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Advanced Air Mobility firefighting eVTOL AutoFlight reveals high-payload sophisticated air movement firefighting program and debuts totally practical model

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Walker Robinson

AutoFlight has actually revealed their electrical vertical departure and landing (VTOL) firefighting program and model drone. The firefighting drone is a customized variation of Autoflight’s CarryAll item with a remarkable variety and payload capability allowing it to fight fires in a range of scenarios.

firefighting eVTOL drone AutoFlight AutoFlight is an international business concentrated on aerial options throughout a range of markets. Incorporating expert system, 5G, and advanced drone production, AutoFlight has actually been driving development in the eVTOL drone market considering that their starting in 2017. Their eVTOL items have varied applications, from guest transportation to fire suppression.

The firefighting model showed this month effectively snuffed out a regulated fire. The eVTOL drone has an optimum departure weight of 2 metric lots, consisting of a payload of 4 100 kg payload of sophisticated fire-extinguishing cylinders. Each container bursts straight above the target location, efficient in snuffing out approximately 200 square meters, for a combined payload efficiency of 800 square meters. The drone can reach speeds higher than 200 km per hour and fly for numerous hours at a time without requiring to charge.

AutoFlights initial eVTOL item, the CarryAll, which their firefighting drone is based off, is anticipated to get accreditation from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) early next year.

AutoFlight CarryAll firefighting model landing

In action to the effective model flight, Kellen Xie, Senior Vice President of Global Sales & & Business Development at AutoFlight stated, “Compared to existing fire-fighting Unmanned Aerial Vehicles offered in the market, AutoFlight’s model has actually attained substantial advancements in regards to load capability, flight period, protection, flight performance and firefighting efficiency. The preliminary presentations with possible clients got extremely motivating feedback. We will now go into conversations with customers and advancement partners to develop the model into item, consisting of ground station and supporting systems.”

The excellent variety and payload capability make it a possibly important tool to firefighting firms throughout the world. Either dealing with little, spontaneous fires in remote places, or supplementing bigger fire suppression efforts in a metropolitan or rural environment.

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Walker Robinson is a 2022 Graduate of the University of California Santa Barbara with an enthusiasm for renewable resource and emerging innovations. An early profession expert knowledgeable in both sales and advancement of utility-scale and property renewable resource systems, he is thrilled to be part of the drone market.


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