ADU 1336: How can pilots effectively use Checkpoints?


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On today’s episode we go over about checkpoints and their usage in drone objectives. There has actually been sufficient conversations on GCP in the market and likewise on our podcasts however today’s concern, from Martin, is on checkpoints. Martin wishes to understand how to successfully utilize checkpoints. On today’s episode we discuss what checkpoints provide for your objectives, why pilots utilize them and we information into how checkpoints can be utilized successfully. We speak about natural recommendations, precision in mapping and how the current variations of mapping software application can help pilots in reliable usage of checkpoints.

Tune in today to understand more about this reliable tool for exceptional mapping results!!

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[01:52] Today’s concern on Checkpoints and gcps
[04:31] What do checkpoints do versus GCPs and handling precision
[07:51] How to utilize checkpoints successfully
[09:42] Using software applications for GCP and Checkpoints measurements
[12:11] Understanding your environment while taking measurements


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