Ford aims to make railroad crossings safer with new tech


A brand-new Ford license declaring has actually emerged that mean a driver-assist system made to avoid crashes with trains.

Very first found by Motor1, the patent application was submitted with the USA License and also Hallmark Workplace (USPTO) in 2021, yet was just released on March 30, 2023. As Motor1 notes, the record reveals 2 possibles executions of this suggestion, each utilizing sensing units to identify approaching trains as an auto comes close to a railway going across.

Ford train-detection system patent image

Ford train-detection system license photo

In one variation, sensing units would certainly be positioned on the railway tracks on both sides of a going across, and also connect with sensing units in the automobile. If the system finds a train, it advises the chauffeur not to go across. Positioning sensing units on both sides of a going across enables the system to verify that a train is actually off the beaten track prior to providing the all-clear, which it isn’t, as an example, turning around back over the going across.

The 2nd variation pares points back a little bit. Rather than positioning sensing units on the tracks, it would depend on in-car equipment, such as video cameras and also lidar, to see the bars and also alerting lights at railway crossings– the signs human motorists occasionally overlook when coming close to railway crossings.

Ford train-detection system patent image

Ford train-detection system license photo

Ford additionally states sending out details to various other cars, to ensure that motorists recognize a train is inhabiting the going across prior to they reach it. This function, which seems like the vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) interaction the car manufacturer in 2018 stated might assist eliminate traffic lights, might be useful to emergency situation cars, enabling them to reroute around trains, Ford outlined in the license.

This system would certainly additionally assist enhance automobile automation, according to Ford, enabling automobiles to instantly quit at railway crossings without motorists needing to take control of. The car manufacturer has actually submitted a number of licenses that might be applied to autonomous vehicles, yet the core modern technology itself is still under advancement. So it could be some time prior to we see anything like Ford’s train-detecting system in a manufacturing automobile.


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