The Swiftie’s Guide to Bandwagoning Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs


What we do understand is that a Chiefs-Eagles rerun at this year’s Super Bowl would be the very best match not simply for the Kelce family, however for the whole Swiftie neighborhood. When it comes to Travis, his life is undoubtedly ready to alter beyond his wildest dreams. His teammates are getting in on the fun, as is his coach, however things are going to reach a completely brand-new level right away. Every attire, every postgame facial expression, every action he takes, truly, will be evaluated to the umpteenth degree. Chiefs bandwagoners need to understand that Kelce has actually dated celebs prior to, however no one on this level. He quickly had his own dating program– and dated Maya Benberry, the winner of stated program, after production covered– however likewise was with sports personality and model Kayla Nicole for five years.

This fling with Swift, on the other hand, left to an inauspicious start. Kelce went to Swift’s Kansas City reveal back in July, and informed the story of what occurred on his own podcast. Obviously, Kelce believed he might utilize his status with the Chiefs to simply waltz right as much as Swift and shoot his shot prior to she took the phase. He understood the Swift tradition, carefully, and brought her the kind of homemade bracelet that are a typical sight at her programs. This one, however, had his telephone number on it. The finest laid strategies of rizz and males frequently go awry. Swift was not able to satisfy Kelce prior to that program, pointing out the reality that she needed to, you understand, carry out the show.

Kelce has actually provided other insights into his dating life also, especially the concept that he does not like a supremacy complex. “High upkeep, I’m out the door,” Kelce said on Kristin Cavallari’s podcast. “You got to have some sort of sweet taste to you. If you’re conceited or you believe you’re snooty or simply greater above individuals, that’s the greatest turn off for me.” {If socializing with his mother–a classic Swift play— is any indicator, Swift does not believe she’s too great for a salt-of-the-earth Midwestern Sunday invested seeing football.|Swift does not believe she’s too excellent for a salt-of-the-earth Midwestern Sunday invested seeing football if hanging out with his mother–Tomahawk Chop— is any indicator.} We can’t anticipate what’s in shop for these insane kids, however it appears like everybody included is having a good time, and if a kajillion more individuals are going to tune into one group every weekend to discover Taylor Swift’s admirer, there are definitely even worse groups than the Chiefs. Simply beware about doing the

, the bothersome rallying cry that has a regrettable chokehold on their fans.(*)


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