Phonies, Fakes and Food Fraud


How do you understand that what you’re consuming is what you believe it is?

Most customers aren’t thinking of scams in their food supply while pressing a cart around their regional grocery story. Dubious shenanigans, fakery, and straight-out scams take place more than you may recognize.

In this Modern Farmer function series, we examine the broad world of food scams and fakery– and check out the innovation poised to make supply chains more transparent.

Untitled Artwork 15

by Karen Constable

Food scams impacts a lot more than customers understand, and not simply in high-cost foods like honey and scotch. It happens in all parts of the food cycle, consisting of products such as oils and grains, animal feeds, fruit and bulk components. [Read more]

Untitled Artwork 3

by Emily Baron Cadloff

Every food has a distinct, and undetectable, chemical “finger print.” A scientist from Purdue University has actually found a portable and fast method to determine that finger print and ferret out food scams on the go. [Read more]

Untitled Artwork 8

by Lena Beck

Here are some typical examples of food scams and phonies you might enter into contact with at supermarket worldwide. [Read more]

WhenLabelsLike hero

When Labels Lie

by Lena Beck

Food labels are filled with words and images that communicate significance. Understanding the story of your food indicates sorting through the real, the incorrect and whatever in between. [Read more]

Untitled Artwork 32

by Emily Baron Cadloff

” Organic” food is particularly accredited and validated, however countless dollars worth of scams still happens within the natural system. [Read more]

Untitled Artwork 6

by Lena Beck

Food labels can be challenging to analyze and comprehend, so we’ve produced a glossary of some typical ones that you’ll see at the supermarket. [Read more]

Untitled Artwork 20

by Naoki Nitta

Cannabis frequently has a hazy supply chain, however blockchain innovation assures seed-to-sale openness for customers and growers. [Read more]

Untitled Artwork 27 2

Series highlighted and modified by Rose Garrett


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