Celebrating World Food Day with DJI Light Show


DJI Firefly Light Show The world’s biggest drone maker DJI has actually signed up with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to commemorate the 43rd World Food Day with a sensational DJI light program.

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With the slogan “Water is life, water is food. Leave nobody behind”, World Food Day intends to advise the world that “quick population development, urbanization, human abuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and environment modification have actually put the Earth’s water resources under increasing tension,” states a news release. DJI is a natural partner for the occasion, in acknowledgment of the substantial contributions that drone innovation have actually made and continue to make in farming and food production.

” Protecting water resources and securing food security needs the collaborations of the entire society. I value the efforts of all the individuals on the planet Food Day Pro Bono Lighting Campaign in China. You have actually made more individuals knowledgeable about the World Food Day, made everybody much better comprehend the value of food security, and made favorable contributions to accomplishing the Sustainable Development Goals,” stated Sheikh Ahaduzzaman, the FAO Representative advertisement interim in China.

” We are honored to support the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s World Food Day,” stated Christina Zhang, Senior Corporate Strategy Director of DJI. “DJI’s farming drone services are making substantial strides in enhancing sustainable food production and securing water resources. We are happy to reveal that the inaugural light program of the DJI Firefly job is devoted to commemorating World Food Day. We intend to raise awareness about water resource preservation and show how the world can profit of technological and clinical improvements.”

At the inaugural light program, 1,000 drones looking like fireflies developed a development and rose in the sky, showcasing the FAO and the style of World Food Day. They changed into water beads, coming down onto the lake surface area and producing ripples. An enchanting display screen unfolded as a goddess of life, helped by a DJI Agras drone, planted seeds and supported the earth. The outcome: an unified scene of plant where human beings and nature exist side-by-side.

DJI Firefly Light Show World Food Day

DJI has actually blazed a trail in using drones for farming because 2012. DJI Agriculture now serves growers in more than 100 nations on 6 continents.” By the start of October 2023, the cumulative location of DJI’s worldwide farming operations reached 988 million acres (399 hectares). Through accurate fertilization and spraying, cumulative water conserving was 174 million heaps, comparable to the quantity of water taken in by 300 million individuals in a year,” states DJI.” Powered by batteries instead of fuels, the cumulative decrease of carbon emissions by DJI Agriculture drones was 20.58 million heaps, comparable to planting 1.26 billion trees in the world.”

Water resource security and worldwide food security are shared issues worldwide. With farming production accounting for 72% of worldwide freshwater usage, both the United Nations and DJI are aiming to discover environmentally friendly services to support sustainable farming. DJI leaders innovation to empower farming production and lead the way for sustainable farming modernization, for much better development and a much better lifestyle.

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