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A little under 2 and a half years after the release of the DJI Air 2S, the Air 3 was launched in July of 2023. Aside from the 1-inch CMOS video camera, the Air 3 has actually shown to be a deserving upgrade in almost every method.

DJI Air 3 - Active Track
Image: Dan Bayne

One of the noteworthy upgrades would need to be the omnidirectional barrier avoidance system, which the Air 3 show the similarity the Mavic 3 series of powerhouses and the flexible and active Mini 4 Pro.

With the upgrade in barrier avoidance comes a much enhanced and more secure flying experience.

This likewise indicates that those who like follow-me modes in drones will completely value the recently enhanced Active Track function in the DJI Air 3.

To begin and utilize the fundamental functions of Active Track, while the Air 3 is hovering, with your finger trace a box around your topic. This triggers Focus Track. A green box will appear around your topic. You’ll exist with 3 choices: Active Track, Spotlight, and POI. Pick Active Track and press GO.

Active Track

Active Track becomes part of DJI’s default Camera View function called Focus Track and is DJI’s variation of “follow-me” mode.

For those uninformed, DJI’s suite of Focus Track modes, like Active Track, permits their line of drones to, either immediately or with manual input, lock on to and follow an acknowledged topic, such as an individual (consisting of an individual on a bike), lorry, or boat.

Once the selected topic has actually been recognized and secured, the drone will follow it at a specific range.

Because the DJI Air 3 has the brand-new omnidirectional barrier avoidance system, it can securely track a topic from any angle around the topic, managing the drone’s position utilizing the recently presented touch wheel user interface.


This indicates that by utilizing the touch wheel, you can inform the Air 3 to track your topic from any of the 8 points around the topic.

” MORE: Follow Me and ActiveTrack on DJI Drones (Explained for Beginners)

How To Use Active Track on the Air 3

Optional Step: If you wish to quickly target a moving individual or lorry, you should allow subject scanning initially.

With subject scanning made it possible for, all offered on-screen topics will have a “+” over or beside them, permitting you to rapidly tap the “+” and track them.


To allow subject scanning, go to the menu, and after that to the Control tab You must see the Subject Scanning choice near the top.


Enable Subject Scanning

with the slider to the. Step 1


: Hover the Air 3 at a minimum height of 6.6 feet from the ground. At this needed height, the topic needs to remain in an excellent position for tracking. Draw a square around the individual or lorry

  • you wish to set as a target.
  • Step 2:
  • As you pick the target, 3 Focus Track choices appear on the lower side of the screen:

ActiveTrack Spotlight POI The default mode will constantly be Spotlight. Press ActiveTrack


When the green GO button appears, Press the GO button, and the Air 3 goes into ActiveTrack mode. Note

: Because Active Track does not immediately begin taping, How to Active Track with Mavic 3 (Step-by-Step Guide)

keep in mind to strike record

when you trigger ActiveTrack.


Using the Touch Wheel Interface

Once the topic has actually been secured Focus Track and you select the Active Track choice, the touch wheel user interface will quickly introduce before pushing GO. During this time you can define the position of the Air 3 relative to that of your topic. If you miss out on the window in which the touch wheel user interface broadens for your input, you can raise the user interface by hand.


To bring the touch wheel user interface up by hand, tap the icon focused above the focus track option alternatives. The

icon will either be an automobile or an individual

  • The user interface will now be offered for your input.
  • Additional Tracking Modes

As discussed previously, in addition to Active Track, Focus Track uses 2 extra modes that allow you to get innovative video: DJI Air 2S Intelligent Flight Modes (Step-By-Step Guide)


POI (Point of Interest)


Spotlightgimbal tilt Allows you to pick a topic (individual, lorry, boat) or item (i.e., home or other kind of manmade or naturally forming structure).

Spotlight 1

The Air 3 will then keep that topic in the middle of the frame while you continue to fly.DJI Mini 4 Pro – How to Use Active Track 360 (With Video)

This allows you to concentrate on flying, releasing you as much as make modifications to the height, range, and instructions of the Air 3. The Air 3 will then manage the yaw, video camera, and



POI (Point of Interest)


When in Point of Interest mode, after choosing your tracking topic, the Air 3 will circle it, keeping the topic in the center of the frame.DJI Mini 3 Pro – How to Use Active Track (Step-by-Step Guide)

POI is an automatic orbit that tracks your topic while keeping it in the center of the frame.

Once your point is selected, you can define the speed and instructions of the orbit utilizing the onscreen slider.Mavic 3 Pro” MORE: Mini 4 Pro Thoughts About Active TrackAir 3 Before obtaining the

, my drones to avoid obstacles, and

, I was never ever one to utilize Active Track or any self-governing flight function. Since I never ever totally relied on

, This is.

Now that barrier avoidance innovation has actually grown leaps and bounds over the previous year or 2 and is also consisted of in the latest round of DJI drones, I have actually gotten utilized to utilizing it more frequently in numerous circumstances.

Of course, we advise you not totally count on any drone to prevent every barrier when in self-governing flight.

Likewise, when utilizing self-governing functions, we extremely advise keeping the drone in your VLOS (visual view) at all times.

With this being stated,

the Air 3’s Active Track is trustworthy and extremely excellent. to try and keep me in sight Using it in a range of areas and settings, the Air 3 did an excellent task of monitoring me, when on foot, in sparsely inhabited locations.

When utilizing Active Track around trees and tree canopies, whether on a bike or in a bigger lorry, the Air 3 regularly had a hard time to either stay up to date with me or gain back tracking me if tracking was lost behind a fixed item.

Of course, these were severe tests that I put the Air 3 through, simply to see how well it would carry out. In many utilize cases I think it will have the ability to maintain.Smart Features in Drones (Explained for Beginners)

On the other hand, since of the 360-degree barrier avoidance, the Air 3 did an outstanding task of absolutely preventing challenges.

Not just did it prevent challenges, it usually discovered good flight lines

and in the center of the shot.

All in all, Active Track on the Air 3 will show to be helpful to the “follow me” crowd.

” MORE: If Active Track is not working There have actually been cases occasionally of Active Track not dealing with the Air 3 and these have actually primarily been because of user mistake.

The most typical concern relates to the area of the Air 3 to the topic. Per DJI assistance: If an individual is set as a tracking topic, the range in between the topic and the airplane must be 4 to 20 m, and the elevation is 2 to 20 m. (



The suggested range is 5 to 10 m and the suggested elevation is 2 to 10 m.)

If a vehicle/boat is set as a tracking topic, the range in between the airplane and the topic must be 6 to 100 m, and the elevation is 6 to 100 m. (


The suggested range is 20 to 50 m and the suggested elevation is 10 to 50 m.)Active Track Not Working on My Mavic Air 2 (How to Fix It)

If the airplane begins to follow the topic, however the range in between the airplane and the target is not in the variety of the abovementioned range or elevation, the airplane will immediately fly into the supporting variety. (*) If the airplane flies in the suggested range and elevation variety, you will have a much better tracking experience.(*) Outside of the concern discussed above, there have actually been very little cases where there was in fact something incorrect with the Air 3. In those cases, nevertheless, Active Track was not the only function that was not working.(*) For these, the Air 3 needed to be returned and either repaired or exchanged.(*)” MORE: (*)


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