ADU 1330: Can you use RTK without GCPs?


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On today’s program we go over about RTKs, GCPs and mapping precision and carrying out effective mapping objectives.

Join us for today’s episode where we go over mapping in information and review the requirement for utilizing RTK, GCPs. Our concern from John today has to do with understanding more on RTKs, GCP and mapping information precision. Thanks for the concern John, there has actually constantly been the requirement for pilots to be conscious of the numerous criteria for getting excellent mapping information and in today’s podcast we review all of them. We attend to John’s concern on utilizing RTK without GCPs and offer the procedure for carrying out an ideal mapping objective and collect precise information.

Tune in today to find out more!

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[01:55] Overview these days’s episode on GCP, Mapping, information acquisition precision
[03:33] Today’s concern on GCP, RTK and precise information collection
[06:20] Marking GCP and the procedure included
[14:01] Using an RTK system and actions to acquire information precisely


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