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California Central Coast others and growers now have aid estimating expenses and prospective returns for growing lettuce and broccoli. 4 brand-new expense research studies for lettuce and broccoli grown in Santa Cruz, San Benito or Monterey counties have actually been launched by UC Agriculture and Natural Resources, UC Cooperative Extension and the UC Davis Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics.

” These research studies supply growers with a standard to approximate their own expenses, which can assist when getting production loans, forecasting labor expenses, protecting market plans or comprehending expenses connected with water and nutrient management and regulative programs,” stated Brittney Goodrich, UC Cooperative Extension professional and research study co-author.

The expense research studies design a management situation for a 1,500-acre seaside veggie operation, where lettuce and broccoli are turned with other cool season veggie and berry crops. Each research study explains the cultural practices utilized to produce each crop consisting of land preparation, soil fertility and bug watering, management and labor requirements. Harvest expenses are likewise revealed.

Six tables reveal the specific expenses of each operation for lettuce and broccoli, product input expenses, and money and non-cash overhead expenses in a range of formats. A varying analysis reveals prospective earnings over a variety of yields and rates.

The 2023 sample expense research studies to collect and produce romaine hearts lettuce, covered iceberg lettuce, bunched broccoli and broccoli crowns can be downloaded from the UC Davis Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics site at

For an in-depth description of the estimations and presumptions utilized to approximate the expenses and prospective returns for each crop, readers can describe the narrative part of each research study.

Sample expense of production research studies for lots of other products grown in California are likewise readily available on the site.

For more info, get in touch with the co-authors: Jeremy Murdock in the UC Davis Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at, or UC Cooperative Extension farm consultants emeriti Laura Tourte at and Richard Smith at


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