncomplicated and safe flying. While it provides advanced functions, it stays available to novices and knowledgeable pilots.

  • Obstacle avoidance DJI Mini 4 Pro–
  • The Mini 4 Pro takes a considerable lead in this classification with 360-degree challenge avoidance. It is the very first Mini drone to use full-spectrum challenge detection, guaranteeing security from all instructions. DJI Air Two

— While the Air 2S has a capable four-way challenge avoidance system (front, upwards, downwards, and back), it disappoints the Mini 4 Pro’s thorough 360-degree challenge avoidance.” MORE: Best Drones with Obstacle Avoidance

  • Flight time DJI Mini 4 Pro–
  • The Mini 4 Pro provides a longer flight time, as much as 34 minutes, on a single battery. There’s likewise an alternative for a bigger battery that extends flight time to 45 minutes (offered in choose areas). DJI Air 2S–

The Air two offers a good 31-minute flight time, equating to around 25 to 30 minutes in real flying conditions. While decent, it drags the Mini 4 Pro in this element.

  • Flight variety DJI Mini 4 Pro–
  • Equipped with OcuSync 4.0, the Mini 4 Pro boasts an excellent series of as much as 12 miles. Real-world flights are not likely to reach this optimum variety due to battery constraints. DJI Air TwoOcuSync 3.0 system— The Air two includes the

, supplying a good series of as much as 7.5 miles. While still outstanding, the Mini 4 Pro has a more prolonged variety ability.

DJI Mini 4 Pro vs Air 2S side by side held in hand

Best SD cards for these drones

Once you have actually selected among these drones, below are the SD cards you ought to utilize with them.

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