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Although there’s no incorrect option, per se, choosing in between drones from heavy players like Autel and DJI isn’t simple.

Autel EVO 2 Pro vs. DJI Mini 3 Pro

I’ve had the enjoyment of utilizing both these drones and totally checking their functions, and now that I’ve comprised my mind, I’m here to assist you do the very same.

This post will be an extensive, head-to-head contrast of the Autel EVO II Pro and the DJI Mini 3 Pro. My choice– the Mini 3 Pro– will make more sense after discussing my experiences and the functions of both drones.

Let’s assist you discover the best drone for your requirements, whether you’re an enthusiast boosting your photography and videography video game or an expert excited to make your daily jobs more uncomplicated and effective.


Autel EVO II Pro

Originally launched in 2020, the Autel EVO II Pro depends on Version 3, offered as part of a package with all the devices required to take your drone video game to the next level right out of package.

Of course, any drone manufacturer can load theirs with devices. With the EVO II Pro, it’s not about the variety of functions however the quality :

1-inch Sony CMOS image sensing unit that shoots in 20 MP image quality and 6K video at 30 frames per 2nd 360-degree challenge avoidance, possible with practically 20 sensing unitsAutel EVO Lite Plus vs DJI Avata (Which One Is Better?)

Dynamic Track 2.9 for tracking targets with identify precision

while staying cost-efficient

7100 mAh battery that charges quickly in just 90 minutes

I’m simply scratching the surface area here, however this is just the summary!

” MORE: DJI Mini 3 Pro

  • An immediate classic, the Mini 3 Pro is backed by DJI’s enduring credibility of quality and lots of other effective Mini drones before it, consisting of the Mini 3.
  • It’s not surprising that it’s such a seriously well-known drone, and your daily drone user likes it too.videography/photography features Really, the much better concern is, what’s
  • not video transmission system to like? The Mini 3 Pro is a proven powerhouse loaded with functions such as:
  • Ultra-tiny, collapsible, and light-weight style to bring it all over (and you will!)

    Three-way challenge noticing for much safer flights backed by APAS 4.0

    48 MP image quality, 4K HDR video quality, and enjoyable DJI Mavic 3 Classic vs. Mini 3 Pro (Here’s My Choice)

    like slow-mo video and nighttime recording

    Mini 3 Pro.jpg


    with a range of up to 12 kilometers

    Vertical shooting modes so your material is all set to go viral on social media

    ” MORE:

    • Quick Verdict This is such a toughie, thinking about both drones are workhorses in their own.
    • We just share the very best drone suggestions here on Droneblog, and after substantial screening in lots of circumstances, we selected a winner. Here it is.Vertical Shooting mode The DJI Mini 3 Pro surpasses the Autel EVO II Pro in numerous crucial locations: weight, mobility, image quality, and social media-friendliness. It’s a more available drone for novices, specifically youtubers and influencers excited to take their video to the next level.
    • Was this a difficult option? You betcha. The EVO II Pro stands out in some locations the Mini 3 Pro does not have. It has way much better challenge avoidance, a significant factor to consider for novices scared of smacking their several-hundred-dollar drone into a tree or structure.
    • The EVO II Pro likewise has undoubtedly much better video footage, although its image quality is lower. Bearing all that in mind, I’m still positive in my choice to pick the Mini 3 Pro.

    ” MORE: DJI Mavic 3 Pro vs. Mini 3 Pro (Here’s My Choice)

    What are the primary distinctions?

    • The enjoyable part about comparing these drones is that they’re neck-and-neck in lots of methods. If they were so comparable, I would not be composing this. There suffice distinguishing elements in between these 2 drones to match different audiences.
    • Are you a social networks enthusiast who constantly needs to publish up-to-date video? Possibly you’re an influencer who never ever avoids a beat. Utilize the Mini 3 Pro. These are my preferred functions after hours invested flying it:
    • Image quality: Crystal-clear images? You’ve got ’em with the Mini 3 Pro. You’ll never ever seem like you’re photographing the evasive Sasquatch as some drone electronic cameras make you feel with their absence of gimbal and fuzzy video. This is DJI, amongst the very best in the video game. The 48 MP image quality is first-class. Oh, and did I discuss these are RAW image files, so much more information is kept? Oh yes!FAA flight rules regarding VLOS Vertical Shooting:
    • It’s everything about vertical mode any longer, specifically when sharing to Facebook or Instagram Stories. Instead of waste hours you do not need to crop your videos and images to fit, the Mini 3 Pro does it all for you in its .Mini 3 Pro doesn’t come with the best flight time Ready for travel:

    When it’s time to go out and go, the Mini 3 Pro is right there with you. It weighs under 249 grams and folds so you can stash it in your pocket, knapsack, handbag, day bag, or whatever you’re bring. It’s developed for experience, and I like that about it. DJI Mini 4 Pro vs. Mini 3 Pro (Here’s My Choice)

    Transmission system:

    Social media never ever stops, so you can’t either. You would not wish to be hindered by a drone that can’t transfer video and image as far as you can avoid a stone throughout a lake, would you? DJI has actually constantly been the leader in video transmission, and its O3 system shows that once again with 12 kilometers of transmission in crystal-clear 1080p/30fps quality.

    ” MORE: drone for commercial and recreational pilots None of this eliminates from the EVO II Pro one iota. I like this drone for numerous various factors, all of which amount to a greatly various flight experience from the Mini 3 Pro.

    Video quality:

    Autel geared up the EVO II Pro with a high-grade CMOS sensing unit from Sony. Maybe that alone isn’t all that various from drones you ‘d discover from this brand name and other first-class makers like DJI, however its quality is. The EVO II Pro’s one-inch sensing unit can shoot in 6K ultra-HD quality. The Mini 3 Pro can’t match it.

    Advanced challenge detection:

    Again, challenge detection is a basic function in any drone worth more than a couple hundred dollars. What makes the EVO II Pro unique here is that it has practically 2 lots sensing units to supply challenge detection for all 360 degrees. This is among the very best beginner-friendly functions of this drone.

    Orange: transmission range as the Mini 3 Pro Yes, siree, this drone is orange! That assists you see even more in the sky (although you’ve still got to follow

    ) and offers you design points, which I can constantly value.

    Excellent flight time:

    The Are Autel Drones Any Good? (You Might Be Surprised)

    out of package, however the EVO II Pro does. It can fly for upwards of 40 minutes vs. the Mini 3 Pro’s 34 minutes (unless you utilize the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus, then it’s 47 minutes).

    ” MORE:

    Autel Robotics EVO 2 PRO V3

    Autel EVO II Pro

    Buy from Amazon

    The EVO II Pro is among the very popular drones from Autel Robotics.

    It’s a daily

    , and its flexibility is among the factors drone users such as myself can’t get enough.

    The EVO II Pro sticks out to name a few EVO series drones for its size, durability, and simpleness. It’s not the smallest drone on the block, and Autel has smaller sized drones, such as the EVO Nano.the Mini 4 Rather than concentrating on keeping it little, Autel focused on durability, and can I simply state? What a clever option that was. There are sufficient little drones.

    Besides, it’s not like the EVO II Pro can’t fold down. It can! It’s simply not ultra-tiny.

    It’s not precisely the lowest-priced, however if you consider whatever you get in the package, the rate makes a great deal of sense.

    It has the very same use the drone commercially (yes, you check out that right), so despite the fact that it might not be created for the very same influencer and social networks innovator crowd, it can still hold its own.

    Its flight time is exceptional, and I have not discussed the controller, a 6.4-inch Smart Controller SE with a nice-sized screen.

    You can leave your mobile phone behind as you have fun with this wise, user-friendly, ergonomic controller.complete beginner using this drone” MORE:

    Between the bring case, the extra battery, the extra props, a battery charger, a power cable television, an RC charging cable television and battery charger, 2 extra control sticks, and a lanyard, in some methods, the EVO II Pro is much more beginner-friendly than the Mini 3 Pro, as it consists of a lot.Mini 3 Pro boasts DJI’s usual collection of Intelligent Flight Modes You’ll invest more in advance however conserve later on as you do not need to purchase device after device.

    Autel EVO II Pro V3 is updated with Autel drone’s all brand-new SkyLink 2.0 video transmission innovation, permits video transmission from as much as 15 of drone photography We make a commission if you buy, at no extra expense to you.

    11/02/2023 03:42 am GMT

    DJI Mini 3 ProMini 3 Pro is equipped with QuickTransfer Switching equipments now, the DJI Mini 3 Pro is the follower of the Mini 3 however not the most recent in the Mini household (that’s


    And while more recent is typically much better when it pertains to drones, the Mini 3 Pro is amongst my favorites in the Mini household for lots of remarkable factors.

    This drone is ultra-beginner-friendly, in lots of methods more so than the EVO II Pro. How to Fly a DJI Mini 3 Pro (Explained for Beginners)

    It’s so light-weight you do not need to trouble registering it with the FAA. Well, unless you

    , then its weight does not matter.

    DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC)

    That’s why the Mini 3 Pro is an outstanding option for the influencer/social media/YouTuber crowd.

    • You do not need to enter into all the complexities of drone flight, yet you do not need to seem like a
    • , either.
    • After all, the
    • that use expert outcomes each time, and all hands-off, too.

    Buy from Amazon

    Between MasterShots, FocusTrack, Hyperlapse, and Digital Zoom, you can master the

    and impress your social networks audience in one fell swoop.

    More customers, here you come!

    Downloading your video will be no sweat, thinking about the

    to do downloads at 25 Mbps.

    And sure, possibly the challenge avoidance isn’t as excellent as the EVO II Pro’s, however it has DJI’s remarkable Advanced Pilot Assistance System, aka APAS.

    This 4th edition isn’t the most recent (it’s up to 5.0 since this writing), however more than enough challenge avoidance that occurs in intricate and real-time environments. DJI Mini 3 vs Mini 3 Pro – Which is Better?

    ” MORE:

    Oh, and how have I not discussed the cam? It’s a remarkable little piece of work that catches more of your world with a 1/1.3- inch CMOS sensing unit that shoots in 48 MP image quality and 4K video.

    You can stay up to date with today’s most popular drone tech and invest a portion of what you ‘d spend for more recent designs. Woohoo! Foldable and light-weight Camera Drone

    4K/60fps Video

    48MP Photo

    34-min Flight Time

    Tri-Directional Obstacle Sensing, Integrated RC and screen

    We make a commission if you buy, at no extra expense to you.

    11/02/2023 01:02 am GMT

    Head-to-head contrast: Autel EVO II Pro and DJI Mini 3 Pro

    And now, the minute you’ve all been waiting on: the fight in between the Autel EVO II Pro and DJI Mini 3 Pro.

    Pound for pound, which of these top-line drone designs accomplishes supremacy?

    While I’ve chosen the Mini 3 Pro as my drone of option in between the 2, I acknowledge that a number of you reading this may lean more towards the EVO II Pro. professional drone photographer As you’re about to see, both drones have their strong points and weak points.

    It’s simply a matter of which elements you focus on more in making your option. Let me make it simpler for you in this area.

    ” MORE:

    Camera systemMini 3 Pro has a night mode Photo caught with DJI Mini 3 Pro


    DJI Mini 3 Pro

    This was a difficult one to select a winner for, let me inform you that.

    Technically, I would presume regarding state that the winner modifications depending upon whether you desire advanced video or image quality.

    However, I chose to narrow it down to the sensing unit size. A larger sensing unit can collect light much better, preserving quality throughout resolutions.

    Smaller sensing units need more direct exposure time, making them less of an option.

    The EVO II Pro has a one-inch sensing unit versus the 1/1.3- inch Mini 3 Pro sensing unit.

    And yes, sensing units are offered in little increments like that, so the extra 1.3 inches actually does make all the distinction. Camera Technology in Drones (Explained)

    In truth, the sensing unit size most likely discusses why the Mini 3 Pro is the king of image quality in between these 2 drones. It can shoot in 48 MP resolution.

    Mini 3 Pro flying

    Is that the very best resolution you can discover in a customer drone? It’s basically up there, yes. Better yet, these are RAW pictures, which implies more highlights and shadows with less sound.

    If you’re a

    or a social networks user who’s entering drones, you will love this cam. It will offer you a competitive benefit, as your images will be clearer than JPGs shot in lower resolution.

    Now, do not get me incorrect here. The EVO II Pro’s image resolution is absolutely nothing to sneeze at.

    It shoots in 20 MP with an aperture series of f/2.8 to f/11. It’s excellent, however it’s not Mini 3 Pro excellent.

    Autel has the Moonlight Algorithm, while the includes DJI’s Intelligent Flight Modes, so you can’t compare them much there.

    So, let’s proceed and pit them versus one another in the arena of video.

    This is where the EVO II Pro shines. Its 6K video assures more information, brightness, and color, and let me inform you, these aren’t empty pledges. When I utilized it,

    I was blown away by all the information this drone cam might catch.versus 10.7 m/s for the DJI drone If you do any type of outside recording, the interaction in between sunshine and shadow comes through so perfectly, and you do not lose an ounce of information.

    This is a should for shooting business jobs, whether you desire crystal-clear news video or property videos.

    YouTubers likewise must highly think about the EVO II Pro for its videography, as your video will take over all your rivals, providing you an upper hand in the ultra-competitive YouTube world.

    The Mini 3 Pro has a really appropriate video rate of 4K HDR, which is another factor I feel it’s just ideal to offer it this classification. It has much better photography abilities and just partially even worse video.

    ” MORE: DJI’s obstacle avoidance in the Mini 3 Pro Performance


    Autel EVO II Procrashed your drone How do you put a cost on efficiency? It’s difficult, however I did it. Which rate is the expense of the EVO II Pro.

    This was another difficult classification to pick a winner, as both these drones carry out so well. DJI Mini 3 Pro for Professional Use (Explained for Beginners)

    They have a basic suite of smart modes.

    In the case of the EVO II Pro, those are Dynamic Track, Manual Flight, Parallel Track, Tripod Track, Precision Flight, Gesture Control, Orbit, Viewpoint, VR, and Dual Stability. The Mini 3 Pro

    , like Panorama, Vertical Shooting, QuickShots, and MasterShots.

    So, considered that they’re about equivalent there, let’s broaden the specifications of what it implies for a drone to carry out well.

    A drone’s size is definitely one factor to consider. The Mini 3 Pro may be smaller sized, however I was surprised at how well the EVO II Pro managed by contrast. forget about skipping FAA registration It’s aerodynamic, user-friendly, and responsive, and you’ll never ever miss out on a smaller sized drone when flying it.

    Its wind resistance exceeds the Mini 3 Pro, with the wind resistance of the previous 17 m/s

    Remember, Autel created the EVO II Pro to be rugged, so its greater degree of wind resistance does not strike me as unexpected.

    What actually made me offer this classification to the EVO II Pro is challenge avoidance sensing units. The Mini 3 Pro has the APAS system to offset its three-directional challenge noticing.

    Well, I must rather state enhance, as its challenge detection and avoidance functions are completely great by themselves. Can I Fly a Drone Under 250g Anywhere I Want?

    However, compared to the 19 obstacle-detecting and preventing sensing units the EVO II Pro has,

    Is the DJI Mini 3 Pro Worth It - DJI RC

    leaves a little something to be wanted. That’s unexpected, thinking about DJI is typically the leader in this location.

    You need to have challenge avoidance as a newbie, and the more total the system, the much better. Due to the fact that you

    on day one, you will not flush your cash down the toilet.

    ” MORE: It uses the DJI RC PortabilityDJI Fly app Winner:

    DJI Mini 3 Pro

    Fortunately, this was a a lot easier fight. I would even reach to state it was a non-battle.Air 2S That’s no knock on the EVO II Pro, think me. It simply does not accumulate in the mobility classification.Mavic 3 The drone weighs 1,191 grams, soMavic 3 Pro

    It weighs far excessive for that. And while the EVO II Pro has collapsible parts, even when it’s at its tiniest, it’s still bigger than the Mini 3 Pro.

    The size remains in the name. The Mini 3 Pro is light-weight, collapsible, and easily transportable. You can fit it into a carry-on or examined baggage without any sweat, taking it all over the world.

    You can still bring the EVO II Pro on your drone experiences, however with a degree of problem.

    If you choose its photography and videography functions, you may be going to sustain the additional tension, however not all pilots will. Best Drone Controllers

    ” MORE:

    Mini 3 Pro battery

    RC compatibility and flight variety Winner:

    DJI Mini 3 Pro

    The EVO II Plus utilizes the Smart Controller SE, a clever piece of tech in and of itself. Its OLED screen is a big 6.4 inches, and it’s responsive to touch commands.

    You get HD image quality due to an enhanced eight-core processor, so enjoying the view from your drone on the remote is as excellent as doing so on your phone.

    However, and this is a huge nevertheless, the remote controller just works for the EVO II V3 series. You can’t utilize it with an EVO Nano or EVO Lite drone. A significant disappointment!

    And what of the Mini 3 Pro?

    , an ergonomically created controller that currently has the with the standard battery all set and preloaded to go.

    It’s likewise created to minimize your dependence on your phone, and it’s light enough that you can fly for hours without fretting about hand tiredness.

    The DJI RC works with a shopping list of drones, consisting of the DJI Mini 3 / Mini 3 Pro Battery (All You Need to Know)


    , Mavic 3 Cine, Mavic 3 Classic,

    , and Mavic 3 Pro Cine.

    I will not count ’em up, however you can see it’s a longer list than the EVO II Pro’s compatibility.

    What about long-range flights? Remarkably, this is a location where both drones are equally matched. Autel EVO Lite+ vs. DJI Mavic 3 Pro (Which is Better)

You can anticipate a series of 12 kilometers in either design, so this should not sway your choice much.(*)” MORE: (*) Battery life(*) Winner: (*) DJI Mini 3 Pro(*) That brings us to among the most essential factors to consider when looking for a drone: battery life.(*) Consumer drones assure about 30 minutes of battery life typically. (*) You must have sufficient time to practice flying for enjoyable for a while. If you get utilized to business needs, you can extend that 30 minutes to get the majority of your job done, maybe even the whole thing.(*) You can clean the sweat off your eyebrow, as neither the EVO II Pro nor the Mini 3 Pro fly for 30 minutes just.(*) The guaranteed flight time of the EVO II Pro is a tremendous 40 minutes. (*) The Mini 3 Pro flies for 34 minutes (*) and 47 minutes with the Intelligent Battery Plus.(*) Of course, you called well as I do if you’ve ever flown a drone that there’s a distinction in between the marketed flight time and your genuine flight time. I was more amazed with the Mini 3 Pro’s time in the sky.(*)” MORE: (*) Conclusion(*) That brings us to the end. While the Autel EVO II Pro and DJI Mini 3 Pro are both excellent drones with a lot to use, there might be just one, and it’s the Mini 3 Pro in this case. (*) This wanted considerable screening of the above specifications to learn which triumphed.(*) The Mini 3 Pro may slack in some locations– like video quality, default battery life, and challenge avoidance sensing units– however no drone is best, and when it stands out, it actually stands out!(*)” MORE: (*).


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