Biggest drone manufacturer in 2023: DJI is shrinking


In what’s unexpected news to definitely nobody, is that DJI is the most significant drone maker in 2023. As DJI diminishes, other business are really growing.

That’s according to the 2nd edition of the yearly Drone Manufacturers Ranking 2023 from Drone Industry Insights (DII), a German-based analytics group evaluating the drone market. DJI has actually been (and still is) the best-known brand name in drones, however the business size is diminishing. Growing business consist of American drone maker Skydio, as well as DJI rival Autel Robotics.

For the 2023 edition of DII’s Drone Manufacturers Ranking, civil drone business were ranked on 2 metrics: brand name awareness versus real business development. DII then set out the business that are reducing versus increasing on both metrics.

Here’s the visual breaking down the most significant drone maker of 2023 that DII created:

biggest drone manufacturer in 2023

If DJI is diminishing in 2023, which business are growing?

Here are the standout lobbyists of the most significant drone makers in 2023 for civil drones, based upon DII’s analysis:

Screenshot 2023 11 30 at 11.01.19 AM
The Parrot Bebop 2 customer drone, which is no longer in production.


Interestingly, some business that partially grew in size lost some brand name awareness, most significantly French-basedParrot drones Parrot probably should have all the credit for bringing drones to customers thanks to its Parrot AR.Drone (which yes, preceded the DJI Phantom) and later on the Bebop consumer drones.

Now, Parrot is an enterprise-focused drone maker, with items consisting of the ANAFI Ai, which is developed for photogrammetry on an open software application platform. It likewise makes a design called ANAFI USA that is made in the U.S. and fulfills vital security requirements consisting of being Blue sUAS program authorized, NDAA & & TAA certified. Provided the business focus, less every day individuals understand the business.

But that’s not always bad for company. In the very first 6 months of 2023, Parrot earnings increased by 3.3%, according to itsfirst half of 2023 earnings report Those income boosts were driven by photogrammetry items, which increased by 6.5% in the very first half of 2023 versus the very same duration in 2022. Microdrones increased by a limited 0.5%.

IMG 1585
Two Autel customer drones that have actually mirrored DJI items: the Autel Evo Lite+ (left) and the Autel X-Star (right).

Autel Robotics

Autel Robotics grew in 2023, and the business is understood for making items extremely comparable to what DJI uses, beginning with the Phantom lookalike drone called the Autel X-Star, and later on the Autel Evo line to take on DJI’s Mavic drones. Autel has actually stood apart especially as individuals have actually looked for alternatives to DJI drones (mostly prompted by anti-Chinese innovation belief).

What’s a bit odd about the drone market’s fascination with Autel, however, is that Autel is still a Chinese business, with head office in Shenzhen, China (the very same city as DJI’s head office). That stated, Autel has actually done an outstanding task to place itself as more American than DJI. It at one point had a robust workplace near Seattle, Washington, and now still has workplaces in Silicon Valley.

Autel interested the Made in USA buzz in 2020 by introducing USA EVO II Dual Bundles for public sector and business usage. Those drones were made in the USA, however depend on domestic and foreign parts and labor (for instance, the airframe was from China, IR/thermal electronic cameras originated from U.S.-based FLIR, other images originated from Japan’s Sony, and the end product was put together in Bothell, Washington with American labor). Nowadays, the Autel Robotics EVO II DUAL 640T Rugged Bundle V3 costs about $6,000 however it’s no longer guaranteed to be made in the USA.

The no-longer-made Skydio 2 consumer drone
The no-longer-made Skydio 2 customer drone.


And lest we forget Skydio, a real American-made drone business. Skydio has a comparable story to Parrot because it cut its consumer line to rather focus totally on business drones. Unlike Parrot, which lost brand name awareness, Skydio’s brand name awareness is just increasing.

That might be due in part to huge occasions like the Skydio Ascend 2023 virtual and in-person occasion hosted by Skydio which took place in September. There, the California-based dronemaker released the Skydio X10 drone, which sticks out for its high-resolution electronic cameras that are especially effective even during the night or in other low-light environments.

Additionally, in early 2023, Skydio raised $230 million in Series E financing.

Other civil drone makers that grew in 2023

Other growing names of note on DII’s list consist of Flyability, which in June launched a brand-new variation of its Elios 3 drone that is certified with FAA guideline on UAS Remote Identification. There’s likewise JOUAV, which constructs a fairly user friendly VTOL fixed-wing drone. JOUAV likewise just recently opened a brand-new $50 million drone factory in China.

As far as the most significant nations for making drones? That title goes initially to China, and the U.S. second. On DII’s list of the leading 20 civil drone production business, 6 are based in China and 4 remain in the U.S. European business likewise have a decently strong existence, with nations represented consisting of France, Switzerland and Germany.

Note that DII has a different most significant drone maker list particular to Dual Use Drone Manufacturers that produce drones for business and military markets which you can see in DII’s full report.


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