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The DJI Air 3 has actually made a significant splash because its release in July 2023, fascinating pilots’ minds, attention, and wallet. I understand that’s held true for me, and I are sorry for absolutely nothing.

However, recently, I cleaned off my Autel EVO II Pro and took it for a spin. In doing so, I had an idea.

Autel EVO 2 Pro vs DJI Air 3

How does the Air 3 accumulate to the EVO II Pro?

Once I started thinking of it, I understood I needed to discover.

And you, dear reader, need to wonder about the very same to have actually landed here. Well, I assure I will not leave you in thriller!

This guide will be a deep dive into the Autel EVO II Pro and DJI Air 3, evaluating locations like their distinctions in efficiency and functions. Along the method, I’ll inform you about my experiences flying these high-end drones. You’ll find out why the Air 3 is my winner and needs to feel inspired to make your option in between these 2 drones.

Given the high rate points of both, you do not wish to choose the incorrect one and be required to deal with remorses. I do not desire that for you either.

This evaluation will alleviate your sense of FOMO and equipment you approximately choose you’ll enjoy.

Let’s solve into it. Your next drone waits for!

Brief summary

Autel EVO II Pro

The preliminary release of the Autel EVO II Pro remained in September 2021. Given that this design ended up being a blockbuster for Autel, they’ve launched a number of models, with the current and biggest being the V3 edition.

That’s the one I’ll pit versus the Air 3. It’s just reasonable!

The EVO II Pro is, basically, a powerhouse. I can’t think about another more apt term than that. Okay, possibly eager beaver, or workhorse, or flagship drone. You understand.

Autel’s steady enhancements to this drone because 2021 make the EVO II Pro V3 among the very best designs in the sky today.

The EVO II Pro is loaded with functions that make your typical drone pilot weak in the knees (myself consisted of!), such as:

  • Available in a package with all the devices you require, conserving you money and time because you do not need to purchase them individually.
  • A game-changing one-inch Sony CMOS sensing unit that takes video in 6K Ultra HD and images in 20 MP. This may be among the very best drone cams you ever get your hands on, if not the very best. It’s created to take your professional videography to the next level.
  • An instinctive Smart Controller SE with an OLED touch screen, a supportable range of over 9 miles, and an eight-core processor. As rapidly as you can browse your EVO II Pro, the controller will react intuitively.
  • Exceptional photography and videography functions, consisting of 6K hyperlapse photography, 12-bit DNG images with over 68 billion colors, the Moonlight Algorithm 2.0 for nighttime video footage, and an adjustable aperture. You can be a perfectionist about your video footage with this drone.
  • Some of the very best challenge avoidance in the video game, possible by 19 special groups of sensing units. Safe flying has actually never ever looked so elegant.

” MORE: Autel EVO II Pro vs. DJI Mini 3 (Here’s My Choice)

DJI Air 3

One of the new arrivals, the Air 3 was launched in July 2023. It’s a direct descendent of the Mavic Air 2, which came out all the method in 2020.

Well, I state “all the method” like it was a very long time earlier, however offered how quick DJI puts out drones, it seems like it.

It’s an entry to the Air series that’s been called “the best drone,” and truthfully, that takes the words right out of my mouth. Well, nearly.

No drone is best, even the impressive DJI Air 3, which I enjoyed utilizing from the very first launch and continue taking pleasure in a growing number of with each flight.

Here’s why:

  • An amazing dual-camera system with a medium tele and wide-angle cam. Both function 1/1.3- inch CMOS sensing units, with the medium tele cam geared up with 3x zoom and the wide-angle cam boasting a various focal length. Now, you can take videos and pictures according to your state of mind without changing drones.
  • Exceptional 48 MP image quality and 4K HDR video at 60 frames per 2nd, which presses the limitations of quality from a DJI drone. You can anticipate crystal-clear video footage to knock your competitors out of the water.
  • APAS 5.0 and omnidirectional obstacle sensing to leave Dodge before you run the risk of crashing your costly brand-new drone. This function makes the Air 3 more beginner-friendly and available.
  • Great clever functions, from Smart RTH to FocusTrack with the medium tele cam, ActiveTrack 5.0, QuickShots modes, Waypoints, MasterShots, and Vertical Shooting in 2.7 K quality. You can play all the time with the Air 3.
  • Ready to utilize with your preferred DJI FPV controllers, consisting of the DJI RC Motion 2, to make flying the Air 3 among the coolest experiences ever. First-person, here you come!

” MORE: How to Fly DJI Air 3 Drone (With DJI RC 2)

Quick decision


The EVO II Pro and Air 3 bring a lot to the table that it’s difficult to pick just one. It just takes a fast glimpse at their rate tags to make you recognize that undoubtedly, you’ve got to pick in between them.

Here at Droneblog, we aim to bring you the very best drone suggestions. That’s accomplished by numerous, numerous, numerous hours of field screening and individual flight experience.

I checked both of these drones so you do not need to. You can simply choose the very best one and solve to work.

We’ve concluded that the DJI Air 3 is the exceptional choice over the Autel EVO II Pro, although its success is narrow. The Air 3 has remarkable image and video quality (however not as great as the EVO II Pro), strong challenge detection, a strong battery, a lot of enjoyable Intelligent Flight Modes, and an excellent transmission variety. It’s got whatever you desire in a drone and after that some!

It would be silly to gloss over the EVO II Pro as though it were simply some also-ran, as it’s anything.

This drone is sensational in much of the very same methods as the Air 3, as it has a few of the market’s leading challenge avoidance innovation, a video quality the Air 3 can’t top, therefore numerous terrific functions you ‘d nearly question if you’re flying a DJI drone.

Its single-camera system is more than capable however does not provide the very same degree of innovative liberty the Air 3’s dual-primary-camera system does.” MORE: Does DJI Air 3 Have Return to Home (Explained)

What are the primary distinctions?

I assured an evaluation of these drone’s distinctions, and I’m here to provide.

It’s an interesting contrast, thinking about that while the Air 3 and EVO II Pro are various in numerous methods, they share numerous innovative functions, such as state-of-the-art video and image security, quality, and flight modes.

However, the methods which they diverge make them a lot more intriguing, would not you state? I believe you will by the time you read this area.

  • Without additional ado, here are the distinctions I discovered in these 2 drones after checking them both for numerous hours. Number of cams:
  • Well, fine, I didn’t need to fly them to discover this one. The EVO II Pro has just one cam, and it’s an ultra-capable, one-inch Sony CMOS. The Air 3 has 2: a 1/1.3- inch CMOS medium tele and a wide-angle cam. 2 things are much better than one, as DJI shows. Video quality:
  • There’s absolutely nothing incorrect in the tiniest with the Air 3’s video quality. It’s not as high as the EVO II Pro’s, 6K vs. 4K HD. I discover that intriguing, offered the age of the Air 3 in relation to the EVO II Pro. Photo quality:
  • There is take and offer in drone advancement, as evidenced by the Air 3’s higher image quality compared to the EVO II Pro’s. The Autel drone’s image quality is adept, however it does not rather compare to this most current entry in the Mavic Air line. Weight:
  • Neither drone is a light-weight, however the EVO II Pro makes the Air 3 appear like a Mini. The Autel drone weighs 2.6 pounds or 1,191 grams, while the DJI is a moderate 720 grams. Bundle alternatives:

The EVO II Pro is loaded into a package with whatever you require to begin, which describes its high cost. On the other hand, the Air 3 is costly due to the fact that it’s a DJI drone. It does not featured almost as numerous devices.” MORE: Does DJI RC Pro Work with Air 3 (Answered)

Autel EVO II Pro

Autel Robotics has actually staked its claim in the drone world with extraordinary designs like the EVO II Pro.

Revised and enhanced because its preliminary release in 2021, the EVO II Pro V3 comes loaded with an extra battery, power cable television, battery charger, extra prop set, RC lanyard, bring case, extra control sticks, remote controller, RC charging cable television, and RC battery charger.

What more do you truly require? I’m hard-pressed to think about anything.

However, Autel didn’t rest on its laurels. It headed out of its method to construct among the very best drones out there, as evidenced by the EVO II Pro’s videography and photography settings The CMOS sensing unit produces 6K Ultra HD videos and 20 MP images, and you can tweak your

to get simply the ideal shot.

That’s a should whether you’re utilizing your drone for a work job or developing a social networks following.” MORE: Autel EVO II Pro vs. DJI Mini 2 (Here’s My Choice)

You can change limit ISO to 44,000 and play with the aperture variety, setting it in between f/2.8 and f/11.

The cam’s raised frame rates, sound decrease, and vibrant variety deserve composing home about, as is the Moonlight Algorithm 2.0.

How about some hyperlapse? The 6K Hyperlapse photography choice will spruce up your portfolio, as will Dynamic Track 2.0 for finding and locking onto targets.

You do not need to be a skilled drone pilot to maximize these functions, which is remarkable.

When you’re finished with your day of enjoyable, the 12-bit DNG images will decrease your time invested in post. The images render color over 64 times much better than 10-bit shooting, opening your door to 68.6 billion colors.

Your pictures will look so natural that your portfolio will definitely bring in attention.crashing or failing As if all that wasn’t terrific enough, the extraordinary 360 degrees of challenge avoidance, possible through 19 hard-working sensing unit groups, assist the EVO II Pro fly in dicey conditions without

Autel Robotics EVO 2 PRO V3


Buy from Amazon

Autel EVO II Pro V3 is updated with Autel drone’s all brand-new SkyLink 2.0 video transmission innovation, permits video transmission from approximately 15 km.

We make a commission if you purchase, at no extra expense to you.

11/17/2023 03:36 am GMT

DJI Air 3

What’s much better than one cam? That’s right– 2!Mavic 3 Pro That was DJI’s line of believing when launching the Air 3, which has 2 times the cams of a basic DJI drone. Well, the

has 3 cams, however we’re not discussing that a person today.

The 2 cams share a sensing unit size however are otherwise extremely various.

The medium tele cam has significant zoom ability of approximately 3x, while the wide-angle cam opens your world when shooting large landscapes. It’s likewise terrific genuine estate photography and videography.

The dual-camera system produces spectacular 48 MP image quality and 4K HDR at 60 fps.

The distinctions in between the format equivalent and aperture enable you to switch effortlessly in between cams depending upon the environment you want to record with your drone photography.

Dual color modes, 10-bit HLG, and 10-bit D-Log M make the color profile of the Air 3 similar with the EVO II Pro.

I would state it’s even much better, as I enjoy how the Air 3 keeps shadows, highlights, and information throughout.

The omnidirectional noticing innovation is itself not challenge avoidance, however with the Advanced Pilot Assistance System or APAS 5.0 within your reaches, the drone can wisely leave damage’s method before the worst takes place.” MORE: DJI Air 3 Vertical Mode (Video)

Intelligent Flight Modes And

, oh, let me inform you! They’re smarter than ever in the Air 3, consisting of Smart RTH for automobile flight preparation, Waypoints for drawing customized flights, and Vertical Shooting with both cams.

QuickShots consist of more shooting modes than ever, from Boomerang to Dronie, Asteroid, Rocket, Helix, and Circle.

FocusTrack comes geared up with Point of Interest 3.0, ActiveTrack 5.0, and Spotlight 2.0 for advanced locking onto targets, whether they’re moving or fixed.

You can chase after anything with your drone (lawfully, naturally)!

That’s not even all. The Air 3 likewise boasts MasterShots for taking social-media-ready video footage, SmartPhoto 3.0 (which changes in between hyperlight, HDR, and scene acknowledgment according to your environment), Night Mode, Slow Motion, and Hyperlapse for upping your photography and videography video games.

Your competitors much better move over due to the fact that you’re coming, and you’re bringing the Air 3 with you.

Head-to-head contrast

Air3LakeEolaAmp scaled.jpg

Camera system Winner:

DJI Air 3

Ah, was this the most difficult option ever. No, truly, it wasn’t simple.

The EVO II Pro has among the best cams on the marketplace. Its sensing unit size (compared to the Air 3) isn’t as great.

That’s most likely why the Air 3 has the remarkable 48 MP image quality versus the 20 MP quality of the EVO II Pro.

I’m not attempting to presume that 20 MP image quality is bad. It’s about typical and definitely much better than 12 MP.

However, experts will desire something much better, which’s what the Air 3 provides. Its image quality is more than 2x much better.

Keeping that in mind, this drone backslides with video quality. Its 4K HDR is absolutely nothing to sneeze at, however it’s not 6K Ultra HD like the EVO II Pro.

This once again returns to how pros desire the very best of the very best, and I understand I do too, that makes the Autel drone an appealing buy.

So, then why did I offer this classification to the Air 3? Easy! It has 2 cams.

Those cams are so vibrant and broaden your liberty as a pilot, and why would not you desire the choice to have more? With how top quality the cams are, you can excuse the rather lower video quality of the Air 3.

After all, like I stated, it’s not like its video quality is bad, per se. It’s simply less than the EVO II Pro.” MORE: Camera Technology in Drones (Explained)


Performance Winner:

DJI Air 3

This was another classification that felt so difficult. I truly had a hard time here.

The EVO II Pro has a few of the very best efficiency metrics you might request, consisting of a long battery life (more on that to come) and a top-line challenge avoidance system.

So, why didn’t it win?

It’s doing not have in flight functions compared to the Air 3.

This isn’t unexpected thinking about how seriously DJI takes its Intelligent Flight Features, however the Air 3 is loaded with a lot of of them compared to what the EVO II Pro has that it ended up being rapidly obvious to me which I needed to choose.Smart RTH The Air 3 has Intelligent Flight Modes for everybody. Beginners will value its terrific tracking, automated functions, and

so your drone never ever gets too far beyond variety.

More knowledgeable pilots will delight in the cool videography and photography modes that let you decrease and accelerate your video footage.

The Dynamic Track 2.0 the EVO II Pro boasts is clever at tracking more than 60 products concurrently, which is way much better than what DJI deals. This drone simply does not have as numerous flight functions.” MORE: Do I Have to Register My DJI Air 3 (All You Need to Know)


Portability Winner:

DJI Air 3

Is either drone truly portable? Not in the sense that they’re so light-weight that they weigh as low as a mobile phone.

That would be terrific, however these drones have too great cams and flight functions to weigh under 250 grams.

Both drones fold, so truly, it boils down to which weighs less. That’s the Air 3, although it’s just by about 400 grams.backpacking all day Is that extra weight going to make your back or shoulders harm that far more if you bring the EVO II Pro through a hectic airport or when


Sure! Any extra weight increases your load, slowing you down and increasing your threat of discomfort.traveling adventures However, it’s not like the Air 3 weighs a lot less that you ‘d get obvious relief. These are both heavy drones compared to a small drone, however leaving them behind on your

would be a sin.

The top quality video and long battery life of the EVO II Pro make it best for out-of-country and out-of-state experiences, while the Air 3’s wide-angle cam will record more of the minutes that make your explorations memorable.” MORE: Airline Drone Policy (Read This Before You Travel)


RC compatibility and long-range flights Winner:

DJI Air 3

Here was a classification that was a lot easier to choose.

The EVO II Pro utilizes the Autel Smart Controller SE, which has a large operating temperature level series of 14 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its 6.4-inch screen is more than big sufficient to view every last square inch of your flight information, and it will make you pleased to leave your phone in your pocket.

The OLED screen reacts to touch, making it simple and easy to draw flight maps with your finger. The eight-core processor supports HD video footage sending out, and triple-band frequency hopping keeps your transmission strong.

The remote even supports third-party apps, and it’s suitable with a number of Autel drones, consisting of the EVO II Enterprise V3 and EVO II RTK V3.DJI RC 2 The Air 3 utilizes the

, which likewise features a screen to spare your mobile phone. It’s a smaller sized screen, 5.5 inches versus 6.4 inches for the EVO II Pro remote, and is FHD versus OHD.O4 HD video transmission system It does not have touch controls, however it does consist of a first-class DJI processor and its

, the current and biggest since this writing.DJI Goggles 2 So, yet once again, why do I pick the Air 3 for this classification? Well, due to the fact that it’s likewise suitable with DJI FPV devices, like the DJI RC Motion 2,

, and DJI Goggles Integra.

Oh, and its transmission range is 20 kilometers at 1080p at 60 fps video quality versus 12 kilometers for the EVO II Pro.” MORE: Long Range Drones: Ultimate Guide


Battery life Winner:

DJI Air 3

The EVO II Pro’s predicted battery life of 40 minutes is remarkable, and versus a DJI Mini drone, there is no contrast.Air 3 with a 46-minute battery life However, DJI geared up the


Neither is the real time you get to fly the drone. I was constantly a number of minutes shy of 40 minutes when utilizing the EVO II Pro, which is to be anticipated.

A flight time of around 36 or 37 minutes is still sufficient to get your jobs done, however isn’t as exceptional compared to the Air 3.

Its battery life was more like 41 or 42 minutes, possibly 43 on an excellent day. That’s still pressing 40 minutes of flight time!” MORE: How to Fly DJI Air 3 Drone (With DJI RC 2)


You must have the ability to see now why I picked the DJI Air 3 as my favored drone option in between it and the Autel EVO II Pro.Intelligent Flight Features The Air 3 is sensational with double cams, photography and videography functions, a battery life of more than 40 minutes, a big suite of

, and DJI’s most current video transmission system at the time of this writing.

In every classification the EVO II Pro lost, it did so extremely directly.

This is still a tremendously wonderful drone, particularly for its age, and its rate deserves it, thinking about the number of more parts and devices you get. It’s an excellent bang-for-your-buck drone.

However, I can’t stop returning to the Air 3. It’s one of the most extraordinary drones I’ve ever had the fortune of flying, and I can’t wait to get it back out into the sky quickly. I hope you’re simply as delighted about it!” MORE: DJI Air 3 vs. Air 2S vs. Mini 3 Pro: Which One is Right for You?



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