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Autel vs. DJI is a fight as old as David and Goliath. Okay, perhaps not that old, however if you’ve remained in the drone video game enough time, it can definitely seem like it!

Autel EVO Lite Plus vs DJI Mini 3

That’s why I chose what much better method to choose which triumphes than to put them head-to-head?

The Autel EVO Lite+ and DJI Mini 3 are 2 flagship light-weight drones created for quality in managing and– most importantly– being portable and light-weight.

I have actually constantly liked the DJI Mini line, so when the 3 came out, it rapidly ended up being mine. Autel fascinated me with its EVO Lite+, a drone I’ve liked simply as much and utilized almost as often.

However, there can be just one!

This guide will put the EVO Lite+ and Mini 3 in a heated competitors, comparing them, recognizing their distinctions, and providing their weak points and strengths. I’ll likewise share my individual experience flying these drones and why the Mini 3 skyrockets greater than the EVO Lite+.

Although light drones are frequently less costly than their much heavier equivalents, you still do not wish to squander a cent of your hard-earned cash. I get it!

This guide is created to assist you make a drone choice you feel terrific about.

Without another minute’s hold-up, let’s start!

Brief summary

Autel EVO Lite+

Debuting in January 2022, the Autel EVO Lite+ came out as a modified variation of the EVO Lite (its sensing unit diminished) and an enhanced edition of the EVO Nano.

It is among the smaller sized drones in the Autel arsenal, yet it’s still collapsible for exceptional mobility. Let’s take a more detailed take a look at a few of its other remarkable functions:

  • A one-inch CMOS sensing unit that shoots in leading 6K video at 30 frames per 2nd and 20 MP image quality.
  • A remarkably long 40-minute flight time for longer happiness trips and finishing more expert jobs in one go. When on the go,
  • SkyLink transmission of over 7 miles in 2.7 K quality at 30 fps for HD-quality livestreams to your social media audience.
  • An ultra-wide challenge avoidance system. The consisted of sensing units permit the drone to view 150 degrees in front of it for less blind areas and accidents.
  • A great selection of clever modes, consisting of cinematic alternatives like Rocket and Fade Away, subject tracking with Dynamic Track 2.1, and automated selfies with SkyPortrait.

Three enjoyable colors to choose from, so you can select a brilliant neon orange if you desire your EVO Lite+ to stand apart or choose more basic colors like gray or white.” MORE: Autel EVO Lite+ Review

DJI Mini 3

The DJI Mini line has actually developed so quickly that in some cases it's difficult to stay up to date with, so permit me to get you up to speed. 2 SE The Mini 3 is the predecessor of the by the Mini 3 Pro and was launched in 2022. It was followed within that exact same year

, then the Mini 4 Pro in late 2023.

The Mini 3 hardly had an opportunity to be the new arrival before the follow-up release of the Mini 3 Pro, however this DJI drone still holds its own extremely well.

  • Take a glimpse at these functions: drone for commercial purposes Lightweight enough that you do not need to register it with the FAA for leisure usage, conserving you an action in between going out there and flying (you need to register your
  • no matter its weight).cutting edge of drone technology A leading 1/1.3- inch CMOS sensing unit that shoots in crystal-clear 4K HDR video quality and 48 MP image quality. You can be on the
  • without needing to invest a limb on a brand-new design.good wind resistance Surprisingly
  • for its size (Level 5), so you can fly your drone in conditions that would leave you grounded with another design.suite of Intelligent Flight Modes DJI’s
  • , consisting of Horizontal and vertical Shooting and QuickShots for trustworthy video whenever.

A battery life of 38 minutes with the default and over 51 minutes by updating to the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus for longer flights.” MORE: DJI Mini 3 App (Read This Before Downloading)

DJI Mini 3 Beginners Guide scaled.jpg

Quick Verdict

We just focus on the very best here at Droneblog, and I chose the Mini 3 after numerous hours of evaluating it and the EVO Lite+.

We’ve concluded that the DJI Mini 3 is the much better alternative over the Autel EVO Lite+. This drone has extraordinary mobility, a light-weight profile, terrific aerodynamics, staunch wind resistance, and exceptional image quality. It’s created to help with modifying on the go with the addition of the LightCut app.

I’ve had the Mini 3 because it came out, enjoying it for leisure flights without needing to stress over registering it.

The EVO Lite+ later on captured my eye, and while I like its functions, it does not rather measure up to the Mini 3.

It’s not even that the EVO Lite+ is more costly (although it is).

The Mini 3 is simply a much better worth, with its Intelligent Flight Features, a similar battery to the EVO Lite+ out of eviction (with the alternative to make the battery last even longer if you do not mind paying more), strong wind resistance, and the exceptional video camera quality.

Now, please do not get me incorrect. I do not have blinders on.

The absence of any kind of challenge avoidance is a big deterrent in the Mini 3, specifically thinking about how ingenious and modern the challenge avoidance system consisted of with the EVO Lite+ is.

The Mini 3 likewise has poorer image quality, although it’s not by such a long shot that this is a glaring problem. Its greatest hinderance is that it has absolutely no challenge avoidance, so it’s not as beginner-friendly.” MORE: Autel EVO Lite Plus vs DJI Avata (Which One Is Better?)

EVO Lite Plus design.jpg

What are the primary distinctions?

The EVO Lite+ is Autel’s response to DJI’s Mini series, however these 2 drones are diverse in numerous methods. This details can press you towards an acquiring choice, so do not miss it.

  • Here are the distinctions in between the Mini 3 and EVO Lite+. Image and video quality: in the photography department These drone producers continue to forge ahead for what’s possible in today’s drone tech. Their video and image quality aren’t similar, with each design mastering various locations. The Mini 3 wins
  • , while the EVO Lite+ has higher-quality video. Color choice:
  • Tailoring your drone your method does not need slapping a skin on it when you can purchase an Autel drone. The EVO Lite+ is readily available in 3 colors, consisting of a shockingly intense orange. By contrast, you can just select one color for the Mini 3, which’s not even actually an option. The drone can be found in light gray, which’s that. Obstacle avoidance: is the lack of obstacle avoidance Obviously, color does not matter much in the grand plan of things. What is the greatest distinction in between these 2 dronesfeature DJI added when they released the Mini 3 Pro That was a
  • very little later on, however if you have the Mini 3, you’re left in the stumble. The EVO Lite+’s challenge avoidance is exceptional by itself, however any challenge avoidance would have been much better than none. Weight: You would have to register the EVO Lite+ Despite that the EVO Lite+ is called, well, the Lite, it’s not precisely that. It weighs 835 grams, over two times the weight of the Mini 3.
  • even when utilizing it recreationally, spending for the $5 registration cost. Downer. Social media-friendliness:

The Mini 3 has a lot of functions a social networks super star requires to stand apart, such as Vertical Shooting, self-governing flight modes, and the consisted of LightCut app for modifying video and images from anywhere.” MORE: Autel EVO Lite+ vs. DJI Air 2S

Autel EVO Lite+


The EVO Lite+ is the 2nd entry in the Lite series, launched after the OG EVO Lite. It’s a terrific drone for the major professional photographer, videographer, or expert pilot.

This follower got whatever right that customers liked about the very first variation, such as a more cost effective cost, the return of its CDAF and PDAF autofocus, a minimum of 40 minutes of marketed flight time, and a substantial sensing unit.

The EVO Lite+ diminished the sensing unit size from the OG Lite, as that had a 1/1.28- inch CMOS sensing unit versus the one-inch EVO Lite+ sensing unit.

It likewise minimized image quality from 50 MP to 20 MP however increased the video footage to 6K.four-axis gimbal is still a rarity And although the EVO Lite+ does not have a four-axis gimbal, that’s fine. A

, and a three-axis gimbal finishes the job simply great.and smart features Its exceptional video camera, foldability, transmission variety,

make the EVO Lite+ equivalent to any DJI drone. Pound for pound, this bad young boy holds its own.

It has sufficient innovative functions for professional photographers to increase their abilities, consisting of aperture settings and HDR mode.

With one flick of a switch, the EVO Lite+ will take a series of images, then create one composite image developed from the image’s finest characteristics, consisting of an ideal degree of highlights and shadows.” MORE: Autel EVO Lite+ Video Review (VIDEO)

It’s the type of function created to conserve you time in post-processing, as the EVO Lite+ almost modifies on the go for you.

This Autel drone has the brand name’s respected Moonlight Algorithm for information after dark (and less sound), Defog Mode for lively photography in natural surroundings, and natural color remediation for seeming like a pro.

You can likewise release single-click cinematographic modes, like Flick, Fade Away, Orbit, and Rocket, and the drone’s tracking is enjoyable and practical.

Autel EVO Lite Plus

I had a blast checking out these functions. And my post-processing time? The EVO Lite+ halved it.

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Premium Bundle, NEWEST 1-Inch CMOS Drone with 6K HDR Camera, F2.8 – F11 Aperture, 6K/30fps Video, 40 Mins Flight Time, 3-Way 360 ° Obstacle Avoidance, 12Km (7.4 Miles)

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DJI Mini 3Mini 4 Pro That brings us to the DJI Mini 3, which is type of awkwardly sandwiched in between the Mini 3 Pro and

DJI Mini 3 Not Pairing/Connecting (Why and How to Fix It)

Despite the truth that it has a lot of followers, it’s still a brand-new DJI drone by numerous requirements, having actually just been launched in 2022.

Yet DJI drone innovation comes quickly, so the Mini 3 came out in the middle of a flurry of others.

It’s definitely an action up from the Mini 2 SE, and although it does not have rather as numerous functions as the Mini 3 Pro, the Mini 3 is a strong little drone all throughout the board.

It wins points for its light-weight quality. For a drone that calls itself the Lite, the EVO Lite+ is barely that.

The Mini 3, on the other hand, measures up to its track record, weighing under 250 grams.

It’s a tourist’s buddy, weighing so little that you can bring it with you anywhere and all over without stressing over area constraints.

The Mini 3 has exceptional video and video camera abilities for its size and age, and its 48 MP image quality is amongst the very best you can discover in a DJI customer drone.

You’ll value how plainly you can shoot without needing to use a Hasselblad video camera. And if you require to zoom, this video camera has 4x capability.

Zooming is constantly a convenient function to have. You can keep away from unsafe locations yet record shots that make you appear like you’re standing right there. YouTubers specifically needs to discover that function helpful.” MORE: How to Connect DJI Mini 3/ Mini 3 Pro to Wi-Fi (Step-by-Step Guide)

The sensing unit is the things of marvel, and although you can’t set the aperture, the four-in-one pixels of the sensing unit keep your images crisp and clear.

The gimbal– a normal three-axis, thank you quite– can switch effortlessly from vertical to horizontal videography and photography. When the Mini 3 does it for you right out of the gate,

You will not have to invest valuable time orienting your video for Instagram stories or Twitter. When modifying,

DJI Mini 3 (DJI RC)

That’s far from the only method the Mini 3 conserves you time. Its consisted of LightCut app welcomes you to check out picture and video design templates in horizontal and vertical orientations.

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video out much faster, so you’re constantly leading of mind to your audience.

Foldable and light-weight Mini Camera Drone with 4K HDR Video, 38-min Flight Time, True Vertical Shooting, and Intelligent Features.

We make a commission if you purchase, at no extra expense to you.

DJI Mini 3 - How to Adjust Camera Settings

11/07/2023 01:36 pm GMT
Head-to-head contrast

Camera systemtechnical drone photographer Winner:

DJI Mini 3

Whether you’re a

or somebody simply discovering the ropes, the Mini 3 is the ideal drone for you.

I understand, I understand, the EVO Lite+ has an adjustable aperture, the Moonlight Algorithm, and its HDR function. I like those additions, and the HDR is among my preferred functions in any drone, duration. I utilize all of it the time.

The EVO Lite+ likewise wins in the video quality classification, however not by a big margin. It’s not like you’re losing out or choosing the Mini 3’s 4K HD video.

That’s more than satisfactory, and just a stickler would divide hairs over the Mini 3’s video compared to the 6K quality the EVO Lite+ can accomplish.

The Mini 3 has the much better image quality, and this is much less of a little contrast. The EVO Lite+ just shoots in 20 MP versus the 48 MP for the Mini 3. Sure, it’s not rather that excellent quality if you zoom, and timed and single-shot modes produce 12 MP stills, however the 48 MP is head and shoulders above the EVO Lite+.Camera Technology in Drones (Explained)

The gimbal likewise lets you switch from vertical to horizontal videography and photography in the Mini 3, a function in which the EVO Lite+ has no equivalent option.

Can You Fly DJI Mini 3/ Mini 3 Pro in Rain


Flight efficiency


DJI Mini 3

Now this is a big deal, as a bad flight experience will restrict whatever else you can do with your drone.

That stated, I needed to provide this classification to the Mini 3 for a number of factors.

For one, it’s a light-weight drone, a real light-weight. The EVO Lite+ has a name that belies its real size.Mini 3 has Level 5 wind resistance Now, being light-weight assists in locations of efficiency, as a lighter drone is quicker and more responsive to manage.

However, the Mini 3 isn’t as wind-resistant as the EVO Lite+, which I’m sure you practically anticipated, offered the Autel drone’s weight.


, making it efficient in enduring gusts of about 24 miles per hour. The EVO Lite+ boasts Level 7 wind resistance.

Now, here’s the important things about wind resistance in drones. It’s a price quote, much like battery life and numerous other aspects. Mini 3’s most beginner-friendly features I’ve flown the Mini 3 in 35-mph winds, and it did simply great. It did more than fine, actually. It carried out extremely.

I likewise like its choice of automated Intelligent Flight Modes. I understand, the EVO Lite+ has its own equivalent clever modes, however DJI is the leader in this location.great at flying drones I like how you can utilize modes like Rocket or Dronie and get ideal video footage whenever. Neither of these are newbie drones, this is one of the .Autel EVO 2 Pro vs. DJI Mini 3 (Here’s My Choice)

It’s specifically remarkable for social networks posters with a huge existence who perhaps aren’t so

yet however wish to appear like they are.” MORE:

Portabilitydrone bag or backpack Winner:

DJI Mini 3

This one must have come as not a surprise.airline’s requirements The Mini 3 and EVO Lite+ are both portable in their own methods, because they’re stowable and collapsible in a


However, the 2x extra weight the EVO Lite+ brings will make it a larger discomfort to bring around … actually. It will likewise be harder to save it in a carry-on or inspected baggage that satisfies your Does the DJI Mini 3 Need to Be Registered? (Explained for Beginners)


DJI Mini 3 RC DJI.jpg

The Mini 3 has no such problems because arena. It’s light and little sufficient to suit any piece of baggage, and it’s all set for flights within your nation or worldwide.” MORE:

RC compatibility and long-range flightsAir 2S Winner: Mavic 3 DJI Mini 3

The Mini 3 utilizes the DJI RC, a traditional controller in the DJI lineup suitable with more drones than you can shake a stick at. I imply it!

You can utilize this remote with the

, Mavic 3 Cine, DJI RC, Mavic 3 Classic, Mini 3, and Mini 3 Pro. What a shopping list!good degree of video transmission I’m type of consumed with this controller, and truly so. It’s light like the Mini 3, ergonomic, and portable. Its battery is 4 hours, and the HD screen is a huge 5.5 inches.

With a screen that huge and with that much clearness, you can leave your smart device and tablet in your home.


has a

utilizing the O3+ system, sending 1080p video at 60 fps.

The EVO Lite+ utilizes the EVO Nano & & Lite Series remote controller, which offers me Xbox 360 vibes. It’s a big controller that’s type of still ergonomic however large.

Autel EVO Lite Plus Battery.jpg

It has a transmission series of 7.4 miles and works with Autel’s Sky App. The only issue? It does not have a screen, which implies keeping your smart device helpful to track your drone’s motions. This remote controller is likewise suitable with less drones.

What about the video transmission rate of the drones themselves? It’s 7.4 miles for the EVO Lite+ and 6.2 miles for the Mini 3. The Autel drone technically wins here, however just by a hair.

Battery life


Autel EVO Lite+

Speaking of classifications where Autel wins, I need to provide the battery life fight to the EVO Lite+. Its base battery can in theory sustain flight for 40 minutes, a remarkable accomplishment.

The Mini 3’s base Intelligent Flight Battery can fly for 37 minutes, which I acknowledge is a couple of minutes much shorter. If you’re ready to invest on the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus,

You have the alternative to extend the flight time to 50+ minutes.

At that point, the DJI battery would beat the Autel battery, however because you need to purchase the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus independently, that flight time does not seem like a reasonable contrast.

If you compare the 37-minute flight time of the Mini 3 and the 40-minute flight time of the EVO Nano+, these drones feel more neck-and-neck in the battery life classification.

Neither drone will fly for precisely that long, anyhow.

It was more like around 33 or 34 minutes of flight for the DJI drone and a little over 35 for the Autel when I checked them, and let me inform you, I was substantial and comprehensive.

It’s not that these producers misinformed you. No drone ever flies precisely as long as promoted.doesn’t require hobbyist registration Bearing that in mind, I’m holding constant on my option to choose the EVO Lite+ here.


The Autel EVO Lite+ and DJI Mini 3 are 2 amazing little drones.

Neither is the most recent any longer, yet they both include innovative functions that make them worth going over in 2023.

The Mini 3 increases to the celebration in every method. It’s really light-weight, , has an amazing video camera, boasts Intelligent Flight Modes, and has a battery life on par with what Autel deals.DJI Mini 3 vs. Autel Nano Plus (All You Need to Know)

However, if you select the Mini 3 as your drone, remember it has no challenge avoidance. (*) That’s its greatest fault, which was fixed in the Mini 3 Pro, so possibly you will wish to check out that rather.(*) And the user-friendly push-button control with its big screen will assist you fly securely with the Mini 3!(*)” MORE: (*) (*)


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