Maria BC Releases New Song ‘Still’


Maria BC has actually shared ‘Still’, the current single from their upcoming albumSpike Field It follows the just recently revealed double songs‘Amber’ and ‘Watcher’ Listen listed below.

” I composed the piano part for this track when I was 16 and always remembered it,” Maria BC stated of ‘Still’ in a declaration. “The initial tune I composed then was terrible, however in the years because, I’ve wished to resuscitate the piano riff for something, to compose a brand-new tune on top of it. I believed it may be recovery in some method, because I have a hard time to feel empathy for my previous self/selves and in truth frequently discover myself wanting I might mindwipe any person who ever understood me– a fresh start! Would if I could, however I can’t. How to move on? A great deal of experimentation, then I discovered the tune for ‘Still’ and these lyrics came out that appeared to explain the procedure of composing the music, these lyrics dealt with to my youth self, like, “I have not forgotten you. You’re still with me.”

Spike Field, the follow-up to in 2015’s Hyaline, is due out October 20 through Sacred Bones. Check out our Artist Spotlight interview with Maria BC.


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