Brett Favre defeats Herschel Walker



Image: AP

Mr. Packer hardly squealed past the previous Georgia Bulldog to catch the inaugural Sports Jackass Bracket Champion. This match was without a doubt the closest of the event, as well as these affordable jackasses conserved their ideal for last. Had this been a real competitors on the area, it would certainly’ve boiled down to a las 2nd game-winning basket. Favre took it by much less than one portion factor in the long run. That’s exactly how close this was, as well as it was the best means to liquidate the first-ever jackass title video game.

Favre as well as Pedestrian were neck as well as neck in electing up until the last mins. While several of you believed Pedestrian might have been a greater seed, you absolutely concur that these 2 guys were the greatest jackholes in the area. In either case, both are huge assclowns, however Favre is the fortunate individual that reaches call himself the very first Deadspin Sports Jackass brace champ. The only point delegated do is protect his title next year versus a brand-new plant of jackasses. So, we have not listened to the last of Brett, as he’s bound to do something silly or opprobrious by now following year.

Right Here’s exactly how the previous rounds went

Final Four

Elite 8

First Round results

The remainder of Round 1



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