ADU 1328: How can drone pilots safely navigate Remote ID?


Today’s episode is given you by Drone UIn-person Events If you’re aiming to improve your flight abilities (and who amongst us does not require to improve our flight abilities), we are hosting our last in-person mapping training in November in gorgeous Colorado This is our three-day bootcamp plus one-day Flight Mastery Training. We will be flying a range and presenting of information acquisition types followed by conversation and guideline on how to process the obtained information. From Pix4d Mapper to Pix4d React, to Drone Deploy and Optelos. Trainees will go through an overall of 7 workouts to master the workflow for different deliverables. The objective is to map and construct designs of this training’s area. Join us today!!

On today’s program we go over about the release of remote ID and how pilots can browse the requirements of the remote ID required. When registering their drones,

Our concern for today is from Jason who would like to understand how to attend to FAA requirements on remote ID. Thanks for the concern Jason. With FAA presenting the requirements for Remote ID, pilots are now confronted with understanding and translating the requirements on remote ID. We look into the information of the regulative requirements of remote ID, FAA’s required on the policy and what our company believe is the FAAs prepare for presenting such a regulative design. We deep dive into how pilots can lawfully tackle resolving these policies utilizing options that are offered in the market.

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[03:44] Timestamps
[05:29] Details on the last mapping in-person class for the year
[09:47] The drones we typically see in our mapping classes
[14:03] Today’s concern on dealing and signing up drones with remote id
[19:31] What our company believe is the FAAs handle remote id

Can we lawfully adhere to remote ID utilizing items in the markets?(*)


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