Should My Boyfriend Throw Away His Frayed T-Shirts?


When my sweetheart Tyler and I were very first dating and I ‘d sleep over at his home, I ‘d frequently grab what we called a “pee t-shirt”: A top of his that I might toss on for nighttime restroom gos to, when I may face among his roomies. The only requirement of a pee t-shirt was that it offer protection– it needed to remain in one piece. It should not have, state, an open hole throughout the neck line.

But typically, when I plunged my hand into my sweetheart’s cabinet in the dark of night, I ‘d take out a garment that was a t-shirt in name just. It was in fact simply shreds of material held together by the memory of a t-shirt. A t-shirt that, over years, continual remarkable wear and tear but, for some factor, stayed in his closet rotation.

My sweetheart and I now cohabit, and while we have no roomies, we are not alone: The shredded t-shirts included us. And they’ve been promoted from the drawer to the closet, where they sag, ludicrously, from wall mounts. They not just use up area in our closet; they make stunning looks on his body, as if they achieve anything near their initial function. We’ve gone through a number of declutterings– even moved homes– and these t-shirts stay. My sweetheart merely can not, or will not, let them go.

I’ve made my case versus these t-shirts time and time once again, to no obtain, so I believed it due time we brought this conflict to a public online forum. We’ve each been offered area to provide our arguments for and versus getting rid of these t-shirts. I’ll begin.

The Case for Trashing the Shredded T-Shirts

Kate: It is ancient yogic knowledge to let go of that which no longer serves you. Just then can you push forward on your course to knowledge. At this rate, Tyler, you are destined a life of everlasting darkness. These sorrowful, revolting t-shirts– of which, I simply counted, there are at least 4– do not just take up physical area in our house, however spiritual area. Every day they invest in our closet is a blight upon our relationship and our mind. If we ever separate, these t-shirts, and the energy they brought into our lives, will be to blame.

More almost, while our cohabitation has actually removed the requirement of a pee t-shirt, from time to time I discover myself in desire of an extra-large t-shirt for factors to do with design or convenience– throughout bike brief season. Can you picture my aggravation when I find the best color t-shirt in our closet, soft and good and with a great, large drape to it, just to put it on and discover a hole in the underarm and olive oil spots down the front? This has actually taken place two times. But forget me– what about you? We accept the love we believe we should have, which chooses t-shirts, too. Do you not believe yourself worthwhile of much better than a brown Hanes crewneck you purchased in 2013? Do not you believe you should supervise of your own clothing, instead of passively collecting a closet of practically solely t-shirts you get free of charge at sporting occasions? My God, you pay taxes! You own a vehicle! You are my emergency situation contact! Is it enjoy that keeps you holding on to these damaged garments? Or is it fear– worry of maturing, worry of getting old, worry of, one day, death

? Snap yourself out of it, and end up being the guy I understand you can be. Decline darkness. Enter the light. Discard the t-shirts.

The Case for Keeping the Shredded T-Shirts

Tyler: No. I have a great deal of photos of myself in those t-shirts and I like them.(*)


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