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Welcome and thank you for reading this post on which drone I select: the Evo Lite Plus or the DJI Mini 3 Pro.

Autel EVO Lite Plus vs DJI Mini 3 Pro (Here’s My Choice)

Looking at the Evo Lite Plus and Mini 3 Pro, we have 2 “finest in class” drones for what they are constructed to do, although significantly various in style looks.

Both drones were launched in 2022, with the Autel Evo Lite Plus being launched in January 2022 and the Mini 3 Pro, in May 2022.

With just a 5-month age distinction in between the 2, Autel and DJI took various methods to these well-liked drones.

I have actually utilized both the Evo Lite Plus and Mini 3 Pro thoroughly over the previous year or two.

This use varied from regular travel around numerous parts of the United States to industrial work for my customers. In all cases, both drones did an outstanding task.

In this post, I’ll take a look at the distinctions in between the Autel Evo Lite Plus and the DJI Mini 3 Pro, my general experience with each, who may gain from either, and why I personally selected the DJI Mini 3 Pro over the Autel Evo Lite Plus.

If you are searching for a workable drone that can be utilized recreationally and for some expert work, if you so select, this post must assist you choose.

Brief Overview

Autel Evo Lite Plus

As discussed, the Evo Lite Plus was launched in January of 2022, making it a little under 2 years of ages, at the time of this writing.


Like DJI, Autel has actually discovered a collapsible style that works for it and this style streams through all of their more recent drones, consisting of the Nano series.

The Evo Lite Plus takes style hints from the bigger, more costly Autel Evo II and Evo II Pro.

Like the Evo II Pro line, it has a professional-level 20 MP adjustable aperture 1-inch CMOS sensing unit electronic camera. Attempt stating that 3 times quickly.

The Evo Lite Plus, however near to 2 years of ages, deals:

  • 40-minute flight times, which, up till the Evo line of drones, was unusual to see in customer and prosumer drones
  • Three-way barrier avoidance picking up, when utilized properly help in much safer flight maneuvers
  • 1-inch electronic camera sensing unit for 20 MP high-resolution expert quality pictures
  • No geofencing, indicating no flight limitations, best for flying in locations where correct airspace permission has actually been gotten, however other drones may have trouble opening

” MORE: Autel Evo Lite+ Review

DJI Mini 3 Pro

Right on the heels of the Evo Lite Plus, the Mini 3 Pro made its launching as the very first DJI Mini drone with obstacle avoidance.


This was certainly something unprecedented at the time in 2022 and has actually just been matched by the Mini 3 Pro’s follower, the Mini 4 Pro, ever since.

What makes having barrier avoidance sensing units in the Mini 3 Pro such a huge offer is that it is still able to maintain its sub-250 g weight.

Drone lovers aiming to avoid registering their Mini 3 Pro, while still flying much safer will value this.

In regards to visuals, the Mini line had actually looked rather the exact same for numerous years, beginning with the initial Mavic Mini launched back in 2019.

The Mini 3 Pro broke the style mold with the addition of barrier avoidance sensing units and a special electronic camera.

The Mini 3 Pro has a suite of outstanding, pro-like functions, that include:

  • True verticle shooting which permits instantaneous publishing to social networks in the proper image ratio
  • 10-bit, 4k 60 fps video for material developers and professionals searching for versatility when color grading
  • Three-way barrier avoidance for included flight security
  • Weighs less than 250 g which is best for those not wanting to register their drone in the United States

” MORE: DJI Mini 3 Pro: One-Year Review (Video)

Quick Verdict

When you initially take a look at the Evo Lite Plus and Mini 3 Pro side by side, although collapsible drones, they are undoubtedly various.

The Evo Lite Plus is a bigger, more strong drone than the Mini 3 Pro. On the other side, the Mini 3 Pro’s sub-250 g weight and small footprint are what numerous search for nowadays.

Looking at both drones for a “does it all” drone, the Mini 3 Pro is my option.


This option was not made gently.

As an expert who does a great deal of customer work, and takes a trip a fair bit up and down the Florida East and Gulf Coasts recreationally, a drone that can do both professional work and recreational flights is necessary to me.

Because the Mini 3 Pro is so little, it currently mark off packages for a leisure travel drone.

Coupled with the truth that it shoots amazing video footage, video customers are constantly delighted with, it works for me on a Pro level.

The Mini 3 Pro enables anybody to be able to bring simply one drone with them, for a range of functions. Comparable to a Swiss Army Knife, it’s an all-in-one option.


What are the Main Differences?

The Evo Lite Plus is orange and the Mini 3 Pro is light gray. No, that’s not all that distinguishes the 2!

While both drones have to do with the exact same age, born in the exact same year, there are several technological distinctions that separate the 2, and we’ll take a look at them now.

First, we’ll concentrate on the Evo Lite Plus.

  • Size and Weight: The Evo Lite Plus weighs in at over 3 times the weight of the Mini 3 Pro, at 835 g. This included weight is in fact a bonus offer for the Evo Lite Plus, as it assists in it being more stable in the wind, though ranked at around the exact same wind resistance as the Mini 3 Pro.
  • Camera: This is where experts and entertainment professional photographers will wish to take notification. The Autel Evo Lite Plus has a 1-inch Sony CMOS sensing unit. In addition to a big sensing unit size that permits more light to go into, the electronic camera likewise has a completely adjustable aperture, from f/2.8– f/11. Aside from taking outstanding 20 MP pictures, the Evo Lite Plus can likewise shoot complete 6k video, edging out the majority of the direct competitors, even now.
  • Color Choices: Since the early years of the “flying pumpkin”, the Autel X-Star Premium, Autel has actually used its drones in orange. The Evo Lite Plus does not wander off from this, likewise being available in orange. It likewise comes in white and gray. For those who would like a little range and much better presence, the 3 color options must suffice.
  • Lack of Geofencing: For numerous, this is a make-or-break choice. The absence of geofencing methods that the Evo Lite Plus can fly anywhere you ‘d like it to. It will not be grounded by undetectable fences or zones, like DJI and other drone producers will.

    • The Mini 3 Pro has a terrific set of noteworthy alternatives. Consisting of, however not restricted to: Size and Weight: The Mini 3 Pro Whereas the bigger size of the Evo Lite Plus was a, well, plus, the size of the Mini 3 Pro is something to be appreciated. is little enough to put in a little bag or sling. I frequently put mine in the pocket of my freight shorts. With the Mini 3 Pro weighing less than 250 g, that implies that, in the United States, it does not need to be signed up
    • More on this later on. Vertical Shooting
    • : As a nod to the initial Mavic Pro of 2016, the electronic camera on the Mini 3 Pro physically and totally turns 90 degrees. This enables the Mini 3 Pro to shoot portrait-mode pictures and videos and publish them to social networks without the requirement for post-process cropping. Battery Options: use two different-sized battery options The Mini 3 Pro was the very first to
    • , Standard and Plus. The Standard battery choice yields flight times of 34 minutes while keeping the Mini 3 Pro under the 250 g limit. The much heavier Plus choice takes the weight of the Mini 3 Pro over 250 g however yields 47 minutes of flight time. 10-bit color:

    In the expert video area, 10-bit color is a must. The Mini 3 Pro produces over a billion color variations, rather than 8-bit systems which just catch 16 million colors. When color-grading video in video modifying software application, this enables for a lot more versatility and imagination.” MORE: DJI Mini 3 Pro vs. Holy Stone HS720E (Here’s My Choice)

    Autel Evo Lite Plus


    The Evo Lite Plus is designed loosely after the bigger Evo II and Evo II Plus launched prior.

    While being a smaller sized, scaled-back variation of those drones, the Evo Lite Plus has a lot of the advantages of the Evo II Plus, in a smaller sized, easier-to-manage bundle.

    Autel has actually been understood for pioneering longer battery life in customer and prosumer drones, as seen with the release of the Evo II and II Pro.

    The Evo II line boasted unheard-of 40-minute flight times method back in 2020.against its then rival the Air 2S That longer battery life consequently made its method to the smaller sized Evo Lite Plus. This was excellent back when comparing it

    , followed by its smaller sized and more recent competitor, the Mini 3 Pro.

    Unlike the Mini 3 Pro, the Evo Lite Plus has a remarkable 20 MP adjustable aperture one-inch SONY electronic camera sensing unit.

    This is something numerous experts, and, even, leisure professional photographers demand, due to direct exposure versatility and image quality. ” MORE: Autel EVO Lite Plus vs DJI Avata (Which One Is Better?)

    This was in fact an enhancement over the bigger, non-professional level Evo II 8k, as that electronic camera just had a much smaller sized 1/2-inch sensing unit. With the Evo Lite Plus’ bigger electronic camera sensing unit comes the capability to shoot outstanding low-light video. The Evo Lite Plus has numerous night

    modes, for videos and pictures, that appearance fantastic, even by 2023 requirements. As has actually been basic with all Autel drones, because the days of the X-Star, the Autel Evo Lite Plus is not Geofenced

    Autel Robotics Evo Lite+ Premium Bundle

    While we’ll discuss this more, having no geofencing implies no constraints place on where and when you can fly your drone.

    Buy from Amazon

    1″ CMOS Sensor with 6K HDR Camera, No Geo-Fencing, 3-Axis Gimbal, 3-Way Obstacle Avoidance, 40Min Flight Time, 7.4 Miles Transmission, Lite Plus More Combo.

    We make a commission if you purchase, at no extra expense to you.

    11/11/2023 02:41 am GMT

    DJI Mini 3 Pro

    mini 3 pro with dji rc

    When the Mini 3 Pro was launched, it was to a great deal of excitement. The Mini 3 Pro was and still is a much-loved drone among all kinds of drone pilots.

    It’s simple for novices to get and fly while staying enjoyable to fly for knowledgeable drone lovers.

    One of the greatest draws of the Mini 3 Pro, like its predecessors, is its small size and sub-250 g weight.

    The Mini 3 Pro is the perfect travel drone. Unlike any other customer or prosumer DJI drone before ithaving obstacle avoidance sensors, the Mini 3 Pro handled to maintain a really little footprint, weighing under 250 g, all while

    on board.intelligent flight modes This implies the Mini 3 Pro gain from the myriad of

    DJI needs to use in its bigger line of drones. A few of these modes are not possible without barrier avoidance.

    The Mini 3 Pro is not just little and has visual sensing units, however it likewise has a couple of pro-level additions. These make it perfect for content developers and videographers. These consist of 4k 60 fps shooting along with the flatter 10-bit D-Cinelike profile.DJI Mini 3 Pro vs. Air 2S (All You Need to Know)

    ” MORE:

    In addition to being a terrific travel drone, the Mini 3 Pro loads enough punch to be utilized for some expert applications, such as the property market.

    DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC)

    It makes a practical backup drone for expert drone pilots. When doing bigger jobs, I personally keep a Mini 3 Pro in my devices bag.

    • I do so specifically when at property tasks, simply in case my primary drone stops working. I utilize it typically in tight areas to get that completely framed shot.
    • Foldable and light-weight Camera Drone
    • 4K/60fps Video
    • 48MP Photo

    Buy from Amazon

    34-min Flight Time

    Tri-Directional Obstacle Sensing, Integrated RC and screen

    We make a commission if you purchase, at no extra expense to you.

    11/10/2023 04:56 am GMT


    Head-to-Head Comparison Camera


    Autel Evo Lite Plusprofessional and amateur photography The Evo Lite Plus is the clear winner when it pertains to the electronic cameras in this contrast.

    While the Mini 3 Pro perhaps has a terrific electronic camera, the Evo Lite Plus with its 1-inch electronic camera sensing unit appeals more to the

    crowd has few limitations The electronic camera on the Evo Lite Plus has a SONY 20 MP adjustable aperture 1-inch CMOS sensing unit. The aperture varies from f/2.8– f/11. When taking both pictures and videos in numerous lighting conditions,

    This implies that the

    .real estate jobs If you are one to take night video, the Evo Lite Plus has a complete suite of night modes utilizing its extremely reliable Moonlight algorithm.

    Nighttime video taken with the Evo Lite Plus is detailed, and sharp, with very little sound

    The 20 MP pictures that come out of the Evo Lite Plus are absolutely nothing except wonderful.

    I have actually utilized the Evo Lite Plus on a couple of

    and the images were the exact same high quality as others I have actually taken with numerous prosumer DJI drones.

    In regards to video, the Evo is marketed to soar to 6k. This is more reasonably 5.4 k, which is still fantastic, as it is a greater resolution than the Mini 3 Pro can shoot videos at. Being able to shoot in 5k is specifically great for those who do a reasonable little bit of video modifying and like to focus throughout video post-production, without losing excessive resolution.DJI Mini 3 Pro for Real Estate Photography (All You Need to Know)

    Something noteworthy about the Evo Lite Plus is when shooting video in Auto, it works rather well. This may have something to do a little with the mix of the moonlight algorithm and the adjustable aperture.


    The Evo Lite Plus does a terrific task of exposing whatever well, from the shadows to the highlights. Night-time video shooting is similarly as excellent as daytime shooting.” MORE:

    Flight Performancesport mode Winner:

    Autel Evo Lite Plus

    If you are not a full-blown speed freak, then this may be a little a toss-up. A tie. When it pertains to flying horizontally in , the Evo Lite Plus is a little under 5 miles per hour quicker than the Mini 3 Pro. To some, that distinction in speed implies a fair bit. However, when you take a look at the whole speed average throughout the board, the drones are basically neck and neck.
    Speed in MPH Autel Evo Lite Plus
    Mini 3 Pro Ascent 11.18 miles per hour
    11.18 miles per hour Descent 8.94 miles per hour
    11.18 miles per hour

    40 miles per hour

    35.79 miles per hour

    Where the Evo Lite Plus edges out the Mini 3 Pro remains in the weight department. The included weight of the Evo Lite Plus (all additional 585 g of it), relates to a somewhat more steady flight when in windier conditions. DJI Mini 3 Pro and Weather

    While the Mini 3 Pro is ranked as a level 5 wind-resistant drone, the gimbal needs to work more difficult to support video footage.

    The Evo Lite Plus has a little less gimbal work to do in windy conditions, as it moves less than the Mini 3 Pro. ” MORE:

    drone sees an authorization zone No Geofencing


    Autel Evo Lite Plus

    I have actually remained in scenarios, in the past, where I would be out and about flying recreationally, see a terrific location to fly, and not have the ability to fly there since the DJI Fly App and grounded me. When flying from time to time,

    This might be something numerous have actually shared. then acquire LAANC authorization With all Autel drones, consisting of the Evo Lite Plus, there is no such geofencing.

    Although the more recent DJI drones running

    are now a lot much easier to open than a couple of years earlier, with the Evo Lite Plus there are no opens required. As an option to taking out the Aloft or UAV Forecast apps, the Autel Sky app will signal you to zones close by. Do Autel Drones Have Geofencing (And How to Unlock)

    If you occur to be in a permission zone, you can


    onsite through Aloft and continue to fly and go. Once you have actually experienced an absence of geofencing in numerous zones, you more than likely will not wish to return to opening these zones in-app.

    ” MORE:

    Portability & & Convenience


    DJI Mini 3 Propaid commercial work The Mini 3 Pro wins this classification by far. When you compare what the Mini 3 Pro can do technically along with the Evo Lite Plus, the Plus can not compare to the Mini 3 Pro’s mobility and benefit.

    The Mini 3 Pro is best for outdoors and tourists types who like to movie themselves. With it weighing in at under 250 g, it is hardly obvious when in a photography sling, bag, or handbag.

    Along the lines of weight, the Mini 3 Pro does not need to be signed up in the United States. all-in-one DJI RC smart controller.

    However, if the Mini 3 Pro will be utilized for


    or the furtherance of company, it will require to be signed up. In addition to the weight of the Mini 3 Pro, with its little footprint (you can actually hold it in the palm of your hand when folded), it is quickly hidden in practically all kinds of bring services.DJI Mini 3 Pro with DJI RC (Explained for Beginners)

    Adding to the benefit aspect is the truth that the Mini 3 Pro has the choice to come bundled with the


    Like the Mini 3 Pro, the DJI RC is ultra-lightweight and can be slipped into any kind of bag without using up excessive area. If you are a tourist or solo developer, not needing to utilize a smart device in addition to the remote controller allows you to get up in the air quicker.

    ” MORE:

    Remote Controller Compatability


    DJI Mini 3 Pro

    The Mini 3 Pro is the clear winner when it pertains to the remote controller alternatives offered for it.

    Whereas the Evo Lite Plus just utilizes a single remote controller, the Mini 3 Pro can be run utilizing the following DJI remote controllers:

    If utilizing the Mini 3 Pro strictly from an expert viewpoint, the DJI RC Pro is the very best (and most costly) option for managing the Mini 3 Pro, as it has a 5.5-inch screen with 1000 nits of brightness.

    Additionally, 3rd celebration apps can be set up on the DJI RC Pro, allowing it to be a real all-in-one controller option, requiring no extra clever gadgets.

    If flying the Mini 3 Pro recreationally, then the more economical, bundled DJI RC, is an outstanding controller. At 700 nits of brightness, the DJI RC can still be seen in extremely intense conditions. This is best for taking a trip.DJI RC vs DJI RC-N1 (All You Need to Know)

    When doing particular customer work along watersides, I have actually chosen to opt for the RC-N1 controller. It does take a little bit longer to ready up and release, however you can utilize any clever gadget with it.


    I utilize a Tripletek 1500 nit high brightness tablet connected to the RC-N1 for such tasks. If you ‘d like a various point of view when flying, and a various method to fly, there is likewise the choice to fly the Mini 3 Pro with the more recent DJI Motion 2 Controller w/ DJI Goggles 2.

    ” MORE:

    Battery Options


    DJI Mini 3 Pro

    While Autel originated the longer-lasting, 40-minute battery in leisure drones, DJI has actually taken this an action even more.flight time increases to about 42 minutes The Mini 3 Pro has 2 battery alternatives offered to it. The Standard variation and the Plus variation.

    If choosing to opt for the basic variation, there is a marketed flight time of 34 minutes. The Plus variation has a marketed flight time of 47 minutes.

    I state “marketed” since the flight times discussed by producers are when the drone is flying in their optimum test environments.

    Real-world user flight times will differ by a couple of minutes.

    When going up to the higher-capacity Plus batteries, the

    or two. Once again, this is based upon real-world use. Regardless, having 40+ minute flight times in a Mini drone is an achievement in itself.DJI Mini 3 / Mini 3 Pro Battery (All You Need to Know)

    Something to keep in mind, the Standard smart batteries are extremely light-weight and keep the Mini 3 Pro at under 250 g.

    When going up to the beefier Plus choice batteries, the weight of the battery moves the Mini 3 Pro out of the sub-250 g zone. This implies that the Mini 3 Pro will then require to be signed up, whether you are flying it expertly or not.

    ” MORE:

    Intelligent Flight Modes
    DJI Mini 3 Pro
    Both the Evo Lite Plus and Mini 3 Pro have smart flight modes aboard.
    Evo Lite Plus’ smart flight and shot modes
    Mini 3 Pros smart flight and shot modes
    Fade Away
    Sky Portrait
    Dynamic Track 2(+)

    Circle Boomerang



    Focus TrackMini 3 Pro will precisely follow said subject The location most drone lovers and solo shooters are going to be worried about is

    Focus Track. Focus Track many times on the Mini 3 Pro The Autel Evo Lite Plus has a comparable function called Dynamic Track, however it’s not almost as improved and beneficial as Focus Track on the Mini 3 Pro.

    Follow Me Mode aka Focus Track is a huge offer presently worldwide of drones, and Focus Track on the Mini 3 Pro is excellent.

    By merely drawing a square around your topic, the

    I have actually utilized

    at the beach following boats and jet skis and it carried out marvelously.

    When out on the water, the Mini 3 professional never ever lost its topic. When tracking cars and trucks, also it stayed up to date with them, area on. Tracking individuals who stroll behind barriers is challenging frequently for the Mini 3 Pro. Since it just has three-way barrier avoidance and not omnidirectional picking up like the more recent Mini 4 Pro,

    This is.

    It can not fly securely to the sides or under challenge precisely track topics that duck or stroll behind such barriers.

    Focus Track on the Mini 3 Pro does have some constraints however still far goes beyond the Evo Lite Plus with its Dynamic Track.

    ” MORE:


    After having actually owned and utilized both the Autel Evo Lite Plus and DJI Mini 3 Pro for more than a year, I need to state they are both wonderful drones. Autel and DJI took various methods to each of these drones, and I feel that the Mini 3 Pro edges out the Evo Lite Plus in the locations that matter most to me.Autel EVO Lite+ vs. DJI Mini 2 SE (Here’s My Favorite)

The Evo Lite Plus will more than likely interest those requiring a cheaper industrial workhorse than the Autel Evo II Pro. (*) It has a good weight to eliminate off the wind while taking outstanding quality 20 MP images and 5.4 k videos.(*) The Mini 3 Pro, on the other hand, is the most well balanced and rounded drone for those desiring both a travel drone and something that can likewise deal with some expert work. (*) With its light-weight body and little footprint, paired with vertical shooting, pro-like 10-bit color, and 4k 60 fps video abilities, the Mini 3 Pro is best for a lot of newbie leaflets, lovers, and even experts alike.(*)” MORE: (*) (*)


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