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The Mini 2 SE is among DJI’s more recent drones, launched in 2023. In spite of the name, that makes it more recent than the Mini 3 Pro and Mini 4 Pro, although it’s developed in the vein of Mini 2 drones.

DJI Mini 2 SE Battery Won’t Charge (Here’s How to Fix It)
Image: Dan Bayne

As such, it has a moderate battery life of 31 minutes. Its battery will be no if you can’t get yours to charge.

Whether your battery is brand name brand-new out of package and stopping working to charge, or you’ve had your drone for a while and are battling with battery concerns, you can find out why the battery will not charge and get it back in working order soon.

I’ll inform you how!

What do we understand about the DJI Mini 2 SE battery?

The DJI Mini 2 SE works on an Intelligent Flight Battery with a 2250 mAh capability, a max charging voltage of 8.8 volts, and a small voltage of 7.7 volts.

It’s a single lithium-ion or Li-ion battery that enables this DJI drone to keep its lightweight of under 249 grams.

Although they’re typical in drones, Li-ion batteries threaten. They can overheat and potentially explode, and they’ve been understood to reignite, often days after burning at first.

You ought to constantly work out care when managing the Mini 2 SE batteries and utilize suitable storageif bringing them on a plane

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DJI Mini 2 SE battery will not charge– Getting to the bottom of why

Understanding why your Mini 2 SE battery will not charge need not be a headache. Here are the most typical perpetrators to start narrowing it down!

It’s in Hibernation Mode

Did you understand the Mini 2 SE’s Intelligent Flight Battery has an integrated Hibernation Mode? Yes, certainly.

This function, while developed to be practical, can toss lots of brand-new pilots for a loop. If you take a break from your drone for a while and return to it and the battery is listed below 10 percent or the voltage has actually dropped listed below 3 volts, Hibernation Mode starts.

While the battery remains in Hibernation Mode, it will not charge. It will not even switch on. You can hold the power button, and you’ll see the LED light briefly, however it will not last.

If you were uninformed of Hibernation Mode, you may believe your battery is broken and requires to be changed, however it does not. DJI Intelligent Flight Batteries will get in Hibernation Mode whether brand name brand-new or older; it just needs the above requirements to be fulfilled.

So, how do you get your Mini 2 SE battery out of Hibernation Mode? Simply charge it! Yes, seriously, that’s it.

Once you start charging the battery, it will awaken from Hibernation Mode and work typically.

Just leave it on the battery charger for numerous hours, and ultimately, you will see the LEDs illuminate as the battery starts to charge.

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The battery cell is harmed

How will you understand if cell damage took place? Inspect theDJI Fly app The consisted of Battery Cell Damage Protection function will show a timely if among the cells in the battery has actually sustained damage.

The battery short-circuited

Given that Li-ion batteries are currently dangerous to utilize, it’s not a surprise the Mini 2 SE’s Intelligent Flight Battery consists of Short Circuit Protection. If your battery has actually short-circuited, this mode just triggers.

While Short Circuit Protection is active, your Mini 2 SE battery will not charge, as it will not get any power till you resolve the brief circuit. It typically implies changing the battery.

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The present is too expensive

Watch your present levels when charging your drone! The Mini 2 SE battery has Overcurrent Protection that will likewise stop battery charging dead in its tracks if the present is too expensive.

The battery is too hot

Where do you save your drone battery when not in usage? Ideally, the response is a cool, dry location.

DJI needs the Intelligent Flight Battery for the Mini 2 SE to be saved in conditions in between 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius) and 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius).

If the temperature levels surpass 122 degrees Fahrenheit or 50 degrees Celsius, the Temperature Detection failsafe starts.

This will stop charging, whether you will charge the Mini 2 SE’s battery or were midway through, till the temperature level is lowered to permitted (safe) levels.

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The battery is currently completely charged

The Intelligent Flight Battery has 2 modes to safeguard you from overcharging your battery, as Li-ion batteries are most harmful (i.e., most likely to get too hot) when in this state.

Overcharge Protection will stop the battery charge right away after it reaches 100 percent. You’ll value this function if you’re like me and often forget you’re charging your Mini 2 SE battery.

The Auto-Discharging Function is for idle drone batteries. Given that excess discharge can make the Li-ion battery swell and possibly blow up, the Mini 2 SE’s battery will start releasing if you leave it idle for a minimum of 24 hours.

When it does, the battery level will not diminish beyond 96 percent.

However, if you leave your battery for 9 successive days, then the battery charge will drop to 72 percent.

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The battery is past its beneficial life span

Even though they’re technically rechargeable,drone batteries don’t last forever The typical period of a Li-ion battery depends on 500 charges, however often as couple of as 300.

You most likely will not count aloud and keep a running tally of each time you charge your Mini 2 SE. I understand I do not do that since who has time?

Therefore, you can be surprised when your battery no longer wishes to charge.

The battery has sustained physical damage

Was your Mini 2 SE’s battery working fine a few days ago, then you had an incident and crashed the drone, and now the battery does not wish to work any longer?

Although often drone battery damage scenarios aren’t constantly so significant, if your battery captured on fire, suffered a crash, or was otherwise exposed to hurt, it most likely will not take a complete charge any longer.

The battery may not even charge at all.

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You’re utilizing the incorrect kind of battery charger

DJI provides the charging devices required to bring back the Mini 2 SE’s Intelligent Flight Battery, consisting of the DJI RC-N1 cable televisions (a Lightning Connector and USB-C port), a USB-C information cable television, and a DJI RC-N1 RC cable television (a microUSB port).

A wall battery charger is not consisted of in nearly all of the DJI packages, so have a look at our suggestions for the best chargers to use with your Mini 2 SE.

You ought to just utilize the offered cable televisions by DJI. Third-party devices threats harming the battery, as it might short-circuit or over-discharge.

Your firmware is obsolete or bad

When was the last time you inspected the firmware for the Mini 2 SE?

As one of DJI’s most recent drones (a minimum of at the time of publication), the Mini 2 SE still gets a lot of assistance and firmware updates.

You ought to examine occasionally to see which updates are offered and focus on downloading them.

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The battery charger or cable televisions are harmed

If you’ve eliminated all other reasons for the battery stopping working to charge, it does not harmed to check your cable televisions and devices, such as the battery charger.

What to do when your DJI Mini 2 SE battery will not charge

You can’t utilize your Mini 2 SE till you get your battery concern repaired, which can imply losing out on earnings and stopping working to get jobs done by the due date.

Now that you understand something is incorrect with your drone, you require a repair quickly.

Unless it’s something you can quickly do yourself, such as awaken the battery from Hibernation Mode or lower the temperature level, you do not have a great deal of choices.

You can send out the harmed battery to a third-party service to repair it (DJI doesn’t offer battery repair). Far more expeditiously, you can change the battery.

After all, if you’re a hectic drone pilot optimizing your earnings, you called well as I do how crucial it is to have numerous batteries on hand. Switching out the harmed battery with a brand-new one may be all it requires to get your Mini 2 SE up and running again.

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Understanding DJI Mini 2 SE battery status lights

The Mini 2 SE consists of 4 LED status lights that signify the battery charge when charging and releasing. When to charge,

The lights can inform you at a glimpse. Here’s a summary of what each light pattern implies. LED Light Pattern
Battery Percentage All 4 LED lights are brightened
The battery level is at least 88 percent The very first, 2nd, and 3rd LED light are brightened and the 4th one is flashing
The battery level is less than or equivalent to 88 percent and no lower than 75 percent The very first, 2nd, and 3rd LED light are brightened and the 4th one is out
The battery level is less than or equivalent to 75 percent and no lower than 63 percent The 2nd and very first LED light are brightened, the 3rd is flashing, and the 4th light is out
The battery level is less than or equivalent to 63 percent and no lower than 50 percent The very first and 2nd LED lights are brightened and the 3rd and 4th are out
The battery level is less than or equivalent to 50 percent and no lower than 38 percent The very first LED light is brightened, the 2nd is flashing, and the 3rd and 4th are out
The battery is less than or equivalent to 38 percent and no lower than 25 percent The very first LED light is brightened and the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lights are out
The battery is less than or equivalent to 25 percent and no lower than 13 percent The very first LED light is brightened and blinking and the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lights are out

The battery is less than or equivalent to 13 percent and no lower than no percentHow Long Do Drone Batteries Take to Charge?

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