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I keep in mind waiting with bated breath for the release of the DJI Air 3. When it came out, it rapidly turned into one of my favorites, enough so that I practically stopped utilizing my dependable Mavic 3 Classic for it.

DJI Mavic 3 Classic vs Air 3

Well, a minimum of for a little while.

Perhaps you’ve remained in the exact same boat, and if not with these 2 drones, then 2 others, where the attraction of the brand-new and glossy triggered you to reconsider the existing drone you’re utilizing.

I’ve had adequate time with the Air 3 now to provide it a reasonable shake versus the Mavic 3 Classic. After comparing my flight hours with both drones, I’m prepared to state a winner.

This short article will discuss the distinctions in between these 2 DJI drones and expose my insights, having actually flown these drones for numerous hours entirely. You’ll see why I’ve come to my choice– the Air 3– with a lot of useful info to influence your own option.

You desire a trusted drone that can shift effortlessly in between your leisure and business endeavors, a companionable piece of tech developed to help with ease of usage and produce wow-worthy video.

I’ve got the information you require so you can patronize self-confidence, so join me as I expose which drone triumphes.

Brief introduction

DJI Mavic 3 Classic

The Mavic 3 Classic is another in a long line of prestigious Mavic 3 drones. It begins the heels of the initial Mavic 3, which was launched in late 2021.

The Classic debuted about a year later on, in November 2022.

The Classic variation may not have the three-camera system of the Mavic 3 Pro, however it boasts a Hasselblad video camera and numerous other remarkable functions that make it worth concentrating on in its own regard.

There is a reason that DJI stated this drone among its flagship designs which it got a European C1 accreditation, the very first drone to do so.

What worldwide is a European C1 accreditation, you ask? It suggests it’s categorized as an A1 Open drone under European Union Aviation Safety Agency or EASA guidelines. It can fly more easily with less danger.

Besides those awards, the Mavic 3 Classic has numerous others worth going over, consisting of:

  • An extraordinary Hasselblad video camera with a 4/3 CMOS sensing unit efficient in shooting in 5.1 K HD video quality and 20 MP single-shot image resolution.
  • A flight time that will make you do a double-take, as it’s promoted to fly for 46 minutes.
  • Top-notch image innovation, consisting of Vision Detection Auto Focus Technology, an adjustable aperture, Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution, 10-bit D-Log, and night photography.
  • DJI’s leading APAS 5.0 barrier detection for more secure flights, even for newbies. It’s boosted by multi-directional visual help.
  • Advanced automated functions, such as cruise control, RTH, and Waypoint flights for hands-off flying.

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DJI Air 3

The most current in the line of the Air drones, the Air 3 is the new kid in town, launched less than 6 months earlier since the time of this publication.

It’s not surprising that DJI’s tagline for this drone is “double up.” The Air 3 resembles a cross in between the Mavic 3 Classic and Pro, providing the very best qualities of both in one remarkable drone.

Rather than 3 cams, the Air 3 has just 2. You may feel like it’s not the finest option to minimize the number of cams, you have not even heard about how they work.

This double main video camera system has one 1/1.3- inch CMOS medium tele video camera and another 1/1.3- inch CMOS wide-angle video camera.

The previous can zoom 3x, and both cams provide differing focal lengths to enhance the dynamism and quality of your images.

Best of all, this drone stays light-weight regardless of the additional video camera!

Let’s evaluation a few of its other significant functions:

  • 12 to 48 MP image resolution for both cams, depending upon your settings, and 4K video abilities at 60 frames per 2nd, showing how devoted DJI is to staying the leader in drone tech.
  • A flight time that’s simply as long as the Mavic 3 Classic, an incredible 46 minutes. That will make it simple to get more jobs done.
  • APAS 5.0 omnidirectional obstacle sensing for newbies to introduce more secure intermediates and flights to fly with less concerns.
  • Intelligent Flight Modes to take your drone experience to the top, consisting of sophisticated RTH, FocusTrack for tracking topics, automated modes with MasterShots and quickshots, and 2.7 Vertical Shooting with either video camera you like.
  • Compatibility with DJI RC Motion 2, DJI Goggles 2, and DJI Goggles Integra to delight in an FPV-like experience without requiring an FPV drone.

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Quick decision

How to Fly a DJI Air 3 Drone (With Smart Controller)

I got my hands on the Mavic 3 Classic quickly after release and utilized it regularly.

Then, when the Air 3 came out, my interest overcame me, and I needed to have it. I’ve utilized these drones thoroughly, discovering all their functions inside and out and evaluating them in different conditions.

That’s our pledge to you at Droneblog, to just recommend a drone based upon experience. You require a reputable option for work and play, and we aim to offer that for you.

Based on my comprehensive flight time, the DJI Air 3 is the exceptional drone. Because the Mavic 3 Classic and Air 3 are comparable in numerous locations, consisting of flight time, barrier detection, advanced images abilities, and Intelligent Flight Modes, it needed to boil down to a nose. The Air 3’s medium tele and wide-angle cams put it a cut above the Mavic 3 Classic’s single-camera system.

That’s not to remove from the fantastic achievements of the Classic. This drone is exceptional in numerous methods, however it does not rather complete on the exact same level as the Air 3.

However, it’s a great option as a go-between for the Air 3’s dual-primary video camera system and the Mavic 3 Pro’s triple-camera system.

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What are the primary distinctions?

While the Mavic 3 Classic and Air 3 are spitting pictures of one another in numerous methods, they’re not similar drones by any methods.

This area may look like it’s splitting hairs in its uniqueness, however that’s just since these drones share a lot in typical.

Let’s take a look at those information.

  • Number of cams: The Mavic 3 Classic cuts it down to just one video camera, a Hasselblad. It’s a great video camera all throughout the board, however it’s the just one the Classic has actually got. By contrast, the Air 3 has 2 cams: a 3x medium tele video camera that zooms and a wide-angle video camera. This broadens your photography and videography video game compared to utilizing the Mavic 3 Classic.
  • Weight: Both DJI drones need you to register them if utilizing them either commercially or recreationally since they’re well over the 250-gram limit. The Mavic 3 Classic weighs 895 grams at departure, and the Air 3 is 720 grams.
  • Image quality: The 2 cams constructed into the Air 3 produce image quality at 12 to 48 MP. The 12 MP resolution is for simulated long direct exposure shots, so most video will come out in the outstanding 48 MP. When it comes to the Mavic 3 Classic, it shoots in 20 MP max.
  • Video quality: There’s a little distinction in the video resolution in between the 2 DJI drones. The Air 3 has a satisfactory 4K video quality, while it’s 5.1 K HD for the Mavic 3 Classic.
  • Sensor size: The sensing units are in a different way sized in between these 2 drones. The Hasselblad video camera in the Mavic 3 Classic has a 4/3 sensing unit versus the 1 1/3- inch sensing units for both cams in the Air 3. Why does understanding the sensing unit size matter? The bigger the sensing unit, the more light that gets in. That enhances the drone’s nighttime and low-light photography abilities.
  • Zoom: One of the 2 cams consisted of with the Air 3 can zoom, however the Mavic 3 Classic’s video camera? No such luck. You have focal length choices, consisting of VDAF, however that’s not rather the exact same.

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DJI Mavic 3 Classic

The Mavic 3 Classic, launched after the OG Mavic 3 however before the Mavic 3 Pro, even more legitimized the tradition of the Mavic line.

Its Hasselblad video camera with the 4/3 CMOS sensing unit is still wonderful to this day, as its 5.1 K HD video is amongst the very best DJI has actually attained with its customer drones.

The Classic likewise impressed with its flight time, which is well over what you would anticipate for a drone of its size and stature.

DJI surpassed itself with the Mavic 3 line, and the 46-minute flight time is one customers desire whether utilizing a drone commercially or recreationally.

After all, who wishes to cut their drone experiences because of a dying battery? Not I, and I’m sure not you, either.

It’s particularly crucial to have a drone with a great battery life if you’re utilizing yours expertly, as you require more time to get jobs done.

Let’s return to the video camera, as it’s the masterpiece of the Mavic 3 Classic if I do state so myself.

I understand its 20 MP image quality isn’t the best any longer, however it’s definitely satisfactory. It’s not even beginner-level image quality. It’s adequate for expert jobs like news and real estate photography.

Besides, you’ll find there’s a lot more to this Hasselblad video camera than its image resolution. The 12-bit RAW images you take will have lots of depth, richness, color, and information.

I enjoy dealing with RAW files, as do a lot of photographers.

Of course, RAW files can use up a great deal of area, and this drone just has 8 gigabytes of storage area, so think about purchasing an SD or microSD card to make your life much easier.

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The 24-millimeter comparable focal length and Vision Detection Auto Focus Technology assist you home in on a topic.

It’s an advantage, too, considering this video camera has no zoom ability. I understand I pointed out that in the area prior, however it’s worth restating.

What the Mavic 3 Classic does have is HNCS through its L2D-20c lens to bring and adjust pixels out the most lovely color scheme you possibly have actually ever attained from a drone video camera.

It’s so crucial to have an upper hand in the competitive drone market, and HNCS might be yours.

That’s not even all. The Classic’s video camera has supersampling for crisper videos, photography color gradations through the 10-bit D-Log, a remarkable vibrant variety, and a nighttime mode.

As you most likely might have thought, I might go on all the time about the remarkable photography and videography functions this drone can.

When you explore their complete depths, it does not make you mind almost as much that the Mavic 3 Classic just has one video camera.

So let’s carry on, as you can currently see how the Hasselblad video camera will put you in a more helpful position as a drone professional photographer and videographer, whether you’re an expert or an increasing social networks star.

Its omnidirectional obstacle-sensing system is likewise A+.

Equipped with DJI’s most current Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS 5.0), this drone has a Horizontal Omnidirectional Vision System, a Downward Vision System, an Upward Vision System, and four-way multi-directional visual help.

Additionally, it boasts stabler hovering, advanced RTH, Cruise Control, Waypoints, Panorama, Hyperlapse, QuickShots with 4 car modes (Circle, Dronie, Helix, and Rocket), ActiveTrack 5.0, and MasterShots.

These Intelligent Flight Features put the control in your hands.

You can take the sort of videos that acquire countless views on YouTube, even if you’ve never ever flown a DJI drone a day in your life!

DJI Air 3

I understand I loaded appreciation on the Mavic 3 Classic, so it’s just reasonable to provide the Air 3 the exact same sort of attention.

This drone was excitedly prepared for by pilots such as me and relatively everybody else. Individuals were anticipating its release date, and after that bam, it struck.

Many of the functions of the Mavic 3 Classic are reproduced in the Air 3, which goes to demonstrate how top quality the Classic is.

It flies for the exact same quantity of time, it has a similarly quality omnidirectional barrier noticing system with APAS 5.0, and it utilizes sophisticated RTH.

But the Air 3 boasts yet more Intelligent Flight Modes, consisting of MasterShots with automatic drone motion and the flexibility to modify on the go with the results and music.

It’s like you’re an all-in-one social media-producing maker.

Speaking of social networks, the Vertical Shooting alternative lets you produce video prepared for Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram in 2.7 K quality.

Although this quality isn’t limit that the Air 3 can accomplish, and although it is low for a drone release in 2023, it still assists you produce material that might go viral.

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You do not need to be a drone specialist to utilize QuickShots, an automatic mode that carries out reputable flight motions while catching video.

Point of Interest 2.0 and ActiveTrack 5.0 are amazing functions for tracking the topics you care most about, whether individuals or automobiles. When you ended up being so skilled at drone flight,

Your social media fans will question! These functions are likewise fantastic for news video you can make some money and offer.

Let’s discuss that video camera system, shall we?

The Air 3’s double video camera system consists of a medium tele zooming video camera with an aperture of f/2.8, a format equivalent of 70 millimeters, and a 2.4 um pixel size.

Its wide-angle video camera has an f/1.7 aperture, a format equivalent of 24 millimeters, and a 2.4 um pixel size.

These cams are the supreme for sweeping landscape shots or a jam-packed arena for a news occasion you’re covering. The optical zoom and spatial compression provide you an outstanding viewpoint and improve your general quality.

Head-to-head contrast

DJI Air 3 closeup camera.jpg

Camera system Winner:

DJI Air 3

Considering the number of unbelievable image-enhancing functions both drones have, the winner here eventually boiled down to which had the exceptional video camera. That’s the Air 3.

Its double video camera system has a broader frame of view and unbelievable zoom capability. You understand I enjoy the Hasselblad video camera consisted of with the Mavic 3 Classic. I might almost wax poetic about it.

As unbelievable as it is– and it is, extremely– it’s just a single video camera. It does not zoom, and it does not have the wide-angle ability of the Air 3’s video camera.

Otherwise, that little Hasselblad video camera can do numerous unbelievable accomplishments that it’s still a great option if you do not have a requirement for wide-angle photography and zooming.

However, I’m of the frame of mind that it’s constantly much better to have than have not. new to drone work If you’re

, you never ever understand where and how you’ll need to diversify your profession and how these functions will can be found in get monetized on YouTube That’s real, even if you’re flying a drone for enjoyable or excited

More functions are generally much better!” MORE: Camera Technology in Drones (Explained)

Performance Winner:


These drones carry out about the exact same. They weigh within 100 grams of one another, and– would not you understand it– they have the exact same degree of wind resistance.

Both drones can deal with a minimum of 25 miles per hour of wind when I evaluated them, which isn’t too worn-out!

They have first-class barrier avoidance thanks to the current edition of DJI’s APAS, so you will not need to fret about your drone smashing into anything and whatever around it.when I buy a drone Really, these 2 designs are uniformly matched when it pertains to efficiency. That’s typically a choosing aspect for me

But concern not.

There are a lot of other aspects to come that will affect your option.” MORE: How to Fly DJI Air 3 Drone (With DJI RC 2)


Portability Winner:

DJI Air 3

For circumstances, there’s mobility.

Now, neither of these drones is precisely what I would call ultra-portable. They’re rather heavy, however not a lot that you’re going to feel dragged down.

At least they fold so you can more quickly stow your DJI drone in your bag.maybe traveling with them Although

isn’t as hassle-free as bringing a Mini drone, it’s still not that much of a trouble with either, and worth your while.

The exceptional photography and videography abilities of these 2 drones are constructed for adventuring.

If you do not take a trip with among these drones, you’ll want you had, particularly the Air 3.

You can reward yourself for treking a top by catching awesome video from the top, and the zoom function suggests you can securely take videos and images without needing to get near to your topic. If you desire to take viral social media video of a dangerous cliffside, That’s incredibly crucial!Do I Have to Register My DJI Air 3 (All You Need to Know)



RC compatibility and long-range flights

Winner: DJI RC-N1 DJI Air 3

The Mavic 3 Classic utilizes the

, which works with the OG Mavic 3, the Mini 2, the Air 2, and the Air two. the DJI RC 2 It’s a basic controller with a box-like shape and no screen. When running this DJI remote, you will have no option however to utilize your smart device as the screen.

Unsurprisingly, the Air 3 has the much better controller due to its more recent age:

You can leave your phone in your bag or your back pocket, as you will not require it with this remote.

It has an FHD display screen with O4 video transmission and an updated processor.

The screen is huge too, 5.5 inches!

You’ll remember that the Air 3 is likewise suitable with FPV controllers. Here is your opportunity if you’ve ever desired the FPV experience without all the simulator training and discovering that flying FPV needs.

The Mavic 3 Classic usages DJI’s O3+ transmission, which can send out videos live to your social networks or work audience in 1080p quality at 60fps as much as 15 kilometers away.

It’s completely satisfactory by itself, however the Air 3 beguiles the Classic with its O4 HD video transmission system. transmission system Although the live video transmission quality does not alter, the transmission range does, as it’s now as much as 20 kilometers.

Those additional 5 kilometers may not be much of a dealbreaker, however the Air 3 has a much better all around.How Drone Controllers Work (Explained for Beginners)



Battery life



The Mavic 3 Classic and Air 3 boast remarkably fantastic battery lives of over 45 minutes, a minimum of according to DJI’s marketing. When I evaluated them,

These drones both logged in over 40 minutes however under the proposed 47 minutes.

However, that’s still actually fantastic.

It’s longer than numerous drones can fly and ought to provide you adequate time to finish your task before you need to charge the battery.


The DJI Mavic 3 Classic and Air 3 are 2 unbelievable drones in their own right, with numerous shared functions in between them.

However, it’s the Air 3’s dual-camera system– one that has 3x zoom and another that supports wide-angle photography and videography– that makes it the winner. I had have a blast flying the Air 3. Drone Safety Features (All You Need to Know)

It felt familiar right out of package due to the shared functions it has with the Mavic 3 Classic, yet it takes enough of its own distinct course that it makes me delighted for what DJI will do next!(*)” MORE: (*) (*)


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