David Beckham Wore the Most Elegant Take on Socks and Sandals You’ve Ever Seen


Another day, another example of a well-off celebrity following the call of GQ‘s brand-new list of 59 dos and don’ts for getting dressed right now: As David Beckham can confirm, all shoes look much better with socks. Yes, even sandals.

The patriarch of the Beckham household might have invested the lion’s share of his summer season dressed like he was constantly simply a pleasant gust of wind far from an Amalfi-bound luxury yacht (which, as it ends up, he was)– and now that the weather condition is altering, a still-sunkissed Becks is transitioning his closet. Today, it’s back to company in Paris, where Becks and his household– consisting of kids Brooklyn, 24; Cruz, 18; and Harper, 12– have actually breezed into town to sit front row at Victoria Beckham’s Paris Fashion Week program, which happened on Friday. Peak time for some transitional-style modifications.

Harper Beckham, 12, and papa David Beckham in Paris. Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

To the program, DB (as in David Beckham) used a navy DB (as in double-breasted) fit, a relaxed white T-shirt, pilot tones, and streamlined brown-leather strappy shoes over a set of ribbed taupe socks. Comfortable, probably; stylish, oddly so. Were shoobies ever indicated to look this glamorous? This is more or less your fate if you’re David Beckham. If you do not take place to be one of the most flashy Brits on the world, there are guidelines to pulling off this appearance. Another hit from the dos and dont’s list that Becks mark off here? If you’re going to rock them with shoes and socks– look much better with a break, it’s that trousers– specifically. To err on the ideal side of dorky, make certain the hem of your trousers skims the middle of your shoes. Otherwise, bon trip!


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