Year in Review: 5 Modern Farmer Stories to Revisit


The Modern Farmer group has actually been hard at work this year, bringing you excellent stories about farming and food systems, and we’ve covered a great deal of ground.

Now’s your opportunity to capture up on what you might have missed out on before the brand-new year rolls around. Here are a few of the stories that our editors– and readers– truly enjoyed this year.

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Chaga, a fungi discovered in cooler environments, is a stylish component in supplements and practical foods. Some foragers fret the supply is growing thin. [Read more]

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As the wolf population rebounds in the American West, livestock ranchers are going to severe steps to exist side-by-side with the famous predators. [Read more]

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Linen, a sustainable material made from the flax plant, isn’t produced on this continent. Some are enthusiastic an entire brand-new market might be on the horizon. [Read more]

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Livestock guardian pet dogs can do crucial deal with farms. They are being euthanized and gave up in legendary numbers. [Read more]

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Bourbon barrels are made from fresh white oaks, however we’re lacking feasible trees. Now, the really market that added to the issue has actually the most purchased discovering the service. [Read more]


And, for additional credit, do not forget to have a look at 2 unique editorial series from the year that was: State of Abundance, about California farming and environment modification, and Phonies, Fakes and Food Fraud, about the broad world of food scams and fakery.


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