Nathan Fielder, Emma Stone, Benny Safdie and A24 Join Forces for ‘The Curse,’ Which Will Surely Be the Weirdest Show of the Fall


There’s constantly been something a little astonishing about those home turning couples on tv, and the hugely popular format is especially ripe for parody. Get In Emma Stone, Nathan Fielder, and Benny Safdie, along with the shared muscle of A24 and Showtime, who are collaborating for The Curse, a brand-new series starting November 12 that assures to bring Fielder’s dry sensibility and Stone’s sensational comical timing to the world of open-concept cooking areas and accent walls.

Stone and Fielder play a couple living in Española, New Mexico trying to stabilize shooting a brand-new television program, and developing a kid, all while competing with, you thought it, a curse that threatens to thwart their American dream. The program likewise includes Safdie as the couple’s manufacturer, and an outstanding supporting cast consisting of Barkhad Abdi and Corbin Bernsen. Early still images are exceptionally appealing, with Safdie appearing like a brunette Dog the Bounty Hunter, and Stone and Fielder completely demolition equipment.

The very first teaser trailer sets the tone with scary, disturbing music and an off-kilter, performative ambiance from Stone and Fielder as they movie a clip presenting their next customer, the Española Fire Department. Everybody is smiling and pleasant, something just appears off as Stone checks out lines and the couple effort stilted small talk with a forced interest. The lengthy zoom out result more stresses the worry of the scene– it seems like an ominous twist on the synthetic circumstance humor Fielder is understood for.


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