BONUS: Drone News – New DJI Mavic in Summer 2020, Impact of Coronavirus on Drone Industry, US Ban on Chinese Drones


In today’s drone news, you will get a sneak-peek of the brand new DJI Mavic. Chinese drone pilot, OsitaLV launched some pictures of this brand-new DJI drone on his Twitter account that numerous incorrectly presumed this to be the DJI Mavic Air 2. We have actually gained from trustworthy sources that DJI is intending on launching this brand-new drone, the DJI Mavic in summertime 2020. Tune in to get more specifications and rates information.

Our greatest story today has to do with thecoronavirus pandemic and its crippling effect on the drone industry Apart from market leader DJI, even American producers like Skydio and Impossible Aerospace are impacted due to the fact that they are utilizing extra parts produced in China. As assembly line of drone producers have actually been interrupted, listeners will likewise find out the number of brand-new drones like the Autel Evo 2, DJI Mavic 3, and the brand-new DJI Mavic have actually been postponed. This is an attempting time for the whole drone neighborhood. Rather of offering in to overwhelm and stress, we advise you to use this downtime effectively. Drone U is bring out some thorough online classes ensured to offer you the one-upmanship.

Other subjects covered in today’s program consist of the United States restriction on Chinese drones, utilizing drones for Good in New Zealand and Australia and a drone crash in North Carolina. For all this and much, far more, tune in to our newest program now!

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  • [00:33] How is the Corona infection impacting drone organizations throughout the United States?
  • [02:28] Is social distancing leading to more drone organization for some specific niche applications?
  • [03:57] Stuck in the house due to Covid 19? Maximize this downtime by gaining from our online classes
  • [05:08] Drones being utilized to relay messages, making drone shipments and spraying disinfectants to consist of the Corona infection
  • [07:49] A United States executive order could potentially prohibit all drones with Chinese parts
  • [13:00] Public security firms in North Carolina loses a $27,000 DJI in the ocean due to absence of functional preparation and bad flight readiness
  • [20:08] New DJI Mavic in summertime 2020?
  • [23:29] Drones for Good– How drones are being utilized to conserve web surfers in Australia
  • [27:13] How some business with beneficial interests are supporting remote ID
  • [29:16] Drones for Good– New Zealand utilizes drones to eliminate insects on overseas islands
  • [31:28] Two people dropping contraband’s inside a NJ jail utilizing drones might be slapped with a 5-year jail term and $100,000 fine


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