Asteroid Named After Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser


The International Astronomical Union has actually called an asteroid in honor of Cocteau Twins diva Elizabeth Fraser. The band’s label, 4AD, shared the news on social networks that, “after 10 years of research study, the International Astronomical Union have actually called the asteroid 2013 TF19, ‘Fraser,’ after Elizabeth Fraser.”

The “Fraser” asteroid was very first found on August 31, 2013 by M. Kusiak and M. Żołnowski at Tincana. It does not position a hazard to mankind and will not hit Earth for countless years. It can just be seen utilizing an advance telescope, imaging from which is readily available through NASA’s site.

Last year, Elizabeth Fraser’s task with her partner Damon Reece, Sun’s Signature, launched its self-titled debut EP.



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