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Welcome to my evaluation of the Autel EVO Lite+ and the DJI Mini 2 SE.

These 2 portable drones are tailored towards pilots who never ever like to remain in one location, as they’re loaded with functions for assisting in much easier (read: self-governing) and more pleasurable flights.

Autel EVO Lite Plus vs DJI Mini 2 SE

However, unless you’re stockpiling for an entire fleet, you just require among these drones. I’ve evaluated the EVO Lite+ and Mini 2 SE over lots of hours each to assist you choose which is the very best of the lot.

This evaluation will dive deep into the distinctions in between the Autel EVO Lite+ and DJI Mini 2 SE and share more of my experiences and insights flying them both. You’ll discover why the EVO Lite+ has what it requires to beat a DJI drone, which is no simple task!

Let’s discover your dream drone!

Brief introduction

Autel EVO Lite+

The EVO Lite+ came out at the very same time that Autel modified the sensing unit size of the initial EVO Lite and presented the EVO Nano (2 variations).

Autel EVO Lite Plus folded.jpg

Although that was a lot simultaneously, the EVO Lite+ sticks out for myriad factors. It decreased the expense of what you ‘d need to pay to own an OG EVO Lite.

It likewise simplified the gimbal system, going from a four-axis to a three-axis gimbal.

Maybe that does not sound so terrific if you’re of the state of mind that advanced tech is constantly much better, however let me inform you this.

Four-axis gimbals are quite darn cool, however a three-axis gimbal is still more than sufficient.

In my viewpoint, it is among those “do not repair what isn’t broken” situations.

But I digress. Let’s examine what else rocks about the EVO Lite+:

  • It lasts in the air for 40 minutes at a clip, so you can get more done without needing to invest hours charging your battery.
  • The transmission series of 7.4 miles is not too worn-out for a DJI rival and is plenty skilled for brand-new pilots.
  • Its 1-inch CMOS RGGB electronic camera shoots in unrivaled 6K video at 30 frames per 2nd and 20 MP image resolution.
  • It has automated flight functions like Active Track and SkyPortrait for hands-off photography and videography, another A+ function for social networks stars and influencers. SkyPortrait is even branded as “your individual paparazzi,” which is ideal up your street if you’re chronically online.
  • Excellent photography and videography modes, from Defog Mode to natural color repair, the Moonlight Algorithm, adjustable aperture, HDR composites, and double autofocus.

” MORE: Autel EVO Lite+ Video Review (Video)

DJI Mini 2 SE

The DJI Mini 2 SE came out in 2023 as a follow-up tothe Mini 2 It’s a strong drone, providing lots of functions pilots yearn for, specifically novices.

Mini 2 se unfolded.jpg

They consist of:

  • A cool weight of under 249 grams, so you do not need to problem yourself with drone registration.
  • A supporting three-axis gimbal that houses a cam with a 1/2.3- inch CMOS sensing unit that shoots in 12 MP image quality and 2.7 K video.
  • Beginner functions such as single-tap introducing and landing, a Propeller Guard (should acquire independently though), and tutorialsthrough the DJI Fly app Now novices can seem like professionals in record time!
  • Creative design templates and enjoyable modifies through the DJI Fly app for modifying and publishing your video footage while you’re still in the field (terrific for constructing your portfolio or staying up to date with the Joneses on social networks).
  • Fun Intelligent Flight Features like QuickShots that maneuvers your drone for you, entirely hands-free (well, you still require to hold the controller, however you get what I imply).

” MORE: DJI Mini 2 SE App (Read This Before Downloading)

Quick decision

Although I mainly fly drones for enjoyable, I constantly view buying choices from the opposite of the coin, as I understand most pilots remain in it for industrial gain.

Here at Droneblog, we pride ourselves on suggesting the leading items on the marketplace after numerous hours of research study and screening.

Through my experience with both drones, I’m positive in stating the Autel EVO Lite+ is the much better drone compared to the DJI Mini 2 SE. The DJI drone has video and image quality that’s been gone beyond numerous times over by the EVO Lite+. The Autel drone has more functions to strengthen your image and video quality and much better security functions.

Anything the Mini 2 SE can do, the EVO Lite+ can do much better.

Image quality? Video quality? Photography settings? Flight time? These are all locations where the EVO Lite+ excels.

However, I do not wish to entirely cast the Mini 2 SE aside. If you’re new to drones or looking for a light-weight, ultra-portable option, the Mini 2 SE will serve you well.

It’s got good video transmission and battery, making it more relevant for leisure than industrial undertakings.

DJI never ever stated the Mini 2 SE is an industrial drone. Its site is complete of individuals

, a function I’ve mainly utilized it for.

If that’s what you stick to, you can still have a blast with the Mini 2 SE.” MORE: DJI Mini 2 SE vs. Autel EVO Nano (Here’s My Choice)

What are the primary distinctions?

It’s contrast time.

I like an excellent contrast as much as anybody. I’m extremely careful with my purchases and require to seem like I’m making the very best option through mindful factor to consider and research study.

What much better method to do that than by analyzing what these drones do not have and have?

  • Here’s some info that may assist you comprise your mind. Weight:
  • A name like the EVO Lite+ would most likely make you believe this drone weighs under 250 grams. Well, it does not. Rather, it weighs 835 grams or nearly 3 pounds. The Mini 2 SE, by contrast, is far lighter. It weighs listed below 250 grams. That’s about as much as your smart device. Night shots: legally permitted to use your drone at night Isn’t nighttime videography and photography simply the coolest? You’ll definitely concur if you pick the EVO Lite+, which boasts Autel’s Moonlight Algorithm for sound control and clearness in dark environments. You’re just in restricted situations, having night video footage in your portfolio might assist you land gigs or offer your video footage much faster. The Mini 2 SE does not have a function like the Moonlight Algorithm, although later DJI drones have their response to this function.each drone manufacturer Safety functions: downward sensing system The method to security
  • took is extremely various here. The Mini 2 SE comes geared up with … well, very little. Okay, to be reasonable, it has a that utilizes infrared innovation to assess what’s around it, however it can’t actively prevent barriers. If it careens into a tree, the prop guards aren’t enough to conserve it.
  • Colors: You desire colors? You got ’em! The EVO Lite+ can be found in 3 colors for all tastes. Your choices are white, black, and electrical orange. The Mini 2 SE is just readily available in white, without any choice to personalize your drone color unless you put a skin on it.
  • Beginner-friendliness: The EVO Lite+ has some beginner-friendly functions, however mainly, this drone’s audience is the more recognized pilot. Oppositely, the Mini 2 SE is made mainly for novices. Experienced pilots may discover a few of its functions too simple.

Cost: The Mini 2 SE is readily available for under $350, which isn’t bad for a brand-new drone launched in 2023. By contrast, the EVO Lite+ is well over $1,000.Autel EVO Lite+ vs. DJI Mavic 3 Pro (Which Is Better?)


drone for commercial and recreational use Autel EVO Lite+

Autel EVO Lite Plus unfolded

The EVO Lite+ is a mid-level

, although it’s handier for the previous.

This follow-up to the OG EVO Lite presented cost-efficient, consumer-friendly functions, showing that an Autel drone need not spend a lot.

It has functions to get your attention, however it’s far more than flash and flair. smart features to rival any DJI drone This drone has compound, as evidenced by its 40-minute flight time, industry-leading video quality, and top-level barrier avoidance.

It’s got

, with automated flight modes such as Flick, Fade Away, Orbit, and Rocket that are extremely equivalent to DJI’s QuickShots functions.

These single-button modes shoot immediately, simply as DJI QuickShots modes do.

Better yet, you can utilize the Autel Sky app to jazz up your video footage right away after shooting, use filters, and choose a banger soundtrack.

Pilots climb for SkyPortrait, specifically in the social networks sphere. You can send out the EVO Lite+ into the air by itself trajectory to track you and your friends, then take pictures.

The electronic camera will immediately consist of everybody and make modifications, so you do not need to.

That’s just a taste of this drone’s remarkable subject tracking, as it likewise consists of Dynamic Track 2.1. drone will capture footage This enhanced variation of Dynamic Track permits the EVO Lite+ to track nearly anything. I’m speaking about individuals, automobiles, even animals.


, so you still need to monitor it, however you can count on its leading barrier avoidance sensing unit and electronic camera system to avoid it from crashing into a neighboring tree. You can enhance your photography in unforeseen and brand-new methods. Natural color repair restores the colors of your images without oversaturating them.Autel EVO Lite+ Review


The HDR function takes a composite of your images with the optimum emphasize and shadow balance, and Defog Mode is best if you’re up with the sun or shooting vibrant videos from a mountain.

The sort of video footage you can assemble utilizing the EVO Lite+ is absolutely nothing except impressive. This is a drone created to assist you get a competitive benefit.

Autel Robotics Evo Lite+ Premium Bundle

These functions are instinctive enough for any newbie however catered towards drone pros with more experience under their belt.

Buy from Amazon

That’s one of my preferred parts about the EVO Lite+: how it toes the line in between newbie and skilled pilot.

1″ CMOS Sensor with 6K HDR Camera, No Geo-Fencing, 3-Axis Gimbal, 3-Way Obstacle Avoidance, 40Min Flight Time, 7.4 Miles Transmission, Lite Plus More Combo.

We make a commission if you purchase, at no extra expense to you.

11/07/2023 12:36 am GMT

Is DJI Mini 2 SE Waterproof? (Here's the Answer)

DJI Mini 2 SE

The Mini 2 SE belongs to DJI’s long-running Mini series.commercial drone pilot It’s about as light-weight as a Mini drone comes and is ultra-beginner-friendly, jam-packed with tutorials and prop guards to avoid pilot accidents (and agonizing lacerations from those sharp props– ouch!).

Could you utilize it as a severe the Mini 3 Pro? I expect, however I question why you would wish to. Mini 4 Pro There are much more drones in the Mini series much better fit to your objectives, consisting of

and when surveying.

After all, the Mini 2 SE does not have any barrier avoidance, a significant deficiency

or doing any sort of ecological deal with a drone.

Is the Mini 2 SE helpful for leisure drone expedition? You betcha. It’s instinctive and so light-weight that audiences, from kids to grownups, can choose it up and fly it.I wish it had existed when I learned to fly a drone It’s loaded with adequate functions to assist you discover the ropes of drone flight that I ‘d advise the Mini 2 SE as the very first drone for any pilot.

Heck, DJI Mini 2 SE Battery (All You Need to Know)

I feel it would have made matters a lot much easier.


And sure, a lot of the Mini drones before and after the Mini 2 SE are simply as beginner-friendly, however there’s something about this one that I still like.

It has a good beauty and enjoyable functions that make the experience with this drone one in a million.

It has a complete degree of the Intelligent Flight Features. This is a DJI drone we’re speaking about here, and despite the fact that it’s a standard one, specifically by today’s requirements, it still utilizes QuickShots.

DJI Mini 2 SE (Fly More Combo)

You can pick from 4 modes: Rocket, Helix, Dronie, and Circle.

Buy from Amazon

You can likewise remove without by hand doing it, and land immediately. New drone pilots can continue with the utmost self-confidence thanks to all this cool automation.

Lightweight Drone with QHD Video, 10km Video Transmission, 3 Batteries for Total of 93 Mins Flight Time, Under 249 g, Automatic Pro Shots, Camera Drone for Beginners.

We make a commission if you purchase, at no extra expense to you.

11/06/2023 05:31 pm GMT

Autel EVO Lite Plus camera

Head-to-head contrast Camera system


Autel EVO Lite+

I do not desire you to seem like I’m battering on the bad Mini 2 SE due to the fact that it’s a remarkable, zippy little drone in lots of methods. Its electronic camera is not one of them.

The three-axis gimbal is great.

That’s the very same kind of gimbal the EVO Lite+ has, lowering its axes from 4 to 3 in between the 2nd and very first EVO Lite. It’s likewise a DJI gimbal, so it’s more than satisfactory.

The issue is with the electronic camera itself. For a drone launched in 2023, its 12 MP image quality and 2.4 K video quality do not suffice.

When you think about that the EVO Lite+ has 20 MP image quality and 6K video, that distinction is substantial!

The Autel drone does not even have the very best image quality compared to lots of other drones in the Mini series, however the Mini 2 SE is not one of them.

As for the video quality, it’s a high uptick for the EVO Lite+ compared to the Mini 2 SE.a commercial pilot Do many people even appreciate video and image quality? That depends upon what sort of drone pilot you’re asking.

If it’s

, yes, definitely. You need to, as getting quality video footage becomes part of your task description.

As for leisure pilots, it depends. If you’re brand name brand-new to drones, which is the audience the Mini 2 SE accommodates, then you do not truly understand any much better to state definitively, “Yes, this is remarkable electronic camera quality.”

However, if you’re an influencer or social networks star, you will appreciate image and video quality. You most likely entered into drones in the very first location to provide yourself a benefit over the competitors. If your video and image quality is bad by contrast, that benefit vaporizes.Camera Technology in Drones (Explained)


Autel EVO Lite Plus Performance



Autel EVO Lite+

I wish to provide the Mini 2 SE brownie points for efficiency. It’s light-weight, simple to fly, instinctive, responsive, and simply a well-rounded great drone.

However, I could not truly provide it the efficiency reward when it has barrier detection however not avoidance.drone only costs The EVO Lite+ has a smart barrier avoidance system that has a large field of frontal vision. It’s developed to lower blind areas and avoid unexpected accidents.

When you consider this about $500 more than the Mini 2 SE (yes, it’s still pricey today), the absence of a barrier avoidance system in the Mini drone is a lot more glaring.Autel EVO Lite Plus vs DJI Air 3 (Here’s My Favorite)


DJI Mini 2 SE Portability



DJI Mini 2 SE

I like my EVO Lite+, however there’s something that’s troubled me about it. For a drone that’s called the Lite, it isn’t.You don’t have to register it You would not anticipate the Nano to be a huge, hulking drone, so why does the Lite weigh two times the limitation to sign up a drone recreationally?

The Mini 2 SE is undoubtedly a mini. It’s under 250 grams, so commemorate, enthusiasts.

, however see your payload to guarantee your drone does not press over the weight a drone backpack Besides being lighter and much easier to carry around, the Mini 2 SE is likewise smaller sized.

This might be a newbie drone, however it’s robust enough that you can keep it

and see the world with it. The EVO Lite+ is more than efficient in managing the very same sort of travel conditions. It’s simply a little larger and a little much heavier, so it may leave you with a little less area in your luggage.Do I Need to Register My Drone? (And How to do It)


Autel EVO Lite Plus Long Range

RC compatibility and long-range flights

Winner: RC-N1 controller Autel EVO Lite+

The Mini 2 SE comes loaded with its own

that connects to your smart device. It’s a blocky controller with 2 deals with and a couple of buttons on the front.

It would be best if it included a screen, however what can you do?

This is the only remote that works for the Mini 2 SE, which utilizes OcuSync 2.0 transmission.

I would state the Mini 2 SE’s controller has to do with on par with the EVO Lite+’s. Both need you to utilize your smart device as the screen.

It’s truly not completion of the world, however utilizing your phone as the screen in lieu of a screen developed into your drone controller drains pipes the battery much faster, so put your phone in low-power mode and close down any apps you aren’t utilizing.

This Autel controller works with EVO Lite and Nano series drones, so it has more compatibility than the Mini SE’s controller.

As for long-range flights, this is a no-contest. The Mini SE has about 2.5 miles of variety versus the 7.4 miles for the EVO Lite+. This is thinking about the DJI O2 system is an upgrade over other designs.DJI Mini 2 SE Controller (All You Need to Know)


Autel EVO Lite Plus Battery.jpg

Battery life


Autel EVO Lite+

A 30-minute flight time is respectable for a Mini drone, however undoubtedly might be much better, specifically for a drone launched in 2023.

Yet DJI just assures 31 minutes of flight for the Mini 2 SE.its battery to last When you think about that the 30 minutes is just DJI’s forecast, you’ll just wind up getting 26 or 27 minutes out of this drone.

I could not get

for 30 minutes in any test conditions (and you do not wish to drain pipes that battery to no, anyhow), however a minimum of the battery charges quick so you can return out there and fly once again.

The EVO Lite+ is expected to fly happily for 40 minutes. Once again, it’s not rather that. I logged some flight times in between 36 and 38 minutes, however that’s still about 10 minutes more than you get with the Mini 2 SE’s battery. What can you perform in 10 additional minutes? That can be the distinction in between finishing up a job or not!Autel EVO Lite+ vs DJI Air 2S



It’s an intriguing day when Autel bumps out DJI, however that’s the case in the fight of the EVO Lite+ and the Mini 2 SE.

The DJI drone is more beginner-friendly however is obstructed by out-of-date battery times, image resolution, and video quality.

Obstacle avoidance and Mini drones It’s likewise little on flight functions and does not provide you as lots of choices for configuring your photography settings as the EVO Lite+.

Plus, most considerable is the absence of barrier avoidance in a drone launched in 2023.

have actually never ever been the very best of buddies, appearing sporadically, however it’s something today’s pilots expect as a standard function. I discovered the EVO Lite+ a terrific all-arounder.Drone Safety Features (All You Need to Know)

” MORE: (*) (*)


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