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Welcome to my evaluation of the Autel EVO II Pro and DJI Mini 3, 2 worthwhile rivals in the fight of the very best customer drone.

Autel EVO 2 Pro vs. DJI Mini 3

The EVO II Pro and Mini 3 aren’t the most recent in their particular drone lines, however that ain’t such a bad thing.

The bugs have actually been exercised, numerous pilots have actually generated experience with them (including yours genuinely), and all their functions are understood– the great, bad, and the awful.

I mainly fly drones for enjoyable however constantly keep an eager eye on the business functions that might make a drone flexible enough for work jobs.

After all, the very best drones are pleasurable to utilize however can assist you get tasks done.

This evaluation will compare the distinctions in functions in between the Mini 3 and EVO II Pro, profiting from my numerous hours of experience with both drones to declaratively appoint a winner. I’ll make a deep, comprehensive contrast of functions, so you can choose whether you concur with my suggestion of the Mini 3 or like the EVO II Pro much better.

Whether you’re contributing to your business fleet or trying to find a beginner-friendly option to require to the skies, the best drone is awaiting you.

I’ve got the intel ahead to assist you choose, so let’s leap right into it!

Brief summary

Autel EVO II Pro

The EVO II Pro was launched in 2020, making it nearly 2 complete years older than the Mini 3.

Drone technology moves quick, and the distinctions in those 2 years will emerge as this evaluation continues.

However, it’s not like Autel launched the EVO II Pro and forgotten it. Oh, no. Rather, it was updated 3 times over, with the V3 edition and its consisted of rugged packages still among the very best worths for the cash you can get today.

Here are a few of its starring functions:

  • 1-inch Sony CMOS video camera sensing unit that shoots in 6K video quality at 30 frames per 2nd
  • 20 MP image quality in 12-bit DNG quality for much easier modifying
  • 6.4-inch Smart Controller SE so you can keep your phone in your pocket
  • 12 kilometers of transmission variety that contends with any DJI drone (even in 2023)
  • 19 sensing unit groups for 360-degree barrier avoidance
  • Amazing flight time of 40 minutes

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DJI Mini 3

The more recent kid on the block, the Mini 3, resembles the middle cousin in DJI Mini drones.

It’s older than the Mini 3 Pro and Mini 4, as DJI has actually launched Mini drones at a blistering speed, however it’s got advanced functions than typical favorites like the Mini 2 or Mini 2 SE.

Released in 2022, the Mini 3 continues to press the borders of what’s possible in a little customer drone.

However, considering this is DJI we’re speaking about here, the continuing development in the Mini line should not shock you.

Here are a few of my preferred, can’t- miss out on functions:

  • Lightweight enough that you do not need to register it (under 249 grams)
  • 1 1/3- inch CMOS sensing unit that shoots in 4K HDR video quality and 48 MP image quality
  • Hands-off Intelligent Flight Modes created to help with novice flight, consisting of automobile launches
  • LightCut modifying suite for polishing your video footage and releasing it on the go
  • Exceptional video camera abilities, consisting of f/1.7 aperture, four-in-one pixels, and zoom for detail-driven photography
  • Battery life of approximately 51 minutes by updating to the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus

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Quick Verdict

Mini 3 with DJI RC.jpg

While more recent may not constantly be much better, this is among those circumstances where it undoubtedly is.

We’ve compared these 2 drones thoroughly, checking them in the exact same conditions to see which carries out with more dexterity and enjoyability. That’s our guarantee to you at Droneblog, to just advise the very best.

We’ve concluded that the DJI Mini 3 outperforms the DJI Autel EVO II Pro in all the locations where it counts, consisting of novice functions, weight, on-the-go modifying, ease of usage, clever modes, and battery life.

In a method, comparing the EVO II Pro and Mini 3 resembles oranges or apples, as their distinctions are specifically obvious (as you’re about to see in the next area).

However, in a pure head-to-head, the Mini 3 has more of what today’s drone pilots are trying to find.

It’s commercial-friendly yet terrific for leisure usage. It has novice functions however does not hold your hand a lot that an intermediate or more knowledgeable pilot seems like they should not utilize it.

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Because it’s more recent, the Mini 3 has more cutting-edge functions than the EVO II Pro. It likewise assists that the Mini 3 is a DJI drone.

There’s a factor this brand name is connected with customer drones more than any other. It’s the peak of quality in most cases, and other drone brands find it tough to beat DJI’s features.

All that stated, pressing the EVO II Pro to the side would be a big error. This drone is a proven powerhouse efficient in fantastic accomplishments.

The rugged package consisted of with the V3 edition makes it economical, even if its rate is more than two times the Mini 3.

You’ve got to think about that when you purchase the Mini 3, you’re getting a remote controller, a drone, which’s about it. Some bundles just consist of the drone.

If you desire whatever else you require to fly, such as a microSD card, updated battery, ND filters, and the DJI Two-Way Charging Hub, you should buy them individually.

By contrast, the EVO II Pro V3 consists of the drone, remote controller, power cable television, user handbook, battery charger, bring case, extra prop set, RC battery charger, lanyard, RC charging cable television, and 2 extra control sticks.

Plus, the EVO II Pro still has an electronic camera quality that drones in the Mini series can’t match.

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What are the primary distinctions?

Going back to my point from previously, these 2 drones are a little an apples-to-oranges contrast. I believe that’s what makes it enjoyable.

These drones each have their own unique taste, welcoming you to explore their worlds and offering various experiences when you fly.

And believe me, I would understand, as I’ve evaluated these drones thoroughly and compared them versus a number of other predecessors and followers to guarantee I picked the best one.

Bearing that in mind, here are a few of the most significant distinctions I observed in between these drones, starting with the EVO II Pro.

  • Size and weight: The EVO II Pro is not some pretty little thing. It’s not expected to be. It weighs 1,191 steps and grams 457 millimeters by 558 millimeters by 108 millimeters unfolded. It’s a powerhouse, and the Mini 3 is much smaller sized by contrast in every method.
  • Color and style: Orange you thankful to see the EVO II Pro? Its electrical color design is amazing; let’s be genuine. It likewise augments visibility to see the drone better, so it’s there for more than the visual appeal. The style of this drone is likewise a tonal shift from the Mini 3, as it has a more rugged outside and a less sleek appeal. I indicate that in the best method possible, naturally.
  • Obstacle avoidance: The comprehensive barrier avoidance includes the EVO II Pro provides are possible through almost 2 lots sensing units. That consists of IMUs, ultrasound, andvision sensors By contrast, the Mini 3 has none, a glaring omission.
  • Live Deck 2: Take your streaming abilities even more with the amazing Live Deck 2. This HDMI output module has a five-hour battery life and can send video footage approximately 7.5 miles in 1080p/60fps live video. It’s less as the transmission the EVO II Pro itself boasts, however it’s an outstanding augmentative function.

It’s just reasonable to provide the Mini 3 its flowers, so here are some methods it separates itself from the extremely capable EVO II Pro.

  • No registration needed recreationally: The FAA needsregistering all recreational drones over 250 grams It’s light enough you can avoid this action if you just utilize your Mini 3 for enjoyable. This does not use to
  • , regardless of the weight. Because regard, the Mini 3 is no much better than the EVO II Pro. Beginner-friendly: lack of obstacle avoidance I would not state the EVO II Pro does not have beginner-friendly functions, as that would be unreasonable. The Mini 3 has more of them, such as Auto Takeoff, Return to Home, and Precise Hovering. Its
  • does hinder its novice abilities. On-the-go modifying: Producing social-media-ready videos LightCut Video Editor is a DJI app suitable with the Mini 3. You can download it free of charge in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Trigger more shooting modes, sneak peek your video footage while you take it, modify it, and output it. The One-Tap function in this app utilizes AI to polish your video footage immediately, or you can utilize video design templates to put your own spin on your video footage.
  • without needing to invest hours in post is among the very best functions the Mini 3 deals.DJI’s Intelligent Flight Modes Intelligent Flight Modes: taking professional-looking drone footage continue to show why this brand name is such a powerhouse. The automobile modes pointed out above, you can switch perfectly in between Boomerang, Dronie, Rocket, Helix, and Circle modes, without having to by hand control the Mini 3. The EVO II Pro has clever modes, however not on the exact same level.Does the DJI Mini 3 Need to Be Registered? (Explained for Beginners)

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    Autel EVO II Pro

    The EVO II Pro is among Autel’s leading drones, although it’s no longer the most recent. other drone manufacturers The V3 edition consists of every element and device you require to go out there and fly, making it the premier option for the pilot who does not wish to invest a fortune on parts for their quality This Autel drone continues to motivate

    for its unparalleled video quality. The 6K

    this drone can is unquestionably thanks to its top-line one-inch Sony CMOS sensing unit.

    No other drone in the DJI Mini series has the exact same level of video quality. Heck, even the Mini 4, the current and biggest Mini (since this writing), can’t produce video on the exact same level.

    Aspiring filmmakers and cinematographers And it’s not like Autel produced a 6K video camera and stopped there. It blended HDR and 4K to create an electronic camera that has a few of the very best of the very best information, brightness, color, and clearness.

    You’ll discover that shooting in intense sunshine does not make your video footage appearance rinsed, and remaining into the golden hours does not hinder quality either.

    will enjoy this drone’s immersive video camera.

    You can get a competitive benefit with your news and property video footage, as yours will be shot with such great quality you might win more agreements and customers.

    I might go on all the time about the EVO II Pro’s video camera, however that would be an injustice to its myriad other functions. For circumstances, this drone is stowable and collapsible, a truth I do not believe it gets enough credit for. Are Autel Drones Any Good? (You Might Be Surprised)

    ” MORE:

    Its image quality is not to be disregarded, as the exact same CMOS sensing unit produces 20 MP images with a max ISO series of 44000 and a togglable aperture in between f/2.8 and f/11.

    Your image video footage will have much better frame rates than previous EVO drones, much better sound suppression, and a vibrant variety to crave.

    Combined with functions like the Moonlight Algorithm 2.0 for after-dark shooting and 6K Hyperlapse, you can plainly comprehend why a lot of go gaga over the EVO II Pro V3’s video camera.

    It’s the things of legend!

    Autel Robotics EVO 2 PRO V3

    This drone is a lot more than simply an electronic camera, naturally. It has similar video transmission to DJI, so you can send your video footage while you take it.

    Buy from Amazon

    If you manage a great deal of drone jobs or you’re a social networks megastar who’s chronically online, you’ll enjoy how simple it is to share your experiences as they take place.

    Autel EVO II Pro V3 is updated with Autel drone’s all brand-new SkyLink 2.0 video transmission innovation, permits video transmission from approximately 15 km.

    We make a commission if you purchase, at no extra expense to you.

    11/02/2023 03:42 am GMT

    DJI Mini 3

    The Mini 3 has a lot to measure up to, considering it’s part of a cherished line of DJI drones. I believe it gets the job done and after that some!

    This little, versatile, portable drone is for newbies, intermediates, and even specialists who are constantly on the go and require a drone that takes a trip with them without weighing them down.

    Its remarkably long base flight time of 38 minutes grants you ample time to get your work done and be on your merry method, driving to the next task website or modifying on your phone while you provide your drone a rest.

    The Mini 3’s practical weight makes it more available to newbies who do not wish to go through the time and problem of registering their drone.

    Why take the additional action when you can go out and fly your drone today? I should restate that avoiding registration just uses recreationally, however it’s still amongst this drone’s leading benefits.

    Its 4K video and 20 MP images, possible through its 1/1.3- inch CMOS sensing unit, hold up incredibly well considering this drone was launched in 2022, which is currently lightyears away in the tech world.

    Your SD or microSD card Your images are DNG files, which resemble RAW files concerning quality. Here’s a perk of DNG– smaller sized file sizes!

    Compared to RAW, DNG files depend on 20 percent smaller sized.

    just has a lot area. Taking images that have smaller sized file sizes however similar quality will enable you to fill the card with more. More is constantly much better!DJI Mini 3 vs Mini 3 Pro – Which is Better?

    ” MORE:

    The Mini 3 provides you other methods to seem like an expert cinematographer or professional photographer, even if you’ve never ever gotten a drone a day in your life before now.

    The HDR and double native ISO produce more shadows and highlights, the adjustable aperture variety lets you catch video footage in your design, and nighttime shooting does not compromise one iota of quality.

    As if all that wasn’t terrific enough, the real Vertical Shooting the Mini 3 boasts makes your images and videos social-media-ready with no time in post.

    DJI Mini 3 (DJI RC)

    You can utilize LightCut to provide your video footage that additional flair or release it immediately.

    Buy from Amazon

    Your rivals will have absolutely nothing on you!

    Foldable and light-weight Mini Camera Drone with 4K HDR Video, 38-min Flight Time, True Vertical Shooting, and Intelligent Features.

    We make a commission if you purchase, at no extra expense to you.

    11/02/2023 03:11 am GMT

    Mini 3 camera.jpg

    Head-to-head contrast Camera system


    Autel EVO II Pro

    The Mini 3 has a lot to provide in numerous classifications, however I ‘d be remiss to state it’s the winner here.

    It may have the much better image quality in between the 2 drones (20 MP for the EVO II Pro vs. 48 MP for the Mini 3), however it’s that 6K video I can’t overcome.

    Commercial pilots Will you discover a distinction in between 4K and 6K video from the EVO II Pro to the Mini 3 if you’re a green pilot utilizing a drone video camera for the very first time? No, naturally not. Simply as you will not discover the a little lower image quality of the EVO II Pro.

    However, if you’re more experienced at drone usage, you may determine the distinction.aerial real estate shots and leisure social networks enthusiasts should have the very best of the very best.

    The 20 MP image quality of the EVO II Pro more than is adequate for daily tasks like news photography,

    , and surveying. Its video quality is likewise more than exceptional.have similar gimbals And while it’s real that the Mini 3 does fine in the above locations, I believe the video quality of the EVO II Pro edges out the Mini 3.

    However, an electronic camera system has to do with more than the video camera sensing unit. Both drones

    , appealing exceptional stability in flight. When you get the best drone shot just to examine your video footage later on and find it’s a blurred mess, Nothing is even worse than.Camera Technology in Drones (Explained)

    These 2 drones are more than sufficient in this classification and similar.

    ” MORE:



    DJI Mini 3

    I do not wish to knock the EVO II Plus by providing this classification to the Mini 3.

    Both these drones are developed for efficiency, and their flight capabilities are a few of my favorites of all the drones I’ve flown (which have actually been numerous!).launch your drone instantly However, there can just be one winner, and I need to state it as the Mini 3.

    It’s light-weight, which contributes in its efficiency. I enjoy how you can auto-launch it into the sky.DJI drone has a Level 5 wind resistance That’s an useful function for newbies, sure, however it likewise is available in helpful as soon as you’ve gotten more drone experience under your belt if you wish to

    while you’re hectic establishing devices in the location for work.

    The smaller sized size of the Mini 3 does not make it as wind-resistant as the EVO II Pro. The

    I’ve flown it in winds of 24 miles per hour without much problem.

    I’ve even evaluated its limitations and pressed it in winds of 35 miles per hour. It carried out alright; definitely not in addition to it would in more ambient conditions, however passably. I would not press this drone beyond those limitations.can do all sorts of autonomous activities The EVO II Pro has a base wind resistance of 39 MPH or 17 m/s. When once again, I pressed this one to its limitations of over 40 MPH, and the drone came out in one piece.

    Its wind resistance is much better since it’s larger, more rugged, and resilient.

    I enjoy the series of Intelligent Flight Modes consisted of with the Mini 3, another favorable of its efficiency. This drone

    with aplomb.

    As pointed out, this is definitely an advantage for brand-new pilots who wish to look cool flying a drone while still discovering the ropes.

    Even more knowledgeable pilots can get something out of these modes, as they provide you a break from the rigors of manual flight.they keep the drone affordable The EVO II Pro has comparable clever functions, however not as numerous, and not rather on the exact same level as DJI.

    I’ve got to point out the Mini 3’s absence of barrier avoidance sensing units. Yes, once again. This is without a doubt the drone’s most significant hinderance, and not just in the efficiency classification, however in general. I can comprehend the lack of these sensing units, asWhen Should You Upgrade Your Drone? (Read This First)

    I can’t accept it. It looks like such a glaring omission.

    Potensic Atom SE Drone Review bag.jpg

    ” MORE:



    DJI Mini 3

    Moving on, this was an immediate, no-brainer choice.

    The Mini 3 is light-weight, little, and portable. You can evaluate the specifications I provided previously. The EVO II Pro is larger when unfolded, so it will not compress that much when you fold it. It simply can’t.

    Portability is a significant factor to consider when acquiring a drone, thinking about how on-the-go a lot of us are. bring the EVO II Pro on a plane Most drone consumers desire something light that suits a knapsack or case and does not weigh them down. That’s the Mini 3 in a nutshell.

    It’s prepared to go on any airplane, and you need to have the ability to bring it in your inspected travel luggage if you require to.

    You can most likely

    It’s not that much bigger, and it’s definitely not an enterprise-sized drone. Because it’s much heavier, it can use on you if you’re bring it on your individual as a knapsack.Can I Fly a Drone Under 250g Anywhere I Want?

    I ‘d advise the EVO II Pro more for regional travel and excursion, and the Mini 3 for going out there and checking out the world.

    ” MORE:

    RC compatibility and flight variety

    Winner: the DJI RC-N1 is compatible DJI Mini 3

    Yep, you check out that. This is yet another classification the Mini 3 easily records.

    Let me describe why. This DJI drone works with 2 remote controllers, the

    The previous deal with your smart device. It is available in 2 variations, one with a screen, and one without. Although it’s more pricey, I advise the variation of the RC-N1 with a screen. You could utilize it with your smart device, however, why would you wish to?Best Drone Controllers

    The screen is similar to what you ‘d see if you attached your phone to the Mini 3, so you can leave your phone in your pocket and keep its battery.

    Mini 3 batteries

    The EVO II Pro utilizes the Smart Controller SE, a little gadget with an eight-core image processor, HD quality, and SkyLink 2.0 Transmission innovation. You can utilize this controller with the EVO Nano and EVO Lite drones.

    That’s an excellent list, however

    with nearly every Mini drone you can think about, consisting of the Air two, Mavic 3, Mavic 3 Classic, and Mavic Air 2.

    That stated, the EVO II Pro wins in the transmission range classification. It can send out live video approximately 12 kilometers, although when utilizing it, it’s truly more like 9 kilometers. That’s still impressive, do not get me incorrect.

    The Mini 3 utilizes the DJI O2 Digital Video Transmission system and can send approximately 10 kilometers away. It’s about at the exact same level as the EVO II Pro when it’s running at less than that.

    ” MORE:

    Battery lifeDrone Batteries (In-Depth Information)


    DJI Mini 3

    Okay, I’m providing this one to the Mini 3 on a technicality. You see, its base battery life is 38 minutes. If you purchase the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus, you can broaden that to 51 minutes.

    The EVO II Pro has 40 minutes of flight time.

    So yes, although the battery upgrade presses the Mini 3 well over the EVO II Pro’s battery life, its battery with the Standard Intelligent Flight Battery is still about the like the Autel drone. Here’s my disclaimer, as I’ve performed in all my evaluations. Those battery lives are ads and not what you really get, specifically if you fly in high winds. 21 Best Long-Range Drones (2023-2024)

I’ve discovered that you get almost 30 minutes out of the Mini 3’s basic battery and not rather 40 minutes with the Autel.(*)” MORE: (*) (*) Conclusion(*) And that about covers it up. The Autel EVO II Pro and DJI Mini 3 are unbelievable drones in their own. (*) However, the Mini 3 deals pilots more, from in-app modifying on the go to exceptional image and video quality, Intelligent Flight Features, an enviably long battery life, and a registration-free weight.(*) It’s real that it’s missing out on the remarkable video quality, and I want it had some kind of barrier avoidance, however its terrific functions more than offset what it’s missing out on.(*)” MORE: (*) (*)


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