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Originally from China, Tianyun Jiang now lives in New York City, where she is an acclaimed graphic designer and illustrator. Through a multidisciplinary ability and a worldwide viewpoint, she produces options that go beyond cultural borders, perfectly mixing type and function. In her work, she makes every effort to leave an enduring mark on the innovative landscape by pressing the borders of style development.

In her most current work, Surnames, a book style task, Jiang produced a course to comprehending Chinese surnames for chinese readers and worldwide audiences. It is a really mind-blowing art piece with cultural significance and value.

Regarding the task, Tianyun mentioned: “ Surname is a special dictionary that intends to bridge the cultural space in between Other and chinese nations’ surnames. Unlike standard translation dictionaries, this book does not exclusively count on translation cliches however checks out the initial significances and stories behind Chinese names. Bring into play the initial significances and stories of Chinese names, we have actually put up a cultural bridge that brightens the resemblances and distinctions in between these 2 terrific linguistic customs.”

Tianyun won a Silver Award for the task in the Competition of London Design Award and winner of Creative Communication Award for this year.

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Find more work by Tianyun Jiang on her Instagram and portfolio website.


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