Emily Ratajkowski Doesn’t Want to See Your Bare Ankles


Has Emily Ratajkowski checked out GQ‘s earth-shattering brand-new list including 59 dos and don’ts for getting dressed right now? Difficult to state provided the basic timing of her most current High Low with EmRata podcast episode (which aired the other day, while our list dropped today)– however based upon the conversation therein of her style turn-offs on a guy, she’s plainly on the exact same wavelength.

” My current ick is guys’s ankles. Exposed ankles. I dislike that,” Ratajkowski stated on the pod. “A pretty ankle exposed on the most popular guy will destroy my day.” Her hostility to sockless ankles, she continued, is a genuine dealbreaker: “There was a man I was seeing and he came by simply put trousers and like, a shoe that exposed his ankle, and I have actually not seen him because.” Speak on it, Emily! A stockingless ankle is a cause worth putting one’s (probably stockinged) foot down about.

It’s great if EmRata uses loafers without socks, however you should not. MEGA/Getty Images

A hosiery-based synthetic pas might appear persnickety to some, however not in this neck of the woods. Per the aforementioned list, “All shoes look much better with socks.” (And to be clear: We suggest crew-length socks, not ankle socks, which, as GQ‘s Jake Woolf once brutally put it, “are the indication of a guy who neglects the information– or who hasn’t progressed his sock closet because the 8th grade.”) The only thing even worse than a sockless ankle above a shoe? A sockless ankle above a shoe over a no-show sock You do not require EmRata to inform you this, however her viewpoint does not harmed.

That stated, there’s a disclosure to be made here: Men’s style publications, especially ye olde Gentleman’s Quarterly, is partly to blame for the 21st-century expansion of woefully sockless, if well-intentioned, guys. As my associate Sam Schube once pointed out, skim a decade-old concern of GQ and you’ll discover a 21-year-old Zac Efron baring his fleshy anklebones in a match and brogues, leaping from the hood of one automobile to another as though he were happily recreating the music video for R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts.” To be sure, my predecessors hold some duty here– my viewpoints, by contrast, are in fact constantly ideal and will permanently stand the test of time– however it’s never ever far too late to fix the course.


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