Year in Review: 5 Solutions Stories That See a Way Forward


Increasingly, news outlets are finding something intriguing: their audiences are tired of gloom and doom stories. Rather of just covering what’s not working, readers want the media to cover what is working: concepts, services and actions that are making favorable modification on the planet.

Here at Modern Farmer, we’ve observed this phenomenon for ourselves. We typically get a huge reaction from readers when we release a story that discusses how individuals are fixing an issue. We’re going to be doing more of it. Beginning in 2024, you can anticipate to see more stories about how individuals are repairing the food system in their own neighborhoods, along with more actionable manner ins which readers can get included.

For now, we welcome you to review a few of our preferred solutions-focused stories from the year that was.

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Sheep farmers throughout the United States and Canada typically wind up burning, burying or stockpiling wool. Business owners, scientists and neighborhood groups are working to turn the script by changing disposed of wool into a various sort of fertilizer. [Read more]

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Plastic is utilized perfectly in farming, however it’s almost difficult to deal with sustainably. Growers and scientists are looking for services, and they’re utilizing strawberries to do it. [Read more]

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Across the nation, farmers are gambling on a brand-new approach: including crushed volcanic rock to fields to enhance soil health (and sequester carbon while doing so). [Read more]

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When pieces of yellow rope kept cleaning ashore, market and neighborhood got together to turn the tide and deal with the issue of marine microplastics contamination. [Read more]

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As farming withers in the middle of an ever-warming environment, a versatile technique to water management can assist cushion the blow. [Read more]



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