ADU 1329: Are Phantom drones still relevant in the industry?


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On today’s program we talk about P4P, P4A, the Mavic3Pro for 3D Modeling and usage cases for these drones. If the P4P is still appropriate in the market,

Our concern for today is from Mike who would like to understand. Thanks for the concern Mike, we begin our conversation about the argument in between expert drones, customer drones and business drones. We talk about budgeting, usage cases and 3D modeling software application and drones and brand-new business together with the numerous technical requirements of these drones and their usage cases that pilots must understand. Mike likewise needed to know about heating concerns and we address methods to resolve the heating concerns.

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[01:55] Timestamps
[02:55] Is the P4P/P4A still appropriate in the market?
[06:07] Today’s concern from Mike on P4P, heating and p4a concerns
[10:11] Using the Mavic3Pro for 3D Modeling

Are P4A still being utilized? And why?(*)


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